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  1. R

    Fuse size from battery to inverter

    I'm putting together my first small solar system. I have a 50Ah lifepo4 battery paired with a Renogy 700w pure-sine inverter. What size fuse/breaker should I use? Cable size from battery to inverter is 6awg.
  2. ceriumin

    Question LED'S Pretty Dim

    Recently my parents came back with some solar Leds and it has a nice rainbow wave effect, exactly what i wanted. However the Leds are dim and need a minature solar panel connected using a strange 2pin connection. Is there any way to either cut the cable and join it to a 3pin and receive more...
  3. J

    Intel Celeron G1820 Locking Up with FileZilla

    Hi, When downloading files through FileZilla the Intel Celeron G1820 reaches 99% usage, and the mouse can barely move, with the screen freezing most of the time. Screenshot: Any ideas what could be causing this?
  4. B

    Is Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 Capable of Overclocking AMD FX 8350 or FX 9590?

    :D As the question says, Is this motherboard Capable of Overclocking this two Cpus at their Max