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  1. S

    Question Very Slow Transfer Speeds Within Network

    So I will relay my situation that I have been experiencing for the past month or so as well as the troubleshooting steps that I have performed and hopefully someone points out an 'AH-HA' moment and I can finally get this resolved. So the scenario is I have 3 computers, all with static IPs all...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Samba share doens't appear at network section RRS feed

    I am trying to reach my samba server although does not appear on network selection and I have to do this manually from PowerShell net use F: \\SERVERHOME\MANOS or from file manager adding this on address bar. \\SERVERHOME\MANOS. Older versions of windows reach the server at network...
  3. WhistlingWillie

    Question Home Network NAS Setup for Best Write Speed While Serving as a Media Server Directory

    Hardware: RT-AC1900P WD My Passport 25E2 (USB 3.0) Laptop (running Windows 10 Personal) In order to be able to write to the USB drive while it's plugged into the router, it has to be formatted by the router, which renders the directory invisible to windows if connected directly to the PC via...
  4. M

    Question "Fake" SMB Signal

    Hi, I have a problem with my motherboard. I bought a used Intel S5520HC Motherboard and two Intel Xeon X5650. Everything is fine, if I only have one CPU installed but if install the second CPU the PC doesnt boot anymore. Beep Code 1-5-4-4 . After googling a little, I found out that you have to...
  5. C

    NEW BUILD - Windows 10 not detecting SSD "No device drivers were found"

    Just got all my parts for my first build ( but Windows 10 won't let me install the OS on my SSD. I created a bootable USB with Media Creation Tool and initialized/formatted the SSD on a friend's computer. Windows & BIOS are able to detect the SSD, but when I...
  6. N

    weird sound from hdd

    i am getting some weird sound from my harddisk attached is the video...previously it wud get detected at times and at other times it wud give cant find system disk error i did scan and bad sector recover using hard disk sentinal which showed the health at 80% but it wud still give the same...
  7. C

    Noobie GPT / MBR installation question

    Hey guys so I have something to ask you folks :D I currently have an MBR partitioned SSD with two partitions (C and D). I am thinking of reinstalling windows. I will create a bootable USB using Rufus and set it to GPT scheme for UEFI. My question is can I install it on only C and keep my D...
  8. B

    FX-6300 Overheats at Start up and Computer shuts off.

    Whenever I start up my computer for the first 20 minutes or so the cpu get's extremely loud and to an upwards of 80 degrees celsius and then sometimes it shuts off. This problem just started two days ago but the computer has been working okay for the past two years. What could possibly be the...
  9. F

    I deleted some important files, now my computer doesn't work.

    Help. I accidentally deleted some important files on my windows 7. Now, I can't run any .exe files, windows media player, anything. Nontheless, every time I turn on my pc and log in, it keeps showing: 'the application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000005' multiple times. Please respond...
  10. M

    Help Picking Monitor/TV for new Rig with GTX 1080 Founders ed

    Hi everyone, so I have built a new rig and just want to experience 4K. I play mmorpg's for the most part and things like Skyrim, Witcher 3, Rise of the Tomb raider. I have an i7 6700K, 16 GB Ram, and of course the GTX 1080 founders. I currently play on a 42" 1080p Samsung TV, and have done so...
  11. T

    What Mobo, Cooler and GPU should I choose for a G3258?

    I'll use this for gaming but mostly for Dota 2 on max and with 60 fps. I will OC my G3258 to 4.5Ghz. My options aren't H81 because I want to upgrade my parts soon. The coolers on the local shop I go to are limited they have an H75 Corsair but that price is too much for me, but if I don't have a...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Trying to read old iMac HD

    Hello, Trying to get my PC to read an old iMac (just before Intel chips) HD. For fun I took a shot at just plugging it into my PC to see if it could see anything there..nope. Is there an adapter cable or software to let me access the iMac's HD? I'm trying to get at some very old photos and it's...
  13. T

    Upgrading my processor

    Hi, i want to upgrade my desktop pc's processor from a AMD A4-7300 Socket-FM2, 3.8GHz, Dual Core, 1MB, 65W, 32nm, HD8470D to a better one AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Socket-AM3+, 4.0GHz, 8-Core, 8MB L2 + 8MB L3 Cache, 125W, 32nm and i want to hear if its posibble to switch them, without having to...
  14. I

    What drive for my general-purpose laptop?

    Hello everybody and merry christmass! I have a question regarding my planned storage swap in my laptop. So far, my current setup is a standard 500GB Seagate HDD that came with it. However, I am traveling A LOT with it (think a few hours on train and on feet in rough terrain every day) and not...
  15. M

    Screw hole from graphics card stuck in DVI cable screw.

    I unscrewew my DVI cable from my graphics card output and the screwhole from the DVI output on my graphics card came with it aswell and know it's stuck on the cables screw. Anyone got solutuions?
  16. A

    Looking to Buy a Motherboard. Unsure of MB Necessary.

    Hello! I'm looking to upgrade from my lame AMD Athlon CPU to this Intel Core i5-4690K: Of course I'll need a new motherboard to match, so I'm looking for suggestions. I'm sort of on a budget, and...
  17. S

    Best Music Storage System

    Hi - I have a ton of CDs and would like to convert them to audio files and then store on an external hard drive (I think) that I could connect to my receiver (which I need to purchase as my old one doesn't have any HDMI connections) - and so have a few questions for all the Tom's Hardware forums...
  18. K

    PC only starts sometimes.

    Hi, I have a PC that will only start some times. Press the button and nothing, absolutely powerless, and then other times it just starts. Even stranger, after trying to turn on, minutes later it will just start up itself. I have changed the power supply and reversed the start and reset switches...
  19. Corcheedos

    1080p @ 90fps Recording

    Hi, I would like to record at 90fps stable @1080p using fraps or DxTory, shadowplay goes up to 60, so no to that. When I record FPS goes down to 45, not sure why. Yes I updated all my drivers etc etc I did everything, I also have NVIDIA inspector, if you think I should change some settings...
  20. F

    Nvidia Control Panel Help

    Whenever I try to launch my NVIDIA Control panel it immediatley crashes and says not responding. What should I do