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  1. wyattspoppa

    Question Can anyone tell me about quality soundbars

    Hey Guys, I'm sorry to ask such a broad question, but can anyone explain the difference between quality soundbars with relevant features vs junk? I know I need it 4K capable for my 4K monitor, and the HDMI Arc seems necessary for my connections. I read multiple HDMI ports is good because some...
  2. busets

    [SOLVED] Soundbar for monitor

    Hey Does anyone know if there is a sound-bar that can be attached to the VESA mount of a 21" monitor ? I have tried to look online but could not find anything of relevance Thanks
  3. overflowst

    [SOLVED] Soundbar as TV's default speaker replacement

    My Samsung's LCD speakers are creating a lot of vibration even when the volume is moderate. So instead of repairing these inbuilt speakers, I'm thinking of buying a soundbar which will act as replacement. So my question is : If I connect a soundbar will it disable the inbuilt faulty speakers. I...