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  1. K

    Advice about RTX 2080 ti

    Hi All, After waiting for the nvidia reveal yesterday I am somewhat heartbroken to discover that the RTX 2080 ti is currently just a little more expensive than anything I can realistically afford atm. Being in a situation where I really HAVE to purchase a new card soon (and as someone for whom...
  2. C

    X58A-GD45 PCI-E slot identification?

    I'm looking to install a new MSI GTX 1080 to my X58A-GD45 in place of my current GTX Geforce 970. I have been looking over the slots specs and it says I have Three 16x PCI-E 2.0 slots (two 16x and one 4x), two PCI, two 1x PCI-E . I would like to lower my GPU down a slot because my current slot...
  3. L

    strange voice coming from bluetooth

    i heard a voice say when my chromebook was paired with B/T speaker "I promise you.....??!!" WTHWT?!?! just wondered if there is either a security issue or hacking/virus should i be concerned
  4. A

    low fps in rust with gtx 1070ti and i7 6700k

    hello, i play games on my computer and usually have no trouble getting 100+ fps on max settings for all games, but for rust i struggle to get above 60 on the lowest settings. I have an evga gtx 1070 ti 8gb and an intel core i7 6700k processor with 16gb of ram. My gpu usage sits at about 30% when...
  5. apiltch

    How to Enter the BIOS on Any PC: Access Keys by Manufacturer

    When you need to get into your computer's firmware setup, you can use one of these hotkeys or reboot to the BIOS through your operating system. How to Enter the BIOS on Any PC: Access Keys by Manufacturer : Read more
  6. R

    Pc shut down extremly hard

    Hello guys, about 1 month and half-2 months I had an electricity fail, my pc being shut down by that. I unplugged it then plugged it back in after the power came. Since then, it is shutting down extremely hard (takes 1-2-3 mins to shut down, freezes on restart screen if i restart it from the...
  7. M

    Gigabyte Bios Issues

    So I bought a brand new gigabyte motherboard (GIGABYTE GA-AB350M-DS3H) and a ryzen 5 2600. My old MB and cpu stopped working. But my issue is that the motherboards bios is not compatible with the 2000 chips yet. And I can’t even get into the computer to update it. What could I possibly do to...
  8. R

    is it possible to use a graphics card without a 6 pin connected to it?

    i've bought a gtx 660 which requires a 6 pin connector and also a molex but I have a slight problem the graphics card arrives within this week while the molex arrives with the next 2 weeks and I can't help but ask if it is possible to use the 660 without the molex
  9. P

    Adapter or controller for PC gaming?

    Hello, I recently got a game for my pc that I would much rather use a controller for and I have a ps4 controller but my pc won't recognize my ps4 through bluetooth so my question is, would it be better for me to buy the official sony ds4 pc adapter or just buy and xbox controller? I would...
  10. S

    Desktop tailored to running ONE game

    I have a desktop running win7 (its unplugged and stashed for now) not a bad pc but I want to tailor it to World of Tanks. As in it plays that and does nothing else. (Like I said, its not bad, it just isn't made for the kind of gaming I do). I can't afford a new pc and one of my pc savvy friends...
  11. P

    Is Intel core i5 7400 compatible with asus H-110m-cs?

    Within my limited knowledge, I do know that the i5 7400 is an LGA1151 socket processor and the mobo is an LGA1151 one. Apart from that will they run into compatibility issues? If yes, then can you suggest me some options for motherboards at the same price range the H110m comes?
  12. B

    Webcam isn't working

    Hi, All of a sudden, my webcam visual isn't working; it cuts out, colours go all wonky, displays shake. My drivers are all up to date. My videos from Netflix, etc. all play fine, but when I go to record a personal video, it doesn't work. Help!
  13. L

    Screens go black while everything else stays powered on and running.

    Hello! To start here is my system. CPU- Ryzen 7 1700x MOBO- AsRock ab350 pro4 GPU- Sapphire Radeon Pulse rx580 4GB RAM- Corsair Vengeance RGB 16GB (2x8gb) 2666MHz Storage- SSD 240GB HDD 2TB PSU- Corsair rx750m Windows 10 64 bit PROBLEM- Computer will turn on and run but randomly the screens...
  14. K

    I have a Blu Ray wifi disc player, connected to my older model Sony flat screen, but not getting any sound..hellllppp

    Welp we bought the connectors to attach the HDMI cord to our TV becasue this modle tv is old got all that done and now no sound
  15. V

    Advice on a PSU

    I'm buying this computer. Relevant specs are: 8th Generation Intel® Core i5-8400 processor 8GB, DDR4, 2666MHz; up to 32GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 1030 with 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Memory 3.5" 1TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive 802.11bgn + Bluetooth 4.0, 1x1 (2) USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A (4) USB 2.0 ports Ethernet...