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  1. ToxicThing

    Question When I turn on Windows 10 mobile hotspot, I lose internet connection on my PC ?

    Hey, I got this problem since I updated to newest version of Windows 10 yesterday I think. The problem is when I turn on mobile hotspot in Windows 10 and connect my phone, I lose internet on my pc. I am using cable internet and have 100 mb/s, but when I connect my phone it can't connect to...
  2. Vandit Sharma

    Question PC won't boot ?

    I built my computer a year ago and one day it stopped booting or giving post beep. when I showed it to a engineer he said that either motherboard or cpu is gone. So I RMA my motherboard but It won't show any signs now either. So I sent my cpu to RMA and got a replacement from AMD but now also I...
  3. Question Win10; some websites loads forever on local PC

    Hi tomshardware community, So from one day to another my PC started acting weird, I daily work in Azure and also with the ITSM system called Jira, but all of a sudden I am stuck loading azure until I am met with "Hmmm.. Looks like something went wrong" and in Jira, I am having problems clicking...
  4. OrdJk

    Question Crackling in headphones ( plugged into audio interface)

    My issue is that my DT 770 pro's are crackling when I use them on my pc ( at random times ). The audio interface I have is the UMC22 by behringer If you have advice / suggestions please drop them down below ! Thanks for reading this
  5. H

    [SOLVED] EZ Debug CPU led on, and pc won't post, any help is appreciated

    Ryzen 3950X - MPG X570 GAMING PRO CARBON WIFI - GTX 1650 I assembled the whole PC, except for one thing, I forgot to connect PSU to the 8+4 pin connectors for the CPU-pwr1 and CPU-pwr 2 I powered it on, and the fans started spinning fast, RAM RGB lights turned ON, everything seemed to be...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Annoying beep noise when turning it on

    Hi, everyone. I have a Lenovo G470 with Windows 10. The notebook does this annoying beep noise when turning it on, not always though. However, wheter it does the beeps or doesn't, Windows starts anyway and I can use it normally. I'm aware of the diagnostics beep codes of every brand of notebook...
  7. Bobbii

    [SOLVED] New Ram with same speed as old Ram running at 2133 instead of 2666

    So I used to have 2x4GB RAM sticks that I replaced with 2x8GB RAM that are both advertised to run at 2666 speed. The old sticks ran also advertised to run at 2666 and when doing some digging I found out that my computer indeed ran them at 2666 speed. So after replacing them with the new sticks...
  8. S

    Question Getting random reboots and/or signal losses

    Hi, these past few days i have been getting random problems with my pc that have been hard to pinpoint and i still don't know if i got it right. It started after i lauched a game and my computer randomly rebooted, i thought it was something to do with the game so i tried another one, it did the...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Solution for wirelss internet

    Hello, I'm not very familiar with internet and networking stuffs so i need you guys to help a me out. Long story short im moving to a new flat and the landlord doesnt let me to get internet installed but offers me to use his wifi from the floor above and i obviously dont want to use public wifi...
  10. patsisrael

    Question Office 365 ProPlus won't install

    Hi. My Office won't install and instead gets stuck at "We're getting things ready" splash screen and I tried almost every solution I found on the internet. I have an Office 365 Subscription that came with my University account, which is the one I used to download the installer for Office. I...
  11. K

    Question Monitor goes black while gaming for 3 seconds and then comes back

    So i recently build my new pc and after the build i started playing games. But while playing games the screen would go black for around 3 seconds and then would come back again. I have 3 monitors but only the middle one would go black. I tried reinstalling windows, using diffrent cables...
  12. K

    Question Please help 240hz is gone

    So i mounted my 3 monitors to the wall yesterday and since then my main monitor (Acer XFQ250) can only go up to 120hz. Before that i could just play 240hz on it. Im using the exact same cables and everything but it doesn't go higher then 120. Ive tried diffrent cables, diffrent graphics card...
  13. C

    Question Why is my computer so bad?!!

