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  1. G

    [SOLVED] Perfect psu?

    Hi Just now bought Inno3d RTX 2070 GPU.. FOR this gpu im using "Cooler Master masterwatt lite 700w" smps.. Is this is a good combination?? Kindly help in tiis?
  2. taha fareed

    Question Asus anti surge triggered.

    When I switch on the pc anti-surge triggers, but it happens once a week after that the pc works fine. The PSU is new and the anti-surge problem is occurring after I installed the PSU. After switching on there are no other problems in the pc, It is working fine, no reboots, no error, no BSOD...
  3. F

    Question Building a Gaming PC, need help with some components

    I'm building a gaming PC and want to future proof it so these are the components I am sure about, if there are better suggestions by not exceeding the price a lot, I'm open to them so this is what I've concluded in my system till now. I'll be doing 1080 and 1440 gaming mostly CPU- i7...
  4. r00kie_69

    Question My pc turns off when house voltage drops down.

    So yeah My Pc which is connected to Ups turns off when the house voltage goes down. I tried without ups, still same problem. I tried new ups still same problem. When the power completely goes the UPS works and supplies power to my PC. I took my ups to service center and they said it's in good...
  5. S

    Question Hard disk not initialized

    My windows is installed on an 128GB SSD...I have 2 Hard Disks, one is 1TB and the other one is 250GB...Randomly one of these Hard Disks are not showing up.... After restarting it shows up again...and it happens often... So please can someone tell what's the problem?
  6. H

    Question Which psu to get

    Antec NE 550 M Corsair CX 550 My budget is around 5000 INR Specs AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Zotac gtx 750 ti 16 gb ddr4 corsair vengance lpx 3000mhz ram
  7. S

    Hey I am wondering if my cpu will get dragged down

    Hello! Here are my current specs: i3 2100 nvidia gtx 1030 2gb and 8 gb of ram ------------- I will be getting i7 3770k 4 core 3.5ghz
  8. S

    Require some recommendations...

    Hi all, Pretty straight forward. Just want to update my case as currently I have the Cooler Master 335 which I have just found out has been discontinued its that old XD I'm looking for a new case that preferably has a glass/see through pane so that I can see into the case as I quite like that...
  9. U

    Good Deal For Gaming?

    This is an ad for a Custom PC that I think I might buy. I was wondering if this is even a good build and if it's worth it. Is it worth that much if it's used? Should I buy it, Yes or No :)...
  10. R

    Nintendo Switch Help

    Guys and Girls, Need some help, not sure how many of you have a Nintendo Switch but having some online issues. I've currently been in hospital for coming up a year and have been transferred to a rehab hospital and since I have been transferred I am unable to play online on my Nintendo...
  11. G

    FPS Drop with Windows 10 update May 2017

    My Rig: CPU- i5 7600 GPU- gtx 1060 Ram- 8GB DDR4 1T Hard Drive ever since the new may 2017 update for windows 10 i have noticed a pretty significant drop in my fps which is now affecting my gameplay in fp games. Most specifically rainbow six siege. any ideas?
  12. D

    Dell: OptiPlex 360 - OptiPlex 790 Hard Drive Compatibly

    Dell: OptiPlex 360 - OptiPlex 790 Hard Drive Compatibly I was wondering if it was possible to use the hard drive from an OptiPlex 360 in an OptiPlex 790, and the hard drive from an OptiPlex 790 in an OptiPlex 360? I had an old 360 and needed more RAM to run audio engineering and video editing...
  13. K

    PC Price Estimate

    I would like a price estimate on my PC because I might want to sell it, here are the parts. Case: Corsair Carbide Series 300R Windowed Gaming Case Black Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z170-Gaming K3-EU CPU: I5-6600 Cooling: Cooler Master 212 EVO RAM: 8GB(2x4gb) DDR4 HyperX Black Graphics Card: MSI...
  14. gedwards913

    SSD Setup for gaming

    So I've dropped some money during Black Friday and I came out with a pretty solid rig. Here is what I am dealing with: Intel i7-6700k MSI M7 Gaming Motherboard ASUS GTX 1060 Strix OC 6gb G.skill Tridentz PC3000 2x8GB Corsair RM1000x PSU Now here are the hard drives. I got both on sale. Samsung...
  15. V

    Sennheiser GAME ZERO sounding awful?

    So my Sennheiser GAME ZERO arrived today, i was planing on replacing my HyperX Clouds because the leather was getting ripped apart and they were kinda old. So i plugged in the new game zero, went to soundcloud to test and they sound awful compared to my old headset. I don't think my motherboard...
  16. S

    will this gpu fit in my case elite 355u

    r9 290 or r9 280x gtx 970g1 r9 290x trix will this fit in my elite 355u cm case?
  17. J

    fx 6300 overclocking help

    I want to overclock but im not sure how high i should go. I have the CRYORIG H7 49.0 CFM CPU Cooler, currently overclocked at 4.1 ghz with an msi 970
  18. T

    Will my old PSU support my new graphics card?

    Hello, I am planning on buying a new graphics card and slowly work my way up to the other parts of the pc. Currently though i only have my budget and eyes on the Asus STRIX-GTX960 and was wondering if my PSU can handle it since it has 2 12v rails of 17a. I don't know much about this topic so...
  19. ALiy42

    Asus VS278H vs BenQ RL2755HM

    I have a very limited budget and in that only these 2 models are avialable. Please suggest one :)
  20. D

    Driver Power State Failure

    I have an asus N551jx laptop and keep getting BSOD. It tells me to search for Driver Power State Failure, I have looked everywhere for a fix and none of them have been successful. Please can someone help