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  1. renjithrv

    Question Boot Windows installation from an external monitor

    I have a Sony Vaio laptop but its display not working. I want to reinstall windows from a usb drive. I'm currently able to view the screen on an external monitor but it only work after the windows loads. How can I boot from the usb drive and install windows from external monitor
  2. S

    Question Sony VAIO Fit 11a Laptop - - - Battery Plugged in, Not Charging, BIOS 270DE

    Hi, I have a VAIO SVF11N13CAB, everything was working fine, until last Wednesday, I stupidly installed the BIOS update for Sony Vaio Flip 11a (270DE), that disables battery charging, because SONY states that the batteries on the Vaio Flip 11a's may heat up and burn. SONY said they've launched...
  3. renjithrv

    Question What type of ram is supported in Sony Vaio VPCEH35en Laptops? What is the maximum ram supported?

    What type of ram is supported in Sony Vaio VPCEH35en Laptops? What is the maximum ram supported? Please suggest some compatible 8gb (1x8gb or 2x4gb)rams for Sony Vaio VPCEH35en Laptops in amazon?
  4. Myronazz

    [SOLVED] Can failed transistors cause overheating in a laptop?

    Hello... So about two months ago, my friend's laptop was experiencing overheating and so they took it to a nearby franchise to have them take a look at it. To put it simply, the technician explained how some transistors in it have failed and because of that, other transistors in the laptop need...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] HOW CAN I REDUCE MY FAN SPEED!??!! please helpppp

    Hello guys. i have a sony vaio laptop model sve14a2m1ew and my fan is doing a terrible noise. my cpu fan speed is 5921 rpm cpu is at 49c i have tried to rduce it with speed fan but it didnt work, i tried via bios however there wasnt the fan control option neither the power option any help and...
  6. K

    Question Which 144hz monitor should I get?

    One is: Lenovo Legion Y25f-10 The other one is: AOC G2590PX
  7. L

    Question which headphones are better for gaming

    which headphones between these 4 are better for gaming competitively the audio-technica ath ad-700x sennheiser hd 598 akg k 240 mk 2 or the audio-technica ath-m50x which pair are better for gaming and hearing footsteps
  8. J

    Question W7 - Programs Keep Crashing

    Hello, for the past few months I've been having awful problems with my web browser crashing. I was thinking it was isolated to that, but recently other programs are crashing also. I've been having games crash, VLC player and any browser I use. Browsers I've tried: Brave (chromium based browser)...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] best ssd for msi z97 gaming 5?

    i currently have Western Digital 1TB and looking for ssd and if i do buy an ssd would i need to remove 1 of my hard drives?my complete setup is msi z97 gaming 5 i7 4790k gpu 970 and pc is currently slowing down and ssd might help me when i move my browser its duplicating or something
  10. H

    [SOLVED] What specs should I use?

    Umm Hey hello guys, I need some help choosing my PC specs (I will buy it soon..) I have made some two builds please tell me the best one and thanks! Do you also recommend me replacing the 1050ti with GTX 970? I have...
  11. I

    [SOLVED] Join/Chain routers?

    Hi, I am having a hard time trying to chain together routers and could use some help... I have the following setup WiredRouter: TP Link TL-R600VPN, connected to the internet and to each of the Wifi's routers Wireless-A: NetGear R6300, connected to the WiredRouter and mostly media devices...
  12. J

    Question Wireless card can't connect to specific network

    I have an issue with a new network card I bought (Asus ac-68). I can use it to connect to a hotspot created with my phone but trying to connect to a different (wpa2 enterprise protected) network results in a "can't connect to this network" message. I would like to connect to this network as this...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Rtx 2070/ryzen 5 2600 underperforming in games.

    I recently upgraded my graphics card from a gtx 970 to an rtx 2070, and have seen a big jump in performance. However, it's not as big of a jump than I expected. My system is about 15 fps behind an identical system on average. I've been testing Far Cry 5, and I get an average of 84 fps on Ultra...
  14. G

    Confusing Overclocking on 9600k

    I have an overclocked 9600k in an ASUS Prime Z390-A that I have at 5.0gh on 1.389v. The AIO cooler keeps the temps between 65c and 80c when stress testing. I should play with the fan curve to keep the highs a little lower. Anyway, I'm blue screening from WHEA errors when gaming but I can stress...
  15. C

    EZ Debug CPU LED always on

    Hi, I've just tried to recently hook up this new mobo and I've wired everything, rechecked everything several times and no matter what I did, this EZ DEBUG CPU LED will not turn off! Any suggestions? Here are my specs: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming pro carbon MSI GTX 1070 i7-8700k Corsair Vengeance 8x2...
  16. D

    A non-existent A: drive has suddenly been 'installed'. Can I be rid of this please?

    This morning, on switching on my PC (Dell Optiplex 755 on Win 7) I saw a note at the bottom referring to an update or suchlike (I had only just awoken!) and I clicked on it and now find an AL drive has been installed and yet I do not even have an A: drive and I now find that when I want to move...
  17. N

    My asus f202 has no power and also when plug the charger the battery indicator no lights.any help?

    my laptop asus f202 has no power and the battery indicator does not lit when plug the charger.need help badly.
  18. A

    A small AIO size conundrum

    I have a Storm Styker, the old one, that I'm planning on putting my new skylake build into. I ran into a porblem with slecting an AIO cooler. I wanted the NZXT Kraken X62 but the case is weird with its 300cm clearance for the top fan mounts. I could in theory get an new case, or I could go...
  19. P

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to install dual monitors on Asus B360 Prime - Please help

    Is it possible to connect two monitors on Asus B360 Prime motherboard. From what I know I can only have two monitors with same display but I need more working space on the display. There is one VGA port and one DVI port on the motherboard and I do not have a graphic card installed. I have I5...
  20. B

    [SOLVED] RAM BOOTING ISSUE - Please help!

    So i use a Ryzen 5 with an Asus B350m. My original ram was 2x4gb Ballistics and it worked fine. I recently got 2x5gb Hyper X Fury ram and swapped them out. Upon booting i pressed F1 to continue to setup then got into the Bios. I then backed out and chose to quit without saving and now...