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  1. Gli1tchy

    Question Looking for a smaller case, need advice.

    I currently use a Phanteks P600S and im in love. But im moving everything to a smaller desk and i want the pc to stay on the new desk which it wont be able to do with the current case. I also plan on doing an upgrade to my parts, which will affect the case i can use. These are my current parts...
  2. bleepbloops

    Question Smallest XL-ATX Case

    Working on a TRX40 Aorus Xtreme build with a 2080ti, Seasonic px-850, and Noctua u14s. Using M.2 so no drive bays or SATA slots. What’s the absolute smallest case I can use? Ideally something I can put in a backpack or so for portability. mobo 32.5cm x 27.5cm 13” x 11” Cpu cooler 165 mm h, w...
  3. X

    Question Small bluetooth speakers that are wall mountable?

    Hello, so I wanted to know if anyone here has seen/purchased any small bluetooth speakers. I'm looking to have two of them, one on each side of my bed so I can play rain sound effects at night, as I find them soothing. I want to be able to just connect them to my phone, and have it play almost...
  4. probiner

    Small cheap laptop under 300€/350$

    Hey! Budget is 300€/350$ I looked around and seems that small laptops now are mostly hybrids, even though "just a laptop" would be fine. Regardless, I've came to two contenders that are sold around here: - Lenovo IdeaPad D330-10IGM - Lenovo Yoga 330-11IGM Let me know if there are other...
  5. I

    What is my PC worth

    I've had my PC for about 2-3 years and I'm looking to upgrade. I want to make sure that I'm selling it for a fair price, here are the specs: Case: Rosewill Gaming ATX Full Tower Computer Case Cases THOR V2 Black Motherboard: 970 GAMING (MS-7693) CPU: AMD FX 8350 4.0 Ghz 8 Core Cooler: Corsair...
  6. H

    GPU Upgrade need new PSU

    I want to upgrade my graphic card but my psu only has 6pin PCI-E and i need 1x8pin i want to know a decent one but not to much expensive. 550W PSU
  7. siebevelez01

    Will 4 pin work in 8 pin?

    Yesterday, I built myself a new computer (first time). But when I finished, I noticed that I couldn't connect my 8 pin to power the CPU, because the cable was not long enough. So, I orderer an extension cable which will arrive in like 4 days. So, i was wondering, if I could put my 4 pin in there...
  8. C

    Asus Pro Gaming Z170i not recognizing m.2 drive

    I have a Asus Pro Gaming Z170i (the mini ITX one) and a Samsung Evo 960 which I'm using to build a new rig. However, when the BIOS loads it is not detecting the M.2 drive in any way. When the list of drives loads it has "M.2: N/A." Similarly, when I attempt to install windows 10, no available...
  9. H

    When can I buy a NZXT s340 elite?

    In the UK when can i be able to buy the nzxt s340 elite and if not is there any alternatives?
  10. Jayras

    ASUS 99x-Delux II : Updated BIOS and M.2 no longer selectable.

    So, last weekend I built my new machine. ASUS 99X-DELUXE II MB, Corsair 32g RAM (4 X 8 Sticks) 2 SSD Drives (one 512MB, one 1TB) My old mechanical 1TB Drive (For backups) And a shiny new Samsung Pro 512 M.2 Drive (plus some other card, fans, etc...) Plugged everything in, Set the...
  11. R

    TP-Link (TL-WN822N V.3) does not work on windows 10

    Hello community, I have this wireless network adapter from tp-link, I tried for hours to get it to work but I just simply can't find the driver for it. It is not listed anywhere for Windows 10 and it is very frustrating because it is new. I was wondering if anyone had the same problem and by...
  12. T

    Dont know which to use in PC

    which is better the Intel HD 530 with a dedicated ram of 128mb, or the Radeon HD 5450.
  13. X

    Input on system build with a few questions

    Hey guys, It has been over 7 years since my last build :'( but fortunately because i did my research (thanks to you guys :ouimaitre:) it was able to perform for my needs throughout those years. Now, its that time again, ive done my research to the best of my ability and id like your guys input...
  14. M

    Only half my ram is being used? Detected?

    I've noticed when monitoring the task manager my ram usage never goes over 7.3GB used, Ive purposely tried to make it use more but it seems to hit a ceiling at that point. I've now also noticed MSI Afterburner only detects 8GB. Every bit of bench mark software...
  15. B

    Vertical green line while Screen Mirroring, Windows 10

    Hey guys, I've had a problem screen mirroring (miracasting) my laptop display through my new Samsung JU6200 Smart TV. My laptop runs on Windows 10, I googled my problem and found that I should update my display driver. I searched AMD's website and downloaded the latest drivers. Still the...
  16. T

    PSU blew up after a power cut

    I recently bought a new power supply (corsair CX750) and graphics card and everything was running smoothly but a week later my parents spilt water over the hob causing the power to be cut in the house, and as my computer turned off I heard a bang and smelt smoke so I'm assuming its the PSU, I...
  17. H

    corsair af120 led quiet edition mounting?

    so basically I bought a dual pack of corsair af120 blue led quiet edition and I noticed that it uses sleeve as a bearing and i'm just wondering if its okay to mount them horizontally at the top of my case as exhaust? stated that the bearing they used are sleeve oh and I searched their product...
  18. P

    Mozilla keeps crashing/freezing ; tells me adobe flash plug in crashed.

