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  1. C

    Question CPU Temperature problem

    I booted up my computer, checked Speccy and the cpu was at 91c for no reason, i didn't have anything open that pushed it to it's limits. I installed HWMonitor instead and it said 31c Should i worry? is Speccy reading it wrong?
  2. J

    Can’t OC my cpu

    I have a AMD Ryzen 3 1200 and a Asrock A320m motherboard but whenever I go into the BIOS I don’t have any CPU config options
  3. S

    Idle temps too hot even after repasting

    My A8-5500 was idling at about ~75 degrees. I took off the cooler removed the old thermal paste with 70% isopropyl alcohol and paper towel. I put a slightly larger than pea sized dot on the cpu and reinstalled the cooler. My temps are still at around 75 degrees idle atm although I dont hear my...
  4. T

    Who processes the sound when SmartTV app is connected to a soundbar via HDMI-ARC?

    I use my TV's built-in apps to watch Amazon videos, Netflix, Spotify, etc. If I connect a soundbar to it over HDMI-ARC and the soundbar supports DTS Virtual X but the TV doesn't, will I still get the full benefit of DTS Virtual X? I'm curious to understand how the sound processing works in...
  5. M

    HDMI speaker being recognized as a display

    I have a vizio soundbar and it is being recognized as a display. It is annoying because windows will get stuck in an invisible space. When i disable the "display" in display settings, the sound turns off and it isnt recognized.
  6. S

    Directional audio in games quiet when in front and behind, but loud from left and right

    Just built a new pc and transferred the headset (HyperX Cloud) over from the old pc to the new pc. When playing games (for example Black Ops 4), whenever something happens in front or behind me the sound is quiet to the point where it sometimes disappears, but when something happens to the right...
  7. T

    friend needed some help with his mouse

    he didnt want to make an account so hes making me "Recently my logitech g pro wireless mouse's cursor disappeared after tabbing out of Bayonetta but I was able to fix it by hard restarting my pc. Then a few days later, my mouse stopped working as soon as turned on my pc. I was able to make it...
  8. G

    whatever motherboard i pick, i get an error message on pcpartpicker

    "Some <insert amd mobo chipset> chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Pinnacle Ridge CPUs. Upgrading the BIOS may require a different CPU that is supported by older BIOS revisions." i have an AMD - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor cpu in my pc build and whatever...
  9. A

    TF card writes only 8GB

    I have two 32GB and one 128GB Samsung TF cards. After I've formatet them (both FATex and NTFS) they can't write more than 8GB. Everything what's above 8GB is writed like empty maps. Help, Thanks
  10. E

    DISK USAGE 100% please help

    My system is eating all my disk and when I look in resource monitor I see this one thing mpsigstub.etl what is it? Edit: Seems like a virus to me how do I close it if its already opened? I dont have any anti virus program except windows defender would it work? [two posts merged by moderator]
  11. H

    8700k vs 9700k cooling

    I am getting either 8700k or 9700k. If I bet on the 8 series I will delid it, since the 9 series are soldered, delid won't be necessary. I have RGB RAM and my mobo will be z390 chipset, case- either FD Meshify or NZXT 340 elite. I want a cooling solution that will have a good RAM clearance. Air...
  12. keenparty123

    Is this a GTX 1060 ssc or ssc+acx?

    Both links on the bottom is the same product but one say ssc only and Newegg website says ssc+acx? Which one is it actually?
  13. The Original Ralph

    Any tests i can run on a motherboard before

    before i take it out of the case and putting it up for sale to demonstrate it's alive, well and functioning normally via screen captures?
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Can I install SSD on old Compaq Presario?

    Here are the specs for the motherboard, The computer is a SR1511NX-B. Can I install a SSD on this machine? If so, which one should I get? It has 2 SATA connectors (supports a total of 2 drives, 1 serial ATA-150 disk drive on each...
  15. K

    Dell 5010 new Hdd (windows installtion)

    Hi I had problem with my dell 5010 Hard drive . today i bought used HDD but when i want to install windows this Error will show up.:
  16. V

    How to Upgrade Windows Server Version and not lose AD/DHCP/DNS/File Sharing

    Hey, I currently have a server that runs my DHCP, Active Directory, DNS, while being NAS on my network. It currently is running Windows Server 2012 r2, however I was looking to upgrade it to Windows Server 2016. I was wondering if there is a way for me to upgrade without losing my AD settings...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] PC won't boot while GPU installed

    Hi, I have a RX 580 8GB graphics card and a Corsair CX650M Power supply. I was in the middle of playing a game when my PC completely shut down. After some troubleshooting I determined it was the GPU. I am quite certain of this because I threw in an old AMD card and everything worked fine. My...
  18. H

    Can't open CMD , appear and disappear immediatly (flashing)

    everthing was runing smoothly , since i download a game that detected as a virus , the game was deleted automaticly by the anti virus, after that the CMD won't open and appear and disappear immediatly ( and other programs ) i'm searching for a solution a week ago ..... :( :(! Help please
  19. E

    No internet connection

    I'm using an Xfinity Wireless gateway. The white light is on but no internet connection. This problem has been going on for a year now. When I factory reset the gateway back to it's default it works for a few minutes then goed offline again. All the cords are plugged in, I've tried everything...
  20. N


    Hello everybody, I hope all of you are having a great day/night. I will list down below my specs and I would love to hear you're opinions. RTX 2080 MSI Gaming X Trio 8GB. Ryzen 5 2600 3.9 GHZ. Hyper X 8GB RAM 3000mhz. Will upgrade to 16GB very soon! Asus PRIME B450-PLUS EVGA 750 Watts...