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    Question 4K Upscaling with NVIDIA Shield

    Hi, I'm planning to get an AVR, im kinda interested in both Denon AVR-X2500H and the Sony STR-DN1080 One big difference in both models I came to see is the 4K upscaling. While Sony is limited to upscale only with input of 1080p at 24fps, but the Denon doesn't have this limitation But I just...
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    Question Connecting 5 Ohm Subwoofer to a AVR rated 6-16 OHM

    HI, im planning to get the Sony STR-DN1080 And Yamaha SW100 Subwoofer Now the Receiver is rated 6- 16 Ohms But the Yamaha sub is rated at 5 Ohms I just wanna know what kind of troubles will I be running into ?
  3. N

    Question Alternative options to Sony a7ii?

    Hi guys, Would just like some personal opinions on comparing a few camera options. At the moment I feel leaning towards mirrorless full frame and Sony a7ii seems to be an appropriate option, but looking for some alternatives that are possibly newer with better features/firmware etc for around...
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    Spilled orange soda on laptop cheapest repair?

    I have a problem my 2 year old sister spilled orange flavoured water over my laptop. I found it like 5 minutes after the incident and then I let it dry out in the tent position for 1 and a half of day. After that I tried to turn it on just on battery after that I tried to turn it while adapter...
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    Question 4.1 channel audio input from PC to Sony MHC-RV8

    I have a Biostar H81MHV3 VER 7.2 motherboard and a i5-4590 Could you please guide me on how to get 4.1 output. Windows recognises only 2.0 as I use a 3.5mm to RCA Red n White cable. Is there any possible way to get 4.1 channel output from my PC and input it to my Sony Hi-Fi MHC-RV8 as 4.1 input...
  6. K

    Question Displayport Priority with three monitors

    Hey guys, I have an issue in which i'm trying to set up a triple monitor setup. Basically, I have one connected to a DVI, and two to separate displayports, all on my GPU. The weird thing is, being that the ones connected to the DP require DP to run at 4k 60hz and 1440p 144hz, there is no getting...
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    Question Dell Inspiron 5110 no display only light on power

    Hello Everyone, I need help on a laptop dell inspiron N5110 whose not getting any display and not even making the windows sound. i tried to reset the bios still the same. Can some help me with this?
  8. Andreas422

    Question My pc won't boot from my ssd

    One day i came home to my pc, it wouldnt boot or anything i then tried to get a new PSU and a new notherbaord+ cpu after that it boots to bios but i will not detect my ssd where my windows is installed, i even tried my friends ssd wich is working on his own pc but i will still not detect the...
  9. b3nt0

    Question What do I need to do to upgrade the graphics card from a HP Z400 Workstation?

    I am looking at a GeForce GTX 980 to upgrade from the Quadro FX 3800. While looking I have noticed that the Quadro 3800 has a 1 x 6 pin connector while the GTX 980 has a 2 x 6 pin connector. So I was wondering, Will I just be able to take the 3800 out and put the 980 in? Will I need a connector...
  10. J

    Gaming laptop with a very great display

    Hello! I always used a MacBook Pro as my working laptop and a Desktop for games. My MacBook recently stop working and I want to update my desktop. I was wondering if I could combine both things and buy a gaming laptop. My only requirement is that it have a great screen. I don't understand too...
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    Question Best option for Xbox?

    Hi, I currently have my Xbox One hard wired to the Ethernet port on my modem going from the 2nd floor to the first floor. I have had ping upwards of 800 in some online games. There is currently 21mbps of internet speeds where I am, however my family uses 10+ devices at the same time. Hardware...
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    Question Double M.2 configuration

    Hi all, I am planning to build a new computer soon, however I don't want to use 2,5 SATA SSD or HDD for storage/boot. I do want to buy two m.2 SSD, but I am not sure if it will fit and work with the motherboard. I have the microATX Asus TUF Z390M-PRO gaming. The two m.2 SSD I am planning to buy...
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    Question microphone problems

    I accidentally spilled water a little while ago on the internal mic on my laptop (acer vx15) and when I used it with no sound playing it works fine. However when sound is playing the mic sounds all messed up and bad. This even happens when i have headphones plugged in and when i used the builtin...
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    [SOLVED] Second M.2 drive - performance bottlenecks?

    Hey guys. I'm thinking about buying a second M.2-card, a 2 TB Samsung 970 EVO, since I'm running out of space. This is my current setup: ASRock Z370 Extreme4 Motherboard ( Extreme4/index.asp#Specification) GTX 1080 Ti 2 TB HDD 500 GB M.2 in one of the two...
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    [SOLVED] What graphics card should i get?

    So i have a nice older machine which i want to turn into a low end gaming machine. It is lga 775 soccet, with a c2d e8400 3ghz, 2 gb of ddr3 ram and a weak power supply with only 280 watts. Si first i want to put a cheap graphics card in it so it would have one at least until i save money to...
  16. K

    Question DisplayPort 1.2 vs 1.4

    i have a monitor Dell alienware aw2518hf and a graphic card 1050 as i saw i can use g.sync even if my monitor is a freesync one...the only thing i have to do is to buy a display port monitor is 1080p 240hrz....what display port i need to buy to use g sync? 1.2 or 1.4?
  17. D

    Question Toshiba 2TB flashing light??

    so i have had a toshiba 2tb external hdd which was working fine until recently, now when i plug it in: had a flashing white light, inspected cable tried to straighten pins now i get a solid blue light followed by a flashing blue light when plugged in i cant access disk management ( window...
  18. C

    Question Pc keeps blue screening upon turning on

    So about 2 weeks ago I bought an i7 8700k and Z390 ASRock phantom gaming 6 Z390 motherboard everything was as working well until last night when I got a random blue screen. I reset my uefi to defaults and everything worked fine then this morning as soon as I sighned in my pc blue screened and...
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    Question Two GTX 1070, Motherboard/ CPU combo.

    Dear all, I would like to build a PC with two GTX 1070 for gaming and mining. What is the best Motherboard/CPU that can use the most of the two GPUs? In terms of price and performance. Thanks.
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    [SOLVED] Is this build good enough for virtual reality? specifically vrchat