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  1. A

    Does my Motherboard suppoer a PCI-e SSD?

    I'm not sure if my Gigabyte H77M-D3H can support a PCI-e Solid state drive
  2. I

    [Black Screen] Next step?

    Introduction Good morning, this is my very first post on this forum so feel free to move the thread if it's under the wrong category. I am also fairly new to computer hardware so take that into account. Problem I have had my computer for three years now and briefly speaking, yesterday my...
  3. E

    Gigabyte Wifi Drivers

    I have a gigabyte motherboard (in google searth gigabyte fm2 wifi itx) and I installed all of the drivers yet the adapter for wifi is absent. I cant create the Adapter (incomming conection) Please help
  4. C

    Best graphic card for my processor

    My PC specs- Cpu-intel core 2 duo e7400 Mob-gigabyte GA g41m combo rev1.3 Ram-8gb ddr3 Gpu - ***!!!gt 210 which recently left the world Monitor- Samsung monitor with 1366x768 resolution I want a highest graphic card which doesn't bottleneck my CPU I have some options -- Asus gtx 560ti1gb...
  5. musical marv

    Start the Political Forum Again

    How about starting the Political Forum again. At least they are many topics to converse with. Not this boring doldrum we have now.
  6. T

    9370 3.8ghz Please help! There is my info. I had the 9370 but I saw it was running slow. I have the 990FXA-UD5. If I have to update the BIOS I`m not sure how. if I have to manually adjust it please tell me how.