    Mozilla is continuing to give me crashes, I tried reinstalling the application and it tells me adobe flash player crashed. I tried updating that and it still does it.
  19. P

    Xps Network Upgrade

    I have a dell xps 8700 and i would like to upgrade the wireless adapter card. It currently has a wireless mini card, but i was wondering if i could upgrade to a full card, ie: Motherboard number is 0kwvt8...
  20. D

    First PC build in 14 years!

    Hey guys. Nice to see this place is still kicking. Haven't been here in so long I don't even remember my username. So here's the deal. I'm about to start a build that will be used pretty much exclusively for gaming and the Oculus Rift when it comes out. I need it to be able to record video...
  21. D

    How do I overclock my Intel core i5 - 4690k?

    Well I have purchased a new PC not to long ago and I got my self a Intel Core i5 - 4690k as I have mentioned before and I would like to overclock it a little to the save recommended OC I have a quite good cooler. Now the thing is that I have looked up how to OC my CPU and looked for pepole with...
  22. itspriyank

    Help me selecting new gaming mice

    Hi I was using CM Storm Recon from almost two years and recently it started giving problems like delayed clicks, not detecting double clicks and sometimes random movement. So i sent it back to company and they are giving me an option of getting CM Storm Mizar or CM Storm Alcor as free...
  23. Gio Andrey

    Best CPU for my AM2 AMD 690G?

    I have a AM2 AMD 690G motherboard and with Athlon 64x 4600+ CPU and thinking of replacing it with a better one. p.s. Does any AMD CPU work with my motherboard?
  24. M

    Help me choose a PC case

    Alright guys im stuck on this as i dont know much about cases but let me give you a list ive been looking at and my wants also feel free to add any others. Budget £160. Good airflow as im sketchy with water being in my machine. Side window. I have red parts so anything that will go. Big size...
  25. E

    Concerns about company-owned Symantec Endpoint on Private PC

    I telecommute for my job, and I own my computer. Our company's software is browser-based and we use a standard web messaging client for communication. They made us sign an agreement to install a company-provided program (just calling it "Symantec"). After signing the agreement, I was sent a...
  26. J

    Will this gpu fit on my motherboard

    Will this card (the gtx 970) fit on my ms-7826 (kaili) motherboard. Thanks
  27. R

    High End Intel Pc

    So I'm looking to build a new computer I'd just like to know if everything I have is compatible and works well together, thanks! Also, What Os is better in terms of performance, windows 7 or 8? Case: NZXT Phantom Enthusiast Full Tower Red Cpu: I7 4790k Cpu Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series...
  28. M

    Screw hole from graphics card stuck in DVI cable screw.

    I unscrewew my DVI cable from my graphics card output and the screwhole from the DVI output on my graphics card came with it aswell and know it's stuck on the cables screw. Anyone got solutuions?
  29. Stevo97

    Twitch Stream Lag

    Hello All, So here's the problem. Recently I've noticed issues with my stream on the user end. Everything locally runs smooth omitting my FPS since I don't have a decent graphics card, but this still never affected anything before up until recently when World of Warcraft released 6.0.3 Patch...
  30. N

    Are these parts okay for a budget PC?

    I am planning on building my parents a computer as a gift and so I picked out some parts. I'm pretty sure it's okay. I just wanted more pairs of eyes looking at it to see if: 1) the parts are compatible 2) if there are any better components to be chosen I would like to stay in this budget...
  31. C

    Is the asus mx279h monitor good?

    I'm thinking of getting a new monitor and I think the asus mx279h is a good choice is there any better ones for a similar price or cheaper?
  32. G

    Corsair 250d for gaming

    Is the 250d good for a gaming build would it stay cool over long gaming periods i was thinking of putting a i5 4690 and a gtx 970 evga blower card
  33. joker50060

    Help needed fast!!

    I have this build and i was wondering if i could go with the XFX 550W instead of the Tier 4 EVGA 600W PSU Is it okay? am gunna OC the I5 to its max and same for the GPU PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($239.99 @ Newegg)...
  34. I

    Which Xeon is better?

    Hello im trying to build a workstation: Im going with double xeon. Whats the difference between Intel Xeon E5-2620 Sandy Bridge-EP 2.0GHz (2.5GHz Turbo Boost) 15MB L3 Cache LGA 2011 95W Six-Core Server Processor And Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2 Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo) 4 x 256KB L2 Cache 8MB...
  35. M

    Got a blue screen and pc restarted, driver problem.

    I got a blue screen and it restarted, i was just on skype and Facebook when it happened. i checked the event log and it show kernel power 41. i just built this new pc 2 months ago and this is the first blue screen ive gotten. it hasent happened since. now i wanted to try the new beta driver for...
  36. S

    on a budget

    hi guys i am searching a graphics card which would be playing almost all games at medium settings but want it less than 9500rs P.S help and give the price available in india my PC specs mother board msi 970A-G43 processor amd fx-6300 ram i need a budget ram too :D psu crossair 550w most...