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    Question High HDD response time with 100% usage when any kind of write activity on the disk.

    Hi HDD: ST2000DM008-2FR102 (Seagate barracuda 2TB) Problem: Once steam wanted to download updates to a game, but it wasn't be able to relocate disk space. The disk was spinning at 100% with high (~500-3000ms) response time and less than 1mb/s write speed. I have saved all the important files...
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    Mechanical hard drive broken or corrupted data OS

    OK, here's the story. Moved away 5 years ago and didn't bring my PC with me. Took it apart before I left and put all the components in their original boxes and stored them in a safe dry place. Just went home after 5 years and retrieved my PC and assembled it a couple of days ago. IMPORTANT...
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    inwin 901 gtx 690 cooling help ideas?

    This might be wrong section to post this, but: Hey, i need some help on how to cool my gpu more in this build. When playing battlefield 3 on ultra im getting 77-84*c and it gets loud!. So i was wondering if anyone could suggest a way to cool it down, maybe use aio water cooling for the gpu or...