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  1. _BlueCrown

    Question Extending RAM on Asus z170 Sabertooth Mark1

    Hi all, amazing community here. I have search around but haven't found anything that solved my problem so I decided to participate and ask here for a solution. So, I have an ASUS z170 Sabertooth Mark 1 motherboard, I had 2x8GB of ram installed from GSkill Raw (G.Skill Ripjaws V Red DDR4 2400...
  2. Silly_Billy

    Question Gigabyte X570 Gaming X Not Recognising Ram In Slots A2 Or B2

    Ive recently built a PC, my first build ever, ive got the gigabyte gaming x x570 mobo with Corsair Vengeance Ram DDR4- 8GBx2 Sticks @ 3200Mhz Now when i put them in the recommended slots ( A2 &B2) The system would boot but not get anything come up on screen, so swapped them to the other 2...
  3. S

    Question Turn micro SD slot to USB

    I need to connect mouse to pc but my usb ports are broken , so can i connect my mouse to micro SD slot? I know its crazy but...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Quick Question!

    Hi there, I am thinking of upgrading my RAM. I am running a single channel (1x8gb) stick at the moment and i want to upgrade to a (2x8gb) config. The only problem is that one of my RAM slots on my motherboard doesn't seem to be working (RAM slot number 2). In the motherboard Manual, it says...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Spilled soup on pc tower

    Case: Nzxt h400i Cpu: Ryzen 1600 Ram: 16gb ddr4 (2400mhz) Mb: Gigabyte Ab350m-Ds3h Psu: 500 watt evga bq Harddrives: 1tb, 250gb ssd (boot drive) Gpu: Gtx 1060 6gb Reccently today I had my soup on the edge of my desk like a dumbass, and some of it spilled at the top of my cases front io, and...
  6. F

    High End PC running CSGO at only 100fps with fans going really fast

    So I recently built a computer. When I first play CSGO on it. It ran at 280fps plus it was fine. Then a few days later it runs at <100fps with the fans going so fast. Like I would never hear the fans go that fast in anything. For some more context my computer can run a very new game RE2...
  7. E

    Is 7500mb of ram usage average for 8gb of ram when gaming?

    specs: cpu; Intel i5 8400 gpu: gtx 1060 6gb ram: Ripjaws 8gb
  8. J

    Proper Default VCore for FX-8150

    I was recently experiencing lots of BSODs on my new PC, and while I was troublshooting the endless issues it could be, I noticed the default/automatic VCore for my FX-8150 was set to 1.34v for 3.6 GHz. I'm pretty sure that's high for the stock speeds and I lowered it to 1.2625v. I'm wondering if...
  9. XGamer_BiH

    The Gainward GTX 1050?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking out to buy the Gainward GTX 1050 for 100€, so, my question is, because of it's smaller PCB board size, does it have less perfomance, compared to "bigger sized" cards, such as the Asus one... The only thing that messes me, is it's size.. Thanks in advance...
  10. G

    How to test for and delete HPA on ssd and hdd

    I have bought a second hand laptop with an ssd and a hard drive and I would like to test if they both have a HPA (host protected area) but by somehow in windows 10/command prompt as I cant access my boot disk "hirens boot cd" for some reason to do with a virtual memory problem when hirens loads...
  11. D

    Will it work ?

    Corsair 400c (bought already) Samsung 850 evo 250 gb SSD (bought already) EVGA SuperNova 650W g2 (bought already) Seagate 7200 RPM 2TB HDD (bought already) Monitor ASUS VG248QE 144 HZ 1MS (bought already) GTX 1080 Gigabyte Gaming 1G (Because its the cheapest) ASUS Z270F ATX Motherboard G Skill...
  12. K

    Right click menu is stuck open on certain programs

    For the past week or so, I've been having a problem where the context menu seems to be stuck open. This happens mainly when I go to the url bar in Google Chrome, when I search for files using Cortana (Windows 10 Pro N), or right clicking an open program in the task bar. The menu isn't just...
  13. B

    Dell Dimension lights powering on

    first time tinkering with any computer. Power button gives me no or whatever else there is. Where should I look first? Thanks. Making progress. Took everything out for cleaning. Got new 512 RAM, Pent 3, new to me MOBO, and keyboard/mouse. WinXP Pro is ok and I'll stick with that...
  14. X

    z170 pro gaming h110i gt hydro

    Hi community i got a phantek enthoo evol itx case with z170 progaming and i need a new cpu cooler because the stock 6700k cooler sucks and is ugly :D i was wondering if this case really support 280mm radiators and what corsair support lga 1151 i was looking at h110 i gt hydro and h110i gtx all...
  15. J

    Graphic card compatiblity for my pc?

    My system is Intel pentium dual core E5200@2.50ghz processor 4Gb ddr2 ram intel DG41TY MOTHERBOARD Corsair VS 450 W Psu Can Zotac nvidia geforce GTX 750ti 2gb ddr5 graphic card support my system specs?
  16. Liamace123

    Major upgrade for my gaming/video editing rig

    Acer G257HU smidpx 25" 4ms HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor IPS ( 2k ) MSI R9 390 i5 4670k I need a ok-good mobo. I need a good psu as well but not overkill. Thank you so much!!!!
  17. G

    Four LGA-1150 Motherboards Under $60

    Here at Tom's Hardware, we have a lot of fun testing the most expensive, highest-end gear. So can we really get excited about $60 motherboards? Four LGA-1150 Motherboards Under $60 : Read more
  18. K

    CPU temps are realy high!

    Hi, I have Intel Core I7 4770K. It is not overclocked and i am cooling it with SilentiumPC Grandis XE1236. I have temps around 60 °C when gaming. When stress testing in Prime95 for around 7mins 30 secs it is around °C, but after that time period CPU temps get realy quickly at around 99 °C and...
  19. G

    Sticking Keys Become Unstuck Like clockwork.

    I have a Dell Pavilion DV6 with strange acting keys. Specifically the "zxcvm,./ and space bar" become "stuck" (unworking) and then will become unstuck if I press one of the keys for a period of time (using constant slight pressure - trying to eliminate any mechanical differences. It...
  20. ArcaneGlyph

    Is there 120mm fan comparison site?

    Basically I am looking for the Charts section of Tom'sHardware, but for 120mm case fans. Is there anywhere I can look at a side by side line up of DBA vs CFM vs SP vs RPM vs Bearing Method of all currently available 120mm fans? I have spent most of my day finding site after site recommending...