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  1. RudyPolak

    [SOLVED] Redragon S101 mouse issue - cannot download the software by the "Do NOT find gaming mouse"

    Today i bought a redragon s101 mouse from cex, and ive tried to install all of their software, but nothing worked. I have just the mouse, which supports the software, but still i can. (PS: ITS NOT m601! i bought it with thoughts that it is m601 but its s101 so i cant even drag click on it...
  2. [SOLVED] Remove edits from pictures?

    Hello, I'll try to be short as possible. I'm trying to get rid of some white drawing over a pic and I don't know what app to use to remove edits from a picture. I'll give an example So basically this picture (an example), I want to remove the white drawing and see the face like in the original...
  3. S

    Question Only one window is workin at a time.

    Hi, there is something wrong with my computer but idk how to explain it. Its like only one window i working at a time and i cant use the taskbar or anything else. So when i ALT+TAB to another window nothing is workin. I can move the mouse around but when i hover over for example the "x" button...
  4. joee_howell

    [SOLVED] Deleting app

    Hi I got destiny 2 a while back off blizzard, since then it has moved over to steam but the icon is still there on the control panel with no way of deleting it. All the files are removed off my pc but I have 2 icons which is rather annoying.