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    Question Windows is not detecting my sound card on regular start up

    Hi, I recently purchased a Sound Blaster Z with a digital output to boost my Logitech z906 5.1 Surround System. Thing is, the card has given me all sorts of troubles, from no sound to no detection from Windows 10 upon startup. When it's not detected, disconnecting the power cord and waiting for...
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    CPU Upgrade help

    I currently have a phenom ii x4 940 oc'd to 3.4ghz but want more performance on games like gta 5 without having to buy a new motherboard (asus m3a87-em). What are some good options?
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    Gtx 980ti overkill for 1080p?

    So I'm looking at a gtx 980ti for the gpu up grade but I only play at 1080p . I do stream all my games son use a second monitor but is this card over kill for what I need? Looking to up my frame rates in ultra detail for my stream