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  1. Y

    do i need to update my bios ? of intel db75en for gtx 1070 ?

    soo im buying either a gtx 1060 6gb or a gtx 1070 8gb i was wondering do i need bios update ? i currently have a gtx 1060 3gb and it works fine without any bios update ? should i be worried ?
  2. L

    Will my potential mini itx build fit together? (First time pc builder)

    This is my first time building a pc and before I buy my parts, will this work and fit together. Also, what case should I buy and does it really matter? I would like: Zotac gtx 1080 mini i78700k Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 Vengeance LPX 16 GB RAM Samsung 970 EVO 250 GB V-NAND M.2 PCI Express...
  3. B

    Which brand of smartphone is the most durable?

    Otherwise than Apple iPhone because my budget does not fall into their categories. I almost always only use smartphones of low-end specifications because I don't want to spend that much and I don't actually do a lot with a smartphone. I only use basic function like whatsapp, sending text mails...
  4. K

    bclk frequency overclocking help

    I am wondering if I am able to overclock my cpu to the next bclk option, currently I have it set to 100:100. The other option I believe is 100:130. If I change it to that will I also need to increase my voltage? Also since I changed it to 100:100 my game's feel a lot smoother, but my temperature...
  5. F

    Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB OC Edition Review: High-End Graphics With Flair

    Asus' take on the Radeon RX Vega 64 shows good build quality, high performance, and attractive looks. But can the ROG Strix card compel gamers to spend big at a time when AMD's flagship needs to sell for less than the GeForce GTX 1080? Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB OC Edition Review...
  6. D

    Bad laptop performanc

    My laptop is almost 3 years old and lately I haven't been able to run most games at a decent fps, I'm not talking about new games, even games I used to run at acceptable settings back when i bought this laptop barely run at horrible fps. Is there anything I can do to improve this? Or is the...
  7. D

    I need help

    I need help my keyboard wont respond like th numbers 1-9 backspace ins home pgUp numlock wont work unless i hold / but once i let go it starts to click all the numbers
  8. L

    Would an Athlon X4 845 bottleneck a HD 7870 2GB?

    Would a Athlon X4 845 bottleneck a HD 7870 2GB? If so, do you have any CPU recommendations that go in the FM2/FM2+ socket?
  9. B

    Gaming Laptop has trouble running games at high levels.

    I have a msi GE72mVR Apache Pro Specs: Intel 7th Gen Core i7-7700HQ NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1070 -8GB GDDR5 16GB DDR4-2400MHz 64-bit OS Samsung SSD 960 PRO 512 GB-PCle Gen. 3x4 I believe this should be able to get fps above 60 consistently with decent graphics, but it has trouble doing so on games...
  10. S

    After a download my computer locked me out. When I put in my password it tells me that it's incorrect. How do I fix the prob

    My computer did a update and when it was done I went to sign back in and it told me it was a incorrect password or username. It has my name above the sign in box. I can't do anything with my laptop.
  11. 2

    How to install windows 7 on n3350/n3450 (1.10GHz) processor ?

    Can I install windows 7 on apollo lake (n3350/n3450) processor ? if it possible then how ?
  12. R

    Getting things ready

    I've been attempting to wipe my computer using cmd after windows corrupted. I'm attempting a total wipe with everything being deleted using the command 'systemreset -cleanpc', it takes me through a menu and tells me what will be deleted, then goes onto a loading screen saying 'Getting a few...
  13. B

    Can't see computers on Private network after April 2018 Update

    Since the April 2018 update, I can no longer see or connect to the other PCs on my home ethernet network. I've made sure advanced sharing and file discovery is turned on on each computer, but still no joy. This update removed Homegroups, which were buggy and unreliable, but that should have...
  14. M

    Dual GTX780 For After Effects Boost?

    I work almost exclusively in Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop and while I need to eventually rebuild my aging workstation, current RAM prices will be keeping me from that goal for a while yet. In the meantime I was thinking that adding an additional GPU to my existing WS might boost...
  15. kewlguy239

    Nvidia Releases GTX 1050 3GB To Stave Off Crypto-Miners

    Nvidia pulled the veil off of a new GeForce 10-series graphics card, giving gamers a new choice in the low-end of the graphics horsepower spectrum with a variation of a GTX 1050 GPU with 3GB of VRAM. Nvidia Releases GTX 1050 3GB To Stave Off Crypto-Miners : Read more
  16. T

    Question about Google Wifi

    So I have a router downstairs on the complete opposite side of my house from my PC. My internet is decently strong downstairs, but upstairs where my computer is, it is horrible.(I am unable to move my router) I bought a netgear wifi extender that seemed to work for a few months but then the...
  17. M

    Black screen, CPU 100 degrees

    Asrock H81 Ddr3 1600 mhz 12 GB GTX 960 i5 4460 aftermarker Cooler master cooler Ok so build this PC for my little brother that worked flawlessly for 2 months. Have been checking temps and the cpu have been at 70 at max load and gpu at 70 aswell. Been running Msi afterburner all the time...
  18. M

    Pc crashed after oc gpu

    Hello I have Ab350m from gigabyte+ryzen 5 2400g+ram 8gb 2400mhz I tried to overclock the cpu and it worked well but when i overclocked gpu pc restarted and didnt work again or i mean it worked but it displays nothing on me please and thanks in advance
  19. mohitakundi

    Overly High memory usage in windows 10

    While using my laptop recently, i noticed something weird.The memory usage with nothing open is almost always above 46% and using chrome only makes matters worse(60% usage with 1 tab open and 90% with 4 more) The specs are as follows: i3 5010u 2.1GHz Geforce 930m 2GB DDR3 RAM: 4GB 1600 DDR3L...
  20. 0

    High FPS > Low FPS

    Hello! One day I booted up my PC to play some PUBG & it turned on like normal & booted up like normal. But I launched PUBG & noticed immediately after getting into a match my framerate was extremely low. So I tested some other games & to my surprise they all ran very poorly (even Minecraft could...