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    Question My ssd died! I need replacement

    Hello, I need to replace my old ssd since the one im my laptop failed(windows 10 instalation need at least 3 hour to start and when it comes fo formating or deleting partitions it just show error) My old ssd is SanDisk sdsA5JK-256G and my laptop is asus ux31 ultraslim. So can someone sudgest me...
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    [SOLVED] Compatible cable suggestions needed

    Hi all I'm looking to upgrade the HDD of Lenovo Yoga 2 11 (Model 20332) to a SSD. Without looking at the motherboard, I went ahead and ordered a regular SSD on amazon. Today I opened up the laptop and found that it came with a UltraSlim WD HDD and has a different SATA port that I never saw...
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    [SOLVED] Best cheap RTX 2060 laptop with 6 cores - 2300 CAD

    BUDGET : 2300 CAD/ 1750 USD - Preferably CAD because I need it in Vancouver British Columbia. Basic specs needed : 6 core processor 16gb ram RTX 2060 Best possible display for color accuracy Not too big Good Thermal Performance Decent Battery SSD Storage (even if it is in dual config) Please...
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    Question Laptop under 50K (INR)

    Need to buy a windows laptop ASAP. Following are my requirements: -High performance -preferrably HD or above -Slim Design -screen size 13inches or more -Decent battery backup -life of atleast 3 years -available in India Requesting urgent reply. Need to purchase within the next few days.
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    Pc won't power in after move components from old case

    Just moved my parts of my pc to a new case and swapped the gpu after i built it I tried to start it but it won't start. the motherboard lights are on and when I try to boot it all I hear is a clicking sound I tried putting my old gpu back and I tried shorting out 2 prongs on mb cable also heard...
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    Graphics card4 minecraft

    Im buying new graphics card for my pc i want it to be under $80 but it needs a easy installation process. It would be ideal if it could run minecraft at 200 fps my cpu is a AMD Athlon Quad-Core APU Athlon 5370 with Radeon R3 Series i was wondering what a good graphics card would be?
  7. Can You Help Me Please

    What Is The Best Video Encoder And Output Settings I Can Use Using Logo Remove Now!

    I just purchased Logo Remove Now! It works fairly well I must say. The only problem the original MP4 that has now been converted quality is sort of pixelated. I have options to output it MP4, MKV, WMV and Divx, Xvid, and X264 to encode it. I am using Nvidia GTX 560 Ti. Should I download more...
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    Samsung 951 and z170x

    Hi: Will this Samsung fit with the above mentioned gigabyte z170x motherboard?? Thanks Howard
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    Will a MSI R9 380 work fine on a Corsair CX 500w psu?

    Hey, basically I'm upgrading from a gtx 660 to a R9 380 and was wondering if I needed a bigger psu? I have an i3 6100, 8gb of ddr4 2666mhz ram, 120gb samsung ssd evo, 1tb western digital 7200 rpm drive and a dvd drive/3 case fans. MSI themselves recommend a 500w and PSU calculators I have used...
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    Installing Windows 10 on New PC Build

    How do I install Windows 10 without internet? The ethernet port doesn't work until you install the driver, right? How would I connect to the internet if I can't install the LAN drivers? My friend just got his PC build done, and he can't install Windows 10 since the ethernet port does not work...
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    Do motherboard MS 7336 supports Core 2 Duo e8400?

    Hey there, I wanted to know whether my motherboard would support my cpu. I am Currently having MS 7336 v1.0 ( i know its pretty old :/) and i bought this processor - core 2 duo E8400 Lga775( which supports same socket..). I read somewhere that my motherboard would support cpu's upto Core 2 duo...
  12. B

    with 8GB and 1T what should my paging size be

    what should I set for my paging size and virtual memory. No one seems to have the answer to this even with all the PC geeks out there.
  13. K

    First time building a computer and OCing.

    I might build a computer in the near future and want to overcIock it, but I don't usually have that much time to run stresstests for hours. What's a decently safe setting for overclocking my processor with my cooler? Here's the parts list Thanks in advance.
  14. P

    Can I use 8gb of ram from a 16gb kit?

    Hey My friend gave me 8gb (4gb x 2) of ram from his 16gb (4gb x 4) kit. It is the Corsair Vengence Ram. Will the 8gb of Ram work for me when I put it into my Computer without using the other 8gb he has?
  15. pufut

    Newly-built PC getting blue screen of death

    Hello, I built my PC just a few days ago, everything went absolutely perfectly and I've had a great few days of gaming on it. However, today I was in the middle of playing something when it shut down and I saw the blue screen telling me 'A problem has been detected and Windows 7 has been shut...
  16. R

    Gaming build questions

    Hi all, I'm considering doing a semi budget gaming build. Does amd give you the best performance for the money? Also is AM3+ platform a dying platform or is it best to go down the fm2 apu route? I will need a motherboard and cpu. Don't want to spend more than £100 on cpu really and I don't...
  17. MizARe3

    Windows 8.1 Hotspot isn't working for iPhone 5s

    Hello everyone My router recently broke down and the guys who fix it is not here yet so i decided to use my laptop as a wifi hotspot. I've searched online for tools like mHotspot and connectify to share my broadband connection. I have enabled the sharing and I successfully create a wifi...
  18. S

    Good First Build?

    I am building my first gaming pc and this is what I've come up with so far. Does anything need to be changed? Please let me know. I know I do not need the liquid cooling, but Having it would future proof that part of it so I will not need to upgrade for a while. http://
  19. Coolboy951

    How install graphics card?

    Hey guys so I was wondering how do I install drivers for my Geforce 650 Ti before actually having the card in the pc slot
  20. H

    Wich PSU is better ? Cooler Master B700 or Corsair CX Series CX600M?

    These to PSU's are the same price and obviously the cooler master b700 has more watt but I heard that the corsair is better quality , wich one should I buy ,