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    Question Issues with ethernet/internet (Disconnecting, slow speed)

    Hello, I have been struggling with different kinds of networking issues recently. Such as: -Slow uploading speed (Around 0.2-0.03 MBps) -Ethernet randomly disconnects and connects back after 3-4 seconds (I am unable to run a troubleshoot in such little time) -I can only get any sort of...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10 network speed capped at 100mbps on Gigabit port

    Hi all, I've been trying to troubleshoot this issue for a couple of days now. I have a windows 10 PC that's got it's network port capped at 100mbps on a gigabit network port to my NAS. It's only a recent issue but I don't know what caused it. I've tried updating windows, the drivers from OEM...
  3. Cubeeee

    Question [PLEASE HELP] Terrible ping in warzone no matter what I do

    Last time I posted here, everyone was very helpful, so I've returned to see if I can get help from the community. I've recently been playing a bit of warzone, and I've noticed my ping and internet latency is terrible - something that I have never experienced before. I went through numerous...
  4. maziech

    Question TP-Link WDN3800 - low transfer speed

    Hey, recently bought wifi card for my PC. It is TP-Link WDN3800. It says it works up to 300Mb/s. My maximum internet speed is limited exactly the same: 300 MB/s. It was recognised automatically by windows 10. My wifi connection speed is about 15 Mb/s both upload and download. Are there any...
  5. Jyrz

    Question Fast internet speeds, but long, to no, connections until restart?

    Lately, I've had an issue where my PC will start being able to connect to sites and servers almost instantly but as it stays on the connections take longer to establish, until I restart and then it's fine again. The degrade seems to happen faster and more frequently now. Even when I'm having...
  6. salerhino

    Does this pay off?

    I can get: Asus p5k Motherboard Q9400 LC Power 600W PSU 500GB HDD 100% health and performance for about 60 Euros. Does this pay off? I will buy GT 730 in near future aswell. So does someone have similar build and what can you play with Q9400 and GT730 ? Thanks in advance!
  7. Henk13

    booting loop after bluescreen

    booting loop, shutting down before you can reach the bios. originally a response on this topic: I have the same Problem here with my gigabyte z97 hd3 v2 motherboard in my PC. I had this problem one time before, then I tested everything...
  8. P

    The GTX 970 VRAM Issue - Is it possible to just cap your computer from using more than 3.5GB?

    I was wondering, Is there a way to just tell your PC not to exceed 3500mb? I noticed on MSI Afterburner and the RivaStatisticsServer thingymabob, you can lock the FPS, so is there a way to lock the VRAM Usage?
  9. F

    Temperature information over the internet

    Simple question, is there software that can send out a computer's temperature information which can then be read on for example a smartphone?
  10. N

    Wifi card needed

    Do i need a wifi card or sound card for this build