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  1. A

    Question New earphones buzz and have very staticy noise ?

    For gaming and watching movies I always used Huawei AM115 earphones, I know it's for phones but it always worked excellently with the speakers of my pc too. I always plugged it into the speakers, not directly into the pc. the right side died, so I purchased two new pairs of the same brand and...
  2. hiimjohnn

    [SOLVED] laptop speaker distorted crackling sound

    my laptop speaker MSI GS65 running Windows 10 keeps making distorted crackling sounds. ive tried other methods such as reinstalling Realtek drivers and still not working. The sound works fine with headphones though. This happened to me in the past and i somehow fixed it with some kind of driver...
  3. teamtayd

    [SOLVED] My computer detects headphones as speakers.

    So, on the basic audio drivers on the MOBO, my front panel detects headphones as speakers, but when I update to the Realtek Drivers on the manufacturers site (it's an MSI B450 PRO-M2), it doesn't detect headphones at all, but I need Stereo Mix, but it's only on the newest drivers (there are two...
  4. Scrollitic

    [SOLVED] Sound problem

    I have already done a lot of research on this problem, once of my speakers (right) has a much louder volume than the other. E.g: Right speaker at volume 1 is louder than left speaker at volume 50, I can hear it that way. And the right speaker is stuck at that same volume throughout 1-100. I...
  5. Zerk_Bubbles

    Question My computer won't turn on

    So I just finished building my PC and when I want to turn it on nothing happens. The mobo has the rog logo and it lights up when is plugged but nothing else does, not even the fans, and I tried the paper clip thing but with a pair of scissors (idk if that would work). The 8-pin connector is...
  6. Question help to enable AHCI

    hey guys, i have a workstation Z210 running windows 10, i want to enable AHCI, and i need your help here are some pictures to see that the AHCI not enabled and but when i access the bios to make the change i find it already set to RAID + AHCI and if i change it i find only IDE Mode and...
  7. K

    Question using a rgb controller with another companys products

    well the title says it all can you use a RGB controller with another company's products but il be more specific I'm currently buying an ml240r from cooler master and a p350x from phanteks. I only have some ARGB header on my motherboard and the ml240r comes with an RGB controller could I use that...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] Will i need more power?

    I'm looking to upgrade my system to an AMD Ryzen 5 1600x i already have a PSU with 550 Watt will it be enough or i will have to buy a new one with more? (I will not be doing any Overclocking) (The GPU is a GTX 950) Thank you
  9. N

    Discussion which build should i go for , one with i3-8100 or i5-7500 ?

    hello Guys , so i'm into building a gaming PC these days , but i have some criteria that i want to shape the build with . So recently i started relating to gaming , but i'm not a big of a gamer and i classify my self as a casual gamer, so recently i started plying League of legends in like 2k15...
  10. V

    Changing Screen resolution

    Does reducing monitor display resolution from recommended resolution to something lower helps in improving gaming performance? My screen resolution is 1366*768. If I reduce it to 720p will it improve performance even slightly?
  11. W

    [SOLVED] Should I get a gtx 1070 or an i5-8600k

    I have an i3-8100 and a gtx 1060 3gb. Should I upgrade the cpu to an i5-8600k or a gtx 1070?
  12. chrisafp07

    2 RX 570s or 1 580?

    Hi there, So I have the rest of my new budget build decided but I recently found a 570 4gb card for $100 each, the $580 8gb is just over $210 in most places, this one is $190. Would I be better off grabbing the two 570s? I am leaning towards that option but wanted some input, I'll provide...
  13. mason.swedin

    [SOLVED] what to upgrade next

    my current rig is this. the GPU I just got a few days ago the PSU I got and RMA from my old one a few weeks ago. otherwise most parts are over 2 years old. case: S340 mobo: MSI Krait edition cooler: 212 EVO CPU: I5 4789k RAM: hyper x fury 16 GB ddr3 GPU: ROG STRIX 580 PSU: Seasonic S12ii 520w...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Memory compatibility issues

    hey guys, i've been looking through asrock's memory compatibilty (asrock b360 fatal1ty) and i cant seem to find the next memories: corsair vengeance rgb pro 16gb 2666mhz, and gskill trident z rgb 2400mhz 16gb. Can someone tell me if they're gonna work or not, please and thank you.
  15. L

    Dual rank and single ranked RAