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  1. Timberflake

    Corsair 200R H80i V2 cooler

    Hi all, I've just upgraded by CPU to a Ryzen 2600x but I'm not totally happy with the idle temps I get with the stock cooler so I'd like to swap it out for a liquid cooler. I've got the Corsair 200R case and on the website it says it's compatible with the H80i liquid cooler, however, that...
  2. A

    can this setup stream CS:GO 720p with 144hz monitor ?

    Hello, im wondering if this setup will go well with twitch streaming: CS:GO, PUBG and some other games with 144hz monitor: AMD Ryzen 1500x (8 x 3.5 GHz) AM4 Asus Prime A320M-K DDR4 8 GB 2400 MHz, CL15 Seagate Baracuda 500 GB Sata 6.0 Asus Dual V2 GTX1050-Ti 4 GB GDDR5
  3. S

    9th gen Call of Duty offer

    I was told that if if you buy a 9th gen CPU you get a code for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I ordered a 9700k from Newegg that will be here Tuesday but yet to receive an email with a master key. Can anyone confirm this rumor or elaborate on how it works.
  4. D

    Is it better to buy 2400MHz RAM for ryzen 5 2600x for gameing and 3d work?

    Hello friends I am bit confuse to make choice between 2400MHZ ram and 3000MHZ ram for gameing, 3d modelling and PBR texturing. Please suggest best option Rest configuration is CPU: ryzen 5 2600X GPU: msi 1050ti 4gb ddr5 PSU: cooler master vanguard 650 W(suggest any changes need i to this)...
  5. J

    poor laptop performance gamming help

    recently I bought by Amazon a gamming laptop dell 7577 brand with i5 7300hq processor, 8gb RAM and a graphic card nvidia gtx 1060 6gb max q, according to many reviews of pages like youtube I saw that this had very good performance in games as fornite and ring of elysium for mensioning some to...
  6. J

    Regarding Cloning Drives

    Hello everyone, bit of a possibly dumb question. I've never had to do anything with regards to cloning drives so I am very new to all of this. My question basically is; I have a PC with a 250gb PNY 2.5 SSD installed that houses my OS. I'm in the process of getting a new laptop. Is it possible...
  7. H

    Is my cpu a 64 bit system?

    I have an intel inside XEON i want to know if its a 64bit or a 32 bit ill leave a link so u guys can see what it looks like...
  8. A

    MSI x79a-gd45 (8d) xeon support

    Hello, I've recently purchased some chinese x79 motherboard and a xeon e5 1650 v2 so i could upgrade from my amd fx 8320e. Anyways i managed to brick the bios on that board and had to get a new one. I've now pruchased the above mentioned motherboard but when I insterted the mentioned cpu into it...
  9. E

    Corsair cx550w good for gaming?

    Hey guys, i was wonder if cx550w was any good for my build Intel i3 8100 8th gen Asus EX-H310M-V3 16gb ram 2400mhz Rx580 4gb It's my first time in pc building and i want it to be worth my money. I'll use this specifically for gaming
  10. G

    Devialet Phantom Reactor hands on review: big sound, miniaturized

    Devialet has a plan for audio domination and it’s taking its time to make sure it works. The latest part of this is the brilliant Phantom Reactor and it’s been 10 years in the making. Devialet managed to gain prominence in the audio industry around thre Devialet Phantom Reactor hands on review...
  11. M

    Questions about an upgrade

    I recently upgraded my GPU from a 1080 3gb to a 1080 (EVGA 1080 SC), along with a new monitor. I was expecting FPS in the 70-80 range, but an only getting around 50-60, even at medium settings. And my CPU is hitting 100% usage on all cores when gaming I've got an i5 8400, 16GB DDR4 2400 and the...
  12. T

    Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition or Thermaltake Riing 12 LED RGB 256

    I plan to get the Corsair Carbide Quiet 600Q which comes with AF140 Quiet Edition fans. I was considering replacing them with Thermaltake Riing 12 LED RGB 256. I haven't managed to find a review pitting the two of them. Which is better for overall cooling? The AF140 has .84 mmH20 of static...
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Silent Mechanical Keyboard?

    Hello, I'm wanting to find a new mechanical keyboard, but I am having trouble finding what I want. I want: -QUIET SWITCHES!!! -Macro Buttons! -Under $100 -Doesn't look "gamery" For...
  14. P

    Best Fortnite Mice

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask you which of the following are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd mice in terms of being good for fortnite - from razer mice-Razer deathadder elite, razer basilisk(all are latest model with 5g sensor) . From Logitech - G603. Or hyperx pulsefire surge. Please help.
  15. R

    How to change wifi password

    How to change password in smart bro_3E1CFE
  16. K

    PC Keeps freezing after new install of RAM

    I just put together my new PC I was having trouble with my trident z ram only showing up as (7.93gb usable) so I went back to micro center and got ripjaws v and now my pc keeps randomly freezing or restarting, need help figuring out what RAM is compatible with my motherboard or what I can do to...
  17. D

    Charging Icon not showing

    I have compaq presario CQ62 laptop, recently my power adapter got damaged and i bought a new power adapter. My laptop had 0 percentage battery when i plugged in the new power chord, the laptop turned on but now it doesnt show charging icon in my battery icon although the charge percent...
  18. P

    Best site for photo storage WITH option for FOLDERS

    Hello. I am trying to find the right place to place this thread and this seems to be the best fit. I am really frustrated with Google's inability to store photos in separate folders. I have photos from ancient times that get stores in recent months that really shouldn't be. It clutters my...
  19. K

    Need help knowing what connection to plug a Water Cooler into

    Ayo everyone, hope y'alls days have been going good and/or decent. I am a first time builder , so all this may seem stupid, but i don't know which connection i should plug my Watercooler into on my motherboard. Watercooler: Cooler Master MASTER LIQUID LITE 240 Motherboard: Z370 MSI Gaming Plus...
  20. M

    Computer Won't Load Windows 10

    I just put together my first build, and everytime I boot my computer the MSI screen pops up, but no matter which key I press it brings me straight to "Choose your keyboard layout". After I select US, and try to do anything else it either gives me an error or brings me right back to the...