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    Extra ground in system panal header

    I installed all power , reset , power led and HD LEDs and still I have one extra ground pin that I have nothing to connect it to ..what to do? Is it ok to leave it like this? Case is cooler master mb600l motherboard is a rock b450 hdv Pictures Manual pic Cables
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    Renting a cheap or free server for learning purposes

    hello, I'm learning networking through an ebook, they provided there a server to learn using it, but because this ebook is quiet old the server is not responding anymore.. therefore instead of stopping I would like to rent a cheap server something which won't require much data and i'll be able...
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    Overclock on q6600

    Hi.I just wanna overclock my cpu to 2.8 ghz and i dont know which value should i set to voltages or maybe how to overclock.I also have a 450 W power supply
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    2 Big SSD in RAID1 or 4 Small SSD in RAID10

    I'm preparing to build my new setup but still wonder if there will be an 'actual' performance differences between the two below: 1. 2 x 1TB SSD - RAID 1 2. 4 x 500GB SSD - RAID 10 My main use-case would be hosting VMs (not any kind of video editing, ...) Which one would be a better choice and...
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    Good Performance Laptop for Architecture and Photography Editing $900 budget?

    Hi I was previously a Acer Aspire 15 mx940 user but sadly my laptop was stolen . I am looking for a laptop within my budget that will help me on Architecture software's and rendering such as Lumion and also close colour accuracy for photo editing would like recommendations with a laptop that has...
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    Speakers and Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    My dad is hard of hearing, so I bought him Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headphones MDR-XB650BT. Now he can hear, but the speakers on our Samsung Smart TV don't work. How can I get the headphones and the tv speakers to work at the same time?
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    Laptop locks up only when on home wi-fi while multiple other networks are fine....

    I travel for work as a consultant and use multiple wi-fi networks in the airports, at various companies, coffee shops etc. and my laptop never locks up. When I am home on weekends it locks up multiple times a day but I've noticed if I turn off my wi-fi it does not lockup. Could my home...
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    Windows 10 no video input after trying to boot into safe mode

    I tried to start Windows 10 in safe mode, now when it boots up nothing appears on the screen except for a no video input message. I've tried restarting the computer using the power button several times, nothing ever happens on the monitor. I've tried a Windows 10 USB flash drive that I initially...
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    connect multiple aux devices

    I have dish network with a 54.0 remote control. It appears that I cannot have my dvd player and sound bar on the remote at the same time. Is it not possible to have more than 1 aux device connected to the dish remote? Its seems to me it's one or the other. How can I connect them without having...
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    External GPU for Laptop

    Hey guys, I bought a Dell inspiron 15 last August for College and its a brilliant laptop but it has let me down in terms of graphics processing. It has 16GB Ram, intel i7 7500U processor, 500GB SSD, but only Intel HD 620 graphics. So its a great computer for college but as you can see the...
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    Need help finding NAS Options please!

    I am looking for the right NAS for me. I dont know enough to insure I dont under/over buy and could really use some help. I am wanting to use the NAS as a Plex server firstly, a file backup and eventually I will probably add some home surveillance cameras to it. I currently use my dekstop as...
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    I am looking for a complete suite of programs for diagnostics and repair for notebooks and computers, something up to date

    looking for the best test diagnostics software for an active test facility
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    Need Help With a Point 2 Point Question.

    I bought 2, NanoBeam 5AC Gen2 Point to Point Antennas I have about 300 feet to my place that needs internet. After I get them set up and ready to be mounted, in the building I need internet can I use a Wireless apple router and just plug the Ethernet from the Antenna into the Router and have...
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    FSB Ratio ?

    Hello, I need a little help about FSB Ratio on Memory. I have seen, Ratio from CPU-Z with 1:4 or 1:5 on Google. And i Have FSB Ratio 3:44. from OC to 2933 Mhz CL16, 1.34v. Does it Good or Bad? Because i'd little bit feeling bad about Ryzen 3 2200G bad Performance on 768p, since APU really...
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    Windows 7 is bugged

    a few months ago i brought a cheap copy of windows 7 of amazon, at first i was suspicious and thought it would be a fake, but recently check and found out its a legitimate copy of windows. However I've been having loads of weird bugs with it, like the some setting not saving or action center...
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    Need to know Ifthis is a high quality PSU

    Is this a high quality PSU? Thanks in advance.
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    Keyboard and mouse not detecting

    Hi All Can you please help me fix the issue of keyboard and mouse not detecting after windows login screen appear but while working in BIOS it's working fine. And I try to format my system keyboard also not working.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600x temps with Corsair h60

    I went ahead and applied some old arctic silver thermal compound i had lying around because I had been using the pre-applied thermal paste for about a year when I bought the liquid cooling unit. It seems under stress I'm hitting 73-80c on the Witcher 3 and max graphics. I also ran the FurMark...
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    1080 ti fans loud?

    hey guys so i just upgraded my 970 to the evga 1080 ti sc black edition and when i start up fortnite the fan speeds ramp up 2000 rpm and temps go to around 70-80 degrees , is this normal? i really didnt expect the card to be this loud