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  1. B

    Question I am having problems with extremely slow ethernet speeds

    I currently can only get 6 mbs in my area, but just recently my pc will only receive .5 mbs over ethernet. I know it is not my cable or my router because I plugged it into my laptop and got full speeds. I have updated all of drivers, unintalled them, tried switching ethernet ports, and used the...
  2. C

    Question Is there any good software to show the actual network speed of the devices on my lan?

    I just upgraded my router to a Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 and upgraded my cables to either CAT5e or CAT6 and upgraded my 2 switches, a Netgear Prosafe 8 port GS108 in my office and at my entertainment center 60' away, (cat5e), a 5 port Netgear Prosafe GS 105. I have the switches plugged directly...
  3. skynet user

    laptop will not boot

    i have a old lenovo think pad r60 laptop. i put in a new/old HDD fresh window 7, did not have any problem till few days ago it will not boot past starting windows screen . I've tried different ram/HDD safe mode..last know config.hdd test. nothing works please help thanks