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  1. geoiii

    Question Which has more accurate temp readings speccy or aida64 extreme.

    Ryzen 5 3600x auto overclocked. Cooler Master hyper 212 and air intake right above. I had both programs running while aida64 was doing its thing. After 10 mins cpu stress test. I saw speccy jump to over 80 while aida64 never got above 44.
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Epson GT12000 scanner

    Hi, I'm looking for old software for a A3 Epson GT12000 scanner ( really great scanner ) for MacOs. The software is used as tool into photoshop ( older version which I have and also older MacOs G4 computer which still works like a charm ) If anybody by any chance has this software or knows where...
  3. C

    Question pc restarts at the launch of a game

    everytime i launch a game my pc restarts its only three weeks old all parts brand new msi 6800 xt gpu 16gb 4k amd ryzen 7 5800 cpu 1tb m.2 ssd samsung 16gb trident z ram watercooled 6 fans including one on power supply 850wt power supply
  4. J

    Question Аre you using knowledge base software?

    We are looking for robust, not expensive knonwledgebase management software. Mininmal requirements are - we want to host it on our servers - change colors/css to match our design - ability to display content for different groups. - and of course easy to use.
  5. A

    Question Being blocked from accessing Windows Defender! Says your IT administrator has limited access to some areas of this app.

    Hi there, So I have recently tried to get into bitcoin mining with NiceHash, I am able to install the miner and everything but when I got to whitelist the folder in windows defender I am being blocked. I need to do this so the program does not get blocked. I have tried to just restore the...
  6. 8

    Question Random BSOD even after Reinstalling Windows

    Hello everyone, I've been having seemingly random BSODs for a few months now, I recently reinstalled Windows after wiping out my SSD, and I have gotten two new BSODs. I have run sfc, chkdsk, memtest, memory diagnostic, verifier, and none of these have found any issues. I am wondering what could...
  7. Nikhilniks

    [SOLVED] What is "Total System power" in hwinfo software??????

    What is Total system power in hwinfo software????? This is the image link Total System Power Is it combine power of display, ram, hdd, ssd, cpu etc??????????
  8. E

    Question Computer Crashes Every Single Time After Start Up

    Thank you in advance for any advice... I have been trying to diagnose this issue for close to 2 years. This is a tough one... The ONLY issue I have with my computer is it will hard crash not long after I start it up. Once it crashes, it won't crash again as long as I keep the computer running...
  9. Question Need help setting up first gaming PC

    Hi Guys, Have been in and out of this website the past few weeks and got some great advice, now hoping to get some advice for myself. Originally purchased the new Xbox series X, however slightly disappointed so now have built my first gaming PC. Specs as follows. Corsair 570x Case - 3x LL120...
  10. System32_76

    Question Line-In & Line-Out not shown under "Sound Settings" in Linux ?

    Whoever has experience with the JACK sound server can probably help me out with this tech problem that I'm facing. So if I boot up my PC, open up QJackCtl (a GUI for managing the JACK sound server) and quit the app, my line-in and line-out are immediately shown under the PulseAudio Volume...
  11. Yusakuuu

    Question Need HELP (like really)

    i am coming here as last resort after months of having a pc problem rig (ryzen 5 3600) rtx 2060 16gb ram i have a problem and i will explain everything in detail a few months ago i decided to change my cpu fan from stock cooler (amd) to dark rock 4 pro and i added 2 fans in the front of the case...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Gamma keeps resetting on display, Windows calibration doesn't seem to stick

    Hi folks, Ever since a month ago or so, I've noticed that the gamma on my computer is really high. I tried to go into display calibration, and I lowered it (though strangely, it was still on the higher end of things.. near the bottom was about the middleground for gamma), but it reverts back to...
  13. Scutu Mix

    Question Backup Software Help!

    Hello everyone, I need a NEW backup software as WD SmartWare is no longer supported by the company and the replacement - Acronis is not exactly what I need. So what I need? Well, a simple backup solution. I have a 6 TB WD Book Duo connected by USB to my windows computer and I have a few HDDs...
  14. B

    Question Chromebook powers on but there's no display ?

    Hi all, so I have an HP Chromebook G5 that appears to power on, but there is never anything on the internal display and nothing on any external displays. The power light indicator turns on whenever the power button is pressed and turns off whenever I press and hold it, the charging indicator is...
  15. B

    [SOLVED] Computer constantly freezing and unfreezing with DAW, Zoom, or any CPU intensive recording application open

    Hi there, I do not know if this is the right category to post this - if it isn't, I apologize. I am running into a problem that is extremely hindering my ability to do any work. I do audio production. I also stream, and I am in school (online for now due to the pandemic). Every time I have my...
  16. Bread212

    Question Internet connection slows down but only on laptop ?

    So I've got a pretty new laptop (5 months old) but ever since I got it, I've been having issues with my internet and cannot figure out what the problem is. For the longest time I thought it was my provider, but after recent tests, I've noticed that the problem only occurs on my laptop. I'm...
  17. 8

    Question 2 BSOD, can't figure out the cause

    Hi, I've been having BSOD issues for a while now, I had a faulty power supply which caused a lot of problems. I recently replaced the power supply with a Corsair Cx 750M. Everything ran fine for a few days, but recently I have had BSODs that I can't really figure out what caused them. I've run...
  18. Frost0777

    Question I can't Install Orcad 9.2 on Windows 10 ?

    Hello, I am trying to install Orcad 9.2 on my WIndows 10 laptop, but every time I try to run the installer... nothing happens. My friends can get this software installed on their pcs. I've tried disabled my antiviruses and still the same. Any suggestions?
  19. P

    Question "Last BIOS Time" really high

    My PC used to turn on in less than 10 seconds. Some days ago, it started to take a really long time in BIOS logo screen (around 80 seconds). I didn't change anything in BIOS settings and I only have 3 startup programs, that were able since I got my PC more than a year ago. I'm really worried...
  20. SeparatiX

    Question Some games starts to mini-freeze after a while.

    Hello ! So my problem is that when i play for example gta 5 for a while, after about hour or so playing it will start to have sort of mini freezes... Fps are good like around 50 (Maybe for someone not good but im satisfied with it) or so tho. The longer i play the game, the more often do the...