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  1. LuminaR

    Question Xeon E5450 CPU on Asus P5G41T-M-LX2/GB Motherboard

    I brought Xeon E5450 modded (LGA771->775) CPU but didn't installed yet on motherboard, currently I have Core 2 Duo E8500 and BIOS updated to latest 504 version (I updated it about 7 month ago).. So now I'm gonna install that modded cpu on mobo but do I need to reupdate BIOS? I want answer from...
  2. C

    Question INTEL DQ45CB - RAM

    Hi everyone! I have a question with an Intel DQ45CB motherboard but my core question I think can be general stuff. I have here with me an very old Intel DQ45CB I want to use for a project but every time I try to start system to test it I get 3 bips. For what I know this is a memory issue error...
  3. P

    PC won't boot. Brand new components.

    [Moderator Note: Moved post to Graphics Cards.] Bought a new pc and the system won't boot. All the fans/lens turn on however I get nothing come out on my display. On the motherboard the VGA led turns on white and stays one. After trying some troubleshooting I replaced the graphics card and I...
  4. H

    need Gpu help

    I am buying a 2months old radeon hd 6670 2 gb for my pc so i wanna ask my motherboad can supoort it and will my pc will be able to support it? My pc specs motherboard - MSI 2A9CH ram - 6gb (2gb samsung) (4gb transcend) processor - i3 550
  5. I

    Computer lagging with no reason.

    It's a nightmare! After a few minutes of using the computer (20 minutes in avarage) my computer starts lagging with no clear reason. About every second there's about a 0.3 sec lag, the computer is lagging, not internet lag. These are my PC specs (OS windows 7 x64 is in Hebrew so sorry for...
  6. D

    looking for a laptop that fits my needs

    i'm looking for a laptop that is durable, powerful, power efficient, and has a back-lit keyboard. while i'm not interested in playing current-gen games, it would also have to have a decent graphics card. the reason why i want high-end products is for longevity; i want to be able to use it for...
  7. R

    Zotac GTX 780ti AMP, Zotac brand reliability?

    Hi, I'm always go to toms for anything about pc. Im about to build a pc: i7 7490, asrock h97 performance, corsair csm 750w, 8GB ram corsair pro red. and the gpu I was almost sure about Zotac, but still have my doubt about this brand, especially for the GTX780ti amp model. In my country, this is...