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  1. C

    Question ATX compatible case 17" or under?

    Hello everyone! I'm in a bit of a bind and trying to find a new computer case to transfer my current PC into. The catch is that I need the computer case to be no more than 17" or 431.8mm tall or it wont fit in my space. I've done some digging and found this question posted and answered a few...
  2. Rock L

    Question downsizing to a smaller case

    Hi guys I work as a 3d artist and travel allot in my work lately, the problem is the size and weight of my PC. last time I was flying the flight company was close to not letting me travel with my pc since it was to heavy (with my flightcase the weight is over 30 kilos) . The case I got now is...
  3. RihaanShim

    [SOLVED] Not sure how orthodox this idea is.

    So, I got a Hyte 3 Revolt PC Case for a mini-ITX project, my first build in a small space. My first build was a work of art IMO, and it only got better with time, but I'm worried about the small space - most notably, the limited airflow. I hear the airflow is 'decent', and what I currently want...
  4. eibelbilly

    [SOLVED] Best portable moniter for gaming under 250ish ?

    I'm looking for a portable moniter probably under 20-inch to try and fit into a bag with my setup, anyone have recommendations on what to buy ? * must be 75hz or higher* if no one can find one I'll buy a keyboard
  5. J

    Question [Build Help] 4K Video Editing Mini-Machine

    Hi! I'm looking to build a new PC for video editing. Primary goal: Edit 4k videos with fast playback and render times. Secondary goals: Mini form-factor (smaller for easier portability) Light 60fps gaming Future proof (I'm not in a rush to build PC now, but hopefully by the end of 2020)...
  6. Uday_24

    [SOLVED] Smaller Case/ Motherboard suggestion

    Hi All, Getting my rig back from my cousin, since he's completed with his college days. Current build ----------------- CPU - Intel Core i5-2500k CPU Cooler - CM Hyper 212 Evo Mobo - Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 GPU - ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 960 2GB Direct CU II SSD - Corsair Force 3 60GB HDD -...
  7. U


    Hi, I wanted to know what is the smallest be quiet case. Many Thanks
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Web-browsing / Office Suite Desktop | 300-350$ Budget | Small form-factor

    Dear Forum Purposes: I am helping a friend build a desktop PC with a budget of 300-350$ for the following: Browsing the internet. Watching Youtube. Working in Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.) Checking Email. The PC must have a small form factor, without sacrificing too much upgradability...
  9. I

    WD External HDD

    I have a WD external HD that failed. I removed it from its case and purchased an Insignia USB 3.0 Deskstop HDD Enclosure (NS-PCH335)(SATA). When i connect the HDD to the enclosure end try to power up i get no power or indication light. The power on the enclosure itself does work because when I...