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  1. N

    [SOLVED] PC getting slower download speeds than if I were to connect the exact same ethernet cable to laptop

    Have yet to find a fix. I have Optimum Online 300 (300Mbps download) and seem to just get half of that on my desktop wired. Setup is Optimum provided Modem (Arris TM1602A) -> Optimum provided "Smart" Router (D-Link DIR-868L) -> Gigabit Ethernet network switch (...
  2. Slickness

    Question My phone gets 10x the download speed that my computer does in the same room

    I have been trying to figure out why my desktop gets such bad connection while my phone is fine. Using Speedtest by Ookla my pc scores a "46mbps" while my phone scores a whopping "460mbps" yes they are both measured using the same unit. Another computer that we have down stairs gets a great...
  3. Question Download speed capped at 1 mbps

    Below you can see my internet speed. However, when I try to download anything from any site or platform, it always caps out at around 1 mbps, sometimes a bit lower, sometimes a bit higher. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  4. L

    Question Slow connection + steam speeds

    Hello! Im just gonna jump straight into it: My router is downstairs (two story house), im with Virgin Media. Upstairs is where my room + my gaming PC is, so I have started using a powerline adapter in order to get ethernet access to the network and internet. On my other PC downstairs...
  5. C

    Question Slow Download Speed

    Hi guys, I am having an issue with my download speed. I remember that back in April and May, my wireless desktop PC was able to get about 70 Mbps down and now my down speed is at 10 Mbps. The office computer that is plugged into the modem/router with an ethernet cable is capable of going over...
  6. O

    Question Slow download speeds when not in safe mode, anyone know why?

    So I just got some new fiber internet installed hooked it up to my computer should be getting 600 down and 350 up. But when I tested I was getting about 10 down and 340 up. So I decided to try the speed test while in safe mode and as soon as I did that I got 590 down and 340 up. So I would...
  7. S

    Is this a good psu??

    Hi I still need a good psu for my system and wondering if this one is good. 60 dollars is my max budget for the psu. Psu Link: Rest of the pc parts: I5 6500 Gigabyte h170m gaming 3 8gb of Hyperx ram 240gb...
  8. M

    Booted up the disk with the gpu but the menu that shows up on screen is weird.

    As the title says it's the first time I started the menu up and the menu is minimized. I can't find a way to open it up in full screen. Here is an amazingly good photo I took Anyone know a solution to this?