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  1. Monological

    [SOLVED] Sporadic heavy PC freezing and slowdown ?

    Apologies if the title isnt very descriptive, unfortunately my issue doesnt really give me much to work with. My pc (owned for about a year now) has been having sporadic and frightening slow downs, the mouse becomes unresponsive, slow and choppy, the audio starts to crackle, and within a second...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] Windows Explorer Crashes On Right Click

    When I try to right click folders etc. Explorer crashes. Sometimes it crashes while opening folders, without right clicking. I tired ShellEx and disabled all non-Microsoft extensions but didn'work. I scanned whole PC with antivirus software it found some bug, cleaned but that didn't solve the...
  3. L

    Question Forza Horizon 4 massive stuttering

    So I have this weird issue with Forza Horizon 4. I noticed that after like 40 minutes of playing it starts to slow down more and more and after 2 hours it's basically unplayable View: It's something...
  4. dogester366

    Question Core Clock Multiplier and Voltage Lowering After Startup

    I have an i5-9600k that I overclocked to 5 GHz with 1.35v. Originally, I applied 1.25v and that crashed, so I bumped it up to 1.3v, another crash, and I finally got it stable at 1.35v. I did some benchmarks and played some games, and it was fine and never reached over 80 Celsius. After I shut it...
  5. S

    Question Pc running slow during and after playing games

    Greetings, for a while now my PC has been getting slow everytime I play games. For example, I've been playing Fortnite (Yeah I know) and upon starting up the game it would go from responsive to unresponsive randomly. And I also notice that I load into the game slower than my friends (not an...
  6. N

    Memory Cache/Optimization of high end parts

    Here is my rig set up : I am not computer illiterate, but I am not an IT genius either. I am looking for the best way and ideas to optimize this system. I just completed this build after splurging on some seasonal deals. I had to clone the Kingston SSD...
  7. B

    Is ''Dell Inspiron 5567'' laptop worth buying?

    My old laptop is dead so I want to buy a new one! I found the Dell Inspiron 5567 - 15.6" (i7-7500U/8GB/1TB/R7) with 4GB Graphic card, RAM 8GB 2400 MHz. Would I have any problems playing World of Warcraft or Heroes of the Storm with it?? I want a laptop cause I have a health problem and most of...
  8. G

    Asus ROG Zephyrus Max-Q Gaming Laptop Review

    If you've ever wanted a gaming laptop, but thought you might be afraid to whip it out in public or at work, the Asus ROG Zephyrus might be for you. But can it play modern games whilst maintaining a slim profile? Let's find out. Asus ROG Zephyrus Max-Q Gaming Laptop Review : Read more
  9. C

    Computer with recently RMA'ed parts won't POST. It worked 2 days prior with same settings.

    Hey guys I’m having a significant problem with a computer I built. Sorry for the long post, I’ve tried numerous troubleshooting steps but it’s just been one thing after another including sending parts in for warranty return. I’m nearing the end of my rope and need assistance, thank you. Tl;dr...
  10. M

    Sapphire RX 470 Nitro+ 4GB or MSI RX 470 Gaming X 4GB

    Just wondering which is better. Unless you think another version is superior?
  11. S

    2 video cards

    My pc has 2 video cards:Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970from some reason it seems like the nvidia card doesn't work at all. when I try to run games like FarCry 4 or assassin's Creed Syndicate the FPS is 15. what is the problem and how do I solve it?
  12. Lekingmoonya

    My internet only works when my firewall is turned off

    When I turn my firewall on, it doesn't work anymore but It says it works in the bottom right of the screen. Please help ! OS: WIndows 8
  13. G

    Would I Be able to overclock?

    I am using an OCZ Vendetta 2 with my amd fx 6300. Idle - 15-20ish Max Load (USing Prime95 for 30mins) - 42 This is in degrees celsius.
  14. N

    40GB RAM Installed but only recognizes 24GB (SOLVED)

    I recently recieved two 16GB RAM sticks in the mail and so I installed them into my computer. The two 16GB sticks take up the first and second RAM slots, and I also have two 4GB RAM sticks which take up the third and fourth RAM slots. When I started up the computer I checked the properties (I...
  15. D

    need help! new router won't work with 1 computer

    So my computer has been working for months now with no network issues at all. I decided to upgrade my router (its a older linksys router) to a new Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Smart router. I plugged the new router in and did the quick setup, was able to forward a couple of ports for my games...
  16. K

    Benq RL2450H is "dark"

    Hello, My Monitor randomly just went dark in the bottom left corner! I have no idea what caused it or how it can be fixed. This is how it looks:
  17. M

    Can 2 hard drive's die at the same time?

    I have a SSD and a mechanical both nearing the 4 year mark and after some trouble getting my keyboard to load its drivers and be usable (which stopped being usable for no known reason!) Mouse still worked the whole time. I began trouble shooting the keyboard issue and restarting several times...