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  1. WOWDood

    Question PC not giving any signal after turning on some settings in BIOS

    So basically, here's my issue; Looked at some Windows 11 videos and thought that the OS looks cool and was curious to try it out. Tried to update PC from Windows 10 but it said I needed TMP 2.0 and safe boot turned on. So, regretably, I did turned on safe boot first and sadly the last one...
  2. RaudiTT

    Question Help - System is crashing, no errors, no bluescreen. Straight to desktop.

    Hello, hopefully someone can help. System specs: 9900K (no OC) MSI Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON 16GB G.SKILL DDR4 TridentZ (no OC) 970 Evo Plus (Boot drive) misc other HDDs and SSDs EVGA GTX 1080 Ti Black Edition (no OC) Corsair H110i Pro AIO EVGA Supernova G3 (750W) Windows 10 64bit Recently...
  3. Grey Aria

    Question Unable to get PlayStation Remote Play to work after Windows/GPU Update

    I haven't been unable to get PSRemote Play to work since a recent Windows update, an Intel GPU update and an nVidia update. Before these updates, I had been using it successfully for at least 9 months. After trying to launch the app on my pc, it pops up for about 10 seconds, gets maybe 2/3 of...
  4. kapsey

    [SOLVED] Vocaloid 5 Crashes at Launch

    After Windows did some strange stuff upon startup, Vocaloid 5 no longer opens on my friend's computer. It's running Windows 10, version 1903. Background: (I'm sorry this isn't very specific, it's from what my friend told me before I started troubleshooting) My friend has been using Vocaloid 5...
  5. D

    Nvidia 760 Disconnecting from B4, high GPU

    I just got my gtx760 card back and gigabyte told me nothing wrong. I am running the MSI Afterburner program in the background and playing Battlefield 4. Last week, I had the old 285x card in the computer and no problems. Now, with the 760, I have had 3 disconnects from a server I play all the...