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  1. M

    AMD Athlon II X4 645 overclocking issue

    Hi, I need help with overclocking my cpu. I can't get any higher frequencies than the stock one, I tried to follow guides that I found but they gave no positive results. Here are my specs:
  2. M

    input signal out of range

    hello everyone so i have a probleme i recently installed windows 10 and i didn't like it so i wanted to reinstalle windows 8 but in the processe the screen went dark and the monitor shows "input out of range" please help me my configue "g2030 + 4gb ram" i did a clean format of my hard drive so...
  3. S

    GTX 1060 or 1070 worth the upgrade?

    Good day all. I just want to ask if which is better or what should should I chose, because on the store that I want to buy, the Price of GTX 1060 6gb is 300$ and the GTX 1070 is just 350$ (promo price) Both Are Palit. I was planning to buy the gtx 1060 because of my RIG but when I saw the...
  4. K

    Gtx 960 to 1050 ti, Is this worth??

    I ws wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade from a 960 to a 1050ti. I currently have an i7 4790k.I feel as if the gpu would be bottlenecking my cpu correct? Is this worth the money and how much of an improvement would it make?
  5. A

    i3 vs ryzen 3

    i'm about to make a build and already have a XFX TS 550 ps and a blu-ray burner in order to make copies of my blu-ray collection and then sell the original which system you recommend or at first the best cpu for about a $100 to $125 budget .
  6. DragonGunner

    PSU to SATA cables, had short circuit w/ 3 pin molex and can't find workaround

    Hi guys! I'm rebuilding my PC (after flying with it from Europe) and while I thought I had all my cables, I'm short on a way to power 3 of my drives. My Seasonic PSU is semi-modular - the available ports are 6 pin ports for SATA / IDE. I've got Molex to SATA, and had a 6 pin to Molex... but the...
  7. M

    Will msi gaming X 1060 6gb bottleneck my i5 8600k?

    I am buying a new pc and was wondering if msi gaming x 1060 bottleneck my i5 8600k.
  8. S

    Bad frames with a good PC

    I'm seeing people with the same-ish build run games much better than my pc, and tell me that their build runs better than mine when it shouldn't. I've searched around a lot and can't find an answer to my problem, so I'm hoping someone here would be able to tell me what they think is wrong. GPU...
  9. B

    What do I need to upgrade in my PC

    So Im wanting to upgrade my PC because i get frame issues when playing more modern titles and currently do not know what to upgrade. I had convinced myself I needed more ram but I'm not sure if it's the cpu lagging behind or not. I have gtx 1060 3gb 8gb of ram and an i5 6400 2.7ghz. Im just...
  10. T

    A sudden Lagg

    Hi guys 2 days ago my laptop started to lag really hard. I did a recovery on the windows to see if its gonna help however nothing changed. I really don't know what is the problem please help if anyone had the same issue. Thanks ! Here are my laptop specs if it helps: Dell Intel core i7-5500 U...
  11. K

    FX 9370/8350 from a FX 6300 for gaming?

    So as a few people may know, the new forza horizon 4 will be coming out soon in october. I have a big issue CPU related. System specs: AMD FX 6300 Black Edition @ 3.5Ghz Radeon Saphire pulse rx 580 8gb 16gb ram My cpu is going to struggle with only 3 cores and old hardware. Is it worth...
  12. A

    PC keeps crashing at bootup.

    I'm not exactly sure what's going on, i set up a new PC for myself. AMD Ryzen, water cooled, the only problem is, when it tried to transfer me to windows from initial boot up it freezes. And just doesn't move. I've got windows 10 home 64bit. If someone can reply as soon as possible that'd be great
  13. D

    Is my PC setup okay?

    Hello guys! Just wondering what you guys think of a system i'm looking at getting. First of all i wanna stress the fact, i have no intentions or desire to overclock now, or in the future. I plan on running everything at stock speeds because i don't play many demanding games. The games i mostly...
  14. T

    Windows 10 CPU slowdown/usage issue

    This is a strange one. For whatever reason, whenever I have task manager closed, my computer lags, hard. Debilitating lag, can't watch youtube lag, etc. For whatever reason, when I open task manager, there is no lag at all, and for a second I see my CPU usage is pretty high, but no task besides...
  15. T

    Laptop Monitor off colored in corners

    Hi everyone, I noticed in the corner of my laptop there is some discoloration. When I turn it on it’s side the discoloration moves to the side. I have a pic. What could this be? Is there any way to fix it?
  16. P

    Dual band wifi extenders/repeaters but extending only a single (5ghz) band

    I understand that repeaters/extenders are frowned upon by purists. My question is about a very specific usage setting. Dual-band repeaters sometimes have a single frequency extender mode (they call it different things), where independent bands are used to communicate back to the base AP and...
  17. N

    Brand new Gaming PC performance issues

    Okay, first of all, this is my very first desktop computer. I don't have much knowledge surrounding this kinda stuff, so bear with me. :p I got a new Gaming PC. Multiple issues here: The case has no optical drive, but a disk came along with the motherboard, that disk possibly involves driver...
  18. S

    I’m not able to find the dongle in my iPhone device to connect

    I bought the Bluetooth dongle of model “MBS13190” and trying to connect it to my iPhone by turning on the Bluetooth and flashing red light with blue on dongle is flashing but iPhone is not able to find it that means so I need to download any software??
  19. vule.pcgeek

    SSD in 12 year old laptop

    Hi, My father's Acer Aspire 5610z (the legendary laptop with some sentimental value for me for some reason) has it's old 80GB WD Black hard drive (stronger than anything) which is slow and very old. So I thought putting SSD into it to give it new life. Is it possible? I planned to use Kingston...
  20. D

    GTX 1060 on a 300w powersupply without 6pin connector

    Hello, Today I bought myself a fairly decent computer with an i5 6600 and 8gb of DDR4 ram (single stick). It came bundled with a Quadro K420 gpu. I'd like to switch the card for a gtx 1060 3gb version, However, I'm not to sure if the 300W PSU could power the card. I can't go and get myself a...