    My PC is weird... I have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling drivers to doing a hard reset (which made it work for a day) I don't know what to do about it any more Specs Zotac 1060 6gb 2tb hard drive Tr2 500w power supply 8gb of teamgroup t-force ddr4 RAM Ryzen 5 2400g with...
  14. A

    GPU Running at %20-40 on ARK Survival Evolved and more high end games!

    Hi I have a bottleneck probably. My gpu has been running at %20-40 on really high end games and then I get low fps like 40-55 and sometimes I also have mouse delay on every game. But my CPU Is running at %30-80! And also the textures in games load really slowly too. My specs: GPU: GTX 1070 Ti...
  15. K

    Budget Home PC build

    Hi everyone I'am wanting to build a home PC for basic use e.g chrome Skype etc. This will be my first build and I want to know if all the parts are compatible and all the connectors will work. If you could help me that would be great. Fractal Design Core 1500 Case Crucial 4GB DDR4 Intel Celeron...
  16. K

    Will my power supply suffice and do i need more fans?

    So i need around 250 watt for my pc will a 400 watt power supply sufice? And one other thing I am buying this case does it need any more fans? Case: (CPU (just in case)...
  17. A

    Cpu 4k streaming

    Which cpu is available to stream 4k games at 60fps using obs/shadow play? Will ryzen 7 1800x be able to do it?
  18. R

    where can i sell my hpz840 workstation

    where to sell my pc - Processor(s) Details ================================================== Name=Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v3 @ 2.50GHz Name=Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v3 @ 2.50GHz Motherboard Details ================================================== Manufacturer=Hewlett-Packard...
  19. M

    Playerunkowns battlegrounds issue

    I have a gtx 1080 i7 4790k 16gb of ram system and play at 1440p 144hz. What is going on is I get 60 fps out in the woods 40-50 in some cities and 30 in major cities. I know that it is most likely not optimized however what is weird is its only using 60-80 percent of my gpu mostly around 67...
  20. D

    What is happening to my graphics?

    Hello everyone! Does anyone know what is happening to my graphics and how I can solve this? it only happens to certain applications. Explorer.exe most of the time but I have no problems playing CSGO.. It also does not happen all the time, just sometimes but some days it happens really often...
  21. B

    Want to reset my laptop like it was brand-new but I'm afraid of losing drivers

    1I have an HP laptop I want to redo it as if it was brand-new but I want to know how to get the drivers back and update it because I know I will lose everything when I reset it how do I get the drivers
  22. S

    Is it worth upgrading my motherboard if I'm not going to switch cpu's ?

    Currently I have the msi z97 pc mate. When I got it I was on a tight budget and I pretty much just wanted a working motherboard. My main complaints are purely the esthetics, because I found out it has a brownish tone, while the images showed it as black. I have some money to spare now and I was...
  23. Y

    Computer Freezes at random while playing Games

    While playing games computer freezes at random. The lights on mouse,case and the keyboard are on and there is no sound when the computer freezes but the video freezes and doesnt respond to any command. My specs are ; Motherboard : MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k 4.00Ghz...
  24. E

    Gaming PC compatibility check please

    Hi I'm looking to order the parts for my first ever gaming PC I've done research and this is what I want I'm all ready to order parts was just wondering if somebody could check the compatibility of the parts I have chosen.
  25. W

    Weird things going on with RAM and RAM slots...

    Okay this one has got me scratching my head a bit... I have an Asus Z170I Pro Gaming board (mini itx). It's never been able to run my memory (2x8GB corsair kit) at XMP speeds (2666) - every time I turned on the XMP profile, the system would boot loop for a bit and then show up saying...
  26. A

    old style pci slot is different from PCI3 slot

    I have just bought a PCI Express USB3 card and it wont fit in a standard PCI slot. A different offset distance and a blocking piece so that it cant be inadvertantly fitted. Is there any way that it can be adapted to fit the standard PCI slot?
  27. S

    low budget pc builds?

