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  1. Scarlessfate

    Question Is there a smaller case that will fit my parts?

    Hello! I'm looking for a smaller case that is able to fit my current Gaming PC components, preferably one that's easier to travel with. If needed I can replace both the Video Card and Power Supply. If they need to be replaced to fit in a case and you know of a recommendation, let me know. I...
  2. J

    My Final parts Pick to Build My Gaming PC

    Hello Gamers now I'm about to finally Order Gaming PC parts, I need you to give me your opinions about my picks and if there is better pieces than those with the same price or little bit higher,please tell me :) CPU Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core...
  3. S

    CPU & MOBO for gaming under 200$

    I am Looking to build a budget Gaming Rig Guys... thinking of purchasing an i3 4130 4th Gen Processor and a decent Asus Mobo... Already have an Asus Nvidia Geforce GT730 2gb DDR GPU. Please suggest your views any help is appreciated !!! Also can AMB be given a Preference ???