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  1. D

    Question Monitor shows "No Input" after installing Radeon Adrenaline 2020 Edition ?

    So I tried updating my graphics card driver and I've decided to install the Adrenalin Software 2020 Edition as the current one on my desktop is not working ( as normally I would use to to automatically update my graphics card drivers). After installing the software and setting up, it prompts me...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Gamma keeps resetting on display, Windows calibration doesn't seem to stick

    Hi folks, Ever since a month ago or so, I've noticed that the gamma on my computer is really high. I tried to go into display calibration, and I lowered it (though strangely, it was still on the higher end of things.. near the bottom was about the middleground for gamma), but it reverts back to...
  3. F

    Question Does my display have a hardware or software problem?

    So I was using my laptop before I went to sleep no problem. But when I woke up the bottom half suddenly got black thick horizontal lines . I didn't even move the laptop an inch or spill anything on it ever. The weird part is those lines only appeared when there was a black background. Literally...
  4. C

    Question Restarting problem

    I downloaded the windows new update and its all a bit buggy, my audio sometimes glitches out, and for some reason every time I try to restart from the os it just gets stuck on the restarting screen. I've also had other problems but they will not be in they will not be linked to this one
  5. 3jackdaw

    Question MSI Afterburner OSD issue

    Hello, I have a bit of a strange problem. My MSI Afterburner is showing one OSD information horizontally. I can't seem to find the issue on how this is triggered. I tried removing each info one by one and for each on I activate, that one long line shows up. For example if I just show the...
  6. A

    Question Windows auto selecting "Sort By" in settings, cant scroll

    So when I'm in a windows menu such as Startup apps or the install/uninstall programs menu, when I try to scroll down in the list it highlights the "sort by" selection and moves the list of programs back to the top to keep the highlighted "sort by" in view. No matter how much I scroll it pulls...
  7. L

    Question Windows freezes after first boot (New Pc)

    So whenever im trying to start up my PC the msi logo pops up and the loading wheel starts turning but then the Msi logo flashes and the loading wheel gets stuck (I can still use my mouse). My PC has never fully booted. This has been happening since the first install of windows using an 8gb boot...
  8. ThaSpoda

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Sound Settings Won't Open When Pressing The Taskbar Shortcut

    So when I try to use my taskbar sound icon (taskbar -> right click on sound icon -> open sound settings) shortcut literally opens a cmd for a split second and closes. I've tried to /sfc now and it did nothing to help. I've tried everything and nothing has worked out for me please help me out!
  9. loismke

    Question help, screen making weird pixel things sometimes

    so i have made my own desktop about 2-3 months ago amd radeon 5700xt amd ryzen 5 3600x asus x570 a pro motherboard 16gb ram with windows 10 but since a week ago when i was just random watching youtube i got some weird purple squares in my screen (picture attached) and it maybe stays for a few...
  10. W

    Question Pc Stuck on preparing automatic repair even after switching hard drive

    I recently built a pc 3 weeks ago and everything was working fine up until 5 days ago. I had installed a new gpu and I had also installed the most recent windows 10 update. Out of nowhere my pc would suddenly restart and go back to working like normal. It did that like 4 or 5 times over the...
  11. DS Fitz

    [SOLVED] My games keep freezing my whole pc then unfreeze

    i have had this issue for so incredibly long and im really drained from trying to fix it, when im playing a game i can tell my pc is about to freeze as ingame images or words will disappear - for example when i open the destiny 2 menu and there are no words and around 20 seconds later my whole...
  12. Vexifierr

    Question Zeletos T80 Big Mac gaming mouse software not working

    Hi There! I have had a Zeletes T80 Mouse since around 2016 and it's been working fine, but apparently there is a software for it on the website (linked below.) I install it and everything is fine, but when I try and open it, it displays this error message. (Image Link:
  13. Z

    [SOLVED] HyperX NGenuity Software complications

    I received the HyperX Alloy Origins Core TKL keyboard today and installed HyperX's configuration tool NGenuity. I am confused about the process to save RGB profiles to onboard memory. I have watched several youtube videos that have not provided much help. Does anyone have NGenuity and know how...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Mouse queuing inputs issue

    Hi, I am having a strange issue with my mouse that is difficult to describe and therefore has been hard to search for a solution. Issue The issue is that my mouse seems responsive and normal unless I make a big movement (turning 180 in games or moving across two monitors at once), then the...

    Question 1st Gen RYZEN + B450 = No Signal

    I'm having a serious micro code glitch that disable the video output from GPU automatically. Here's the story If I sleep my computer or if I turn the monitor off and leave it there then going outside, when I'm back to use my computer again, it's likely that I will got no signal message after I...
  16. B

    Question My gpu keeps spiking at 100% and then my game crashes.

    Every single time when I open up a game lets say R6, my gpu spikes at 100% and then my game crashes. I testes all my hardware it seems to be working all fine. I think it's software related, because I also get blue screens verry often with errors like:"System service exception, kernel security...
  17. N

    Question PC getting shutdown suddenly

    Hello Guys, my pc getting off suddenly. When I switched on at first then after running 5 to 10 mins it's getting switched off (only monitor goes off but cpu is running ), after restarting the pc there is no problem no switching off even I play high end game (2.3 hr no matter). Next day the same...
  18. G

    Question Samsung Note 8 from Sprint Locked Screen (NO Google/Samsung account, stock software)

    A customer of mine has a Samsung Note 8 from Sprint that has a screen lock. Apparently, the customer has never had a password or security of any type (fingerprint, pattern, etc) on the device, and they have no idea how it got on there. I had them call Samsung/Google/etc to try and resolve the...
  19. Fr0stbergion

    [SOLVED] Random black dot and a grey line-(ish) spot on the monitor, but it shows up in screenshots as well

    So this is the third time that this has happened I believe and the spot is totally random. I think it is probably some sort of software problem because it does actually show up in screenshots so it can not be a dead pixel. I can also cover it up if i put my mouse over it. I don't really know how...
  20. C

    Question CPU is maxing out

    Recently I've replaced my old GPU (ASUS GT 1030) with a better one (SAPPHIRE RX 580). Since then I've had some problems with the CPU, which IS old (i5-2500k). I've noticed FPS stutters in many games, including: GTA V SINGLEPLAYER (With the gt 1030, I was able to run Vsync 60 smoothly on High -...