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    EVGA Step Up!

    I currently have a GTX 760. The first link is my current build. But I was looking to upgrade to the EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB FTW ACX 2.0+ Video Card. With the same build, just a different GPU. Do any of you guys see any problems or something I should look out...
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    Is This Pc Good For Gaming like new games like unity or Far cry 4??

    Ok I'm getting new pc for Xmas well I got to pick one to buy. First so what I was gonna do is buy one of these
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    Gaming Laptop Ram

    Hey guys i was wondering if i should upgrade from 8gb of ram to 12gb of ram for a gaming laptop. I noticed watchdogs the bare requirement was 6gb of ram, and since you cant really install more ram, should i upgrade to 12gb for $25 through xotic pc? Thank You!
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    Best monitor with hdmi port under 7150 indian rupees

    please give me the url of any best monitor under 7150 indian rupees. as the other ports of my pc are not working and only hdmi is working so the monitor should have an hdmi port please tell me fast which monitor should i choose the price should not exceed by 7150 indian rupees