    Hey yall im new here and to the whole pc building world in general. Im wanting to build a pc that would let me play arma 3 on decent settings. I play arma 3 and skyrim the most if theres a build that would play both of these great would be nice. Thanks for the help
  28. P

    need help case fans (airflow)

    Hello, i decided to buy the CASE CORSAIR CARBIDE SERIES 88R MICROATX MID-TOWER and my pc specs are the following. CPU INTEL CORE I5-6500 3.20GHZ LGA1151 , Antec VP-450 Power Supply, MSI B150M BAZOOKA motherboard, HyperX FURY 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) 2133 MHz DDR4 and a HDD TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 1TB 3.5''...
  29. J

    Can I use this kind of bus for graphics cards, specifically for crossfire?

    I have a hd 7770, and I looked into crossfiring with 8x and other length busses, but was kind of confused. My question is that can if I got another hd 7770 would I be able to use this bus to crossfire it in. Thanks, Jeff
  30. Y

    Want to make sure this uild will go together

    i want to make sure this build will go together cause i will be buying the parts soon (birthday is coming up)and this is my first time building a computer i have looked up videos and article on how to build but it but i want to make sure it goes together here is part list...
  31. J

    r9 290 gpu on 3 monitors?

    I'm building my first PC soon, mostly for gaming at 1080p. I've got an asus directcu ii oc r9 290 gpu which should be able to do that comfortably. But I'm thinking of buying two more monitors for racing games. I was wondering if I ran the games at 720p would the r9 290 be able to keep up?
  32. G

    Would I Be able to overclock?

    I am using an OCZ Vendetta 2 with my amd fx 6300. Idle - 15-20ish Max Load (USing Prime95 for 30mins) - 42 This is in degrees celsius.
  33. A

    Dell Inspiron 14 r n4010 RAM upgrade problem plz help

    I have Dell Inspiron 14 r n4010, win 7 x64 , 3GB RAM (1 GB+ 2 GB) 2 slots .Both RAM company- Hynix 1333 Mhz pc3 - 10600s I searched internet , my system suport maximum 8 GB RAM. Yesterday I bought 4 GB RAM , Hynix 4 GB , 1333 Mhz ,pc3 10600u I take out 1 GB RAM and placed 2 GB RAM in that...
  34. K

    Windows XP Backup

    I know that XP is no longer supported, but I have software and utilities that won't run in W7 that I still use. So I have dual booted W7 and XP Pro on two separate HD's. To get the dual boot to work I had to install XP on C drive and W7 on F drive. To get XP to dual boot with W7 I had to do a...
  35. woodson75

    Asus Z97M-PLUS vs. Asus H97M-PLUS

    Are there any particular pluses of one of these over the other? Price-wise there's not much in it (at least not in New Zealand). Is one significantly better than the other? Thanks for any advice. :)
  36. sougo

    best intel i3 processor for overclocking

    Hello, friend . i want to choose a i3 processor which is best for overclocking , and within price 100-125$ . and for choosing the socket type it's lga1150, so please give me some suggestions, other than intel pentium g3258 hashwell processor, Thank you in advance
  37. T

    Weak HD Streaming. Upgrade my processor, or add graphics card?

    I made an HTPC back in 2013 with the following components: Asrock FM2A88-ITX+ AMD A8-5600k w/ Radeon HD Graphics 3.60 GHz 8GB RAM Running Windows 8 I find that this works perfectly fine for my original HTPC needs (playback of HD MKV files, lossless surround, ripping my blu-rays) but my...
  38. Y

    Upgrading Graphics Card

    Someone has told me recently that my graphics card was un-upgradable. Could someone confirm this or say otherwise? Also, if upgradable, I would like to purchase a new graphics card if i can, so reccomendations would be well appreciated PC Specs ...
  39. L

    how much fps minecraft?

    I know its better to build ur own computer but i cannot do this. Im younger and i know how to do it with all the tutorials and such but my father wont let me . how much fps will this PREBUILT pc get on minecraft with optifine? My budgets 500$.
  40. T

    Upgraded pc no video.

    Hi, I just replaced my AM3 board with a MSI H87m-e33 and i5 4440. I turned the pc on, no video and it shuts down after like 30s, then reboots. I also can't turn the pc off via the power button. What's going on?