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  1. S

    Build Advice SFF Portable Gaming and Editing

    I am looking at building an SFF PC and get a portable monitor so when going to work (which I do editing once a week and other days do e-mails, and use Microsoft 365) or a friend's house for a LAN Party I can take something lighter than my current desktop PC. This PC Part Picker list is what I am...
  2. olgkd123

    [SOLVED] Rebuilding Desktop for College - Small Form Factor Build

    Hello All! I am going to be going to college here in the next few weeks and would like to bring my desktop with me as I do video editing as a side job. I would also like to play a few AAA titles while im there, such as GTAV and Arma. I currently have an Obsidian 750D case which is absolutely...
  3. J

    How well will games run on my computer ?

    I am building my first computer, here are the specs Intel core i5 4690 quad core 3.5 ghz CPU 16 gb ram Evga geforce gtx 750 ti ASUS Z97 -A motherboard 4 TB hard drive (2 x 2 TB) Phantecks enthoo pro series full tax tower How will my system fair with games like dead rising 3 and the...