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  1. TheFlash1300

    Question Is it true it's impossible to completely delete files from your computer?

    Hello. My laptop uses SSD. I want to know, is it true that when i delete files from folders and the Trash Bin, the files just disappear, but they are still on the SSD, and there is no way to erase them completely? If i perform a clean install, will the files be completely erased, or will they...
  2. TheFlash1300

    Question How to check an SDD for bad sectors ?

    Hello. Can someone tell me how to check if my SSD has bad sectors, logical ones, and physical ones? CrystalDisk tells me the health of my SSD is now 97%, and i suspect there is an accumulation of bad sectors happening. I used HD Tune, but it says there are no bad sectors. I don't believe HD...
  3. boneless3vil

    [SOLVED] SSD + HDD = speed + storage?

    okay, so a while back I heard Intel was using SSD drives, then "spanning" them within HDD, so you can get the speed of the SSD drive, but the storage of the HDD. Essentially, the SSD would serve as a huge cachet for the much larger and slower HDD.:geek: How do I do this, though? do I need to...