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    Question Laptop Port Smoking

    Hi, I was looking for some advice for my laptop which has stopped working, which I'd been using until suddenly the laptops power supply would started flashing green instead of staying a solid green, and when plugged into the laptop, the charging port would immediately start smoking, at one point...
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    Question Mouse started smoking out of nowhere? Power surge notification.. should I be worried?

    So I have had my computer for over 6 years, upgrading different components throughout the 6 years. I was sitting at my computer watching YouTube videos today and my mouse started disconnecting, and suddenly started producing smoke (from the wire just above the mouse). I also got a notification...
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    Friend is getting more fps with almost the same hardware

    My friend is getting more fps than me with the same hardware, and i know he's not lying because i went there today... I have this in almost any game, like BO3, PUBG, and ARK: Survival Evolved. We both have a msi laptop with a clean windows 10 install. My specs: i7 6700hq 8Gb @2400 RAM gtx1060...
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    8GB DIMM RAM can't be recognized

    okay so i got this new ram in today from: and my motherboard specs are here: my problem is it can't be read, i already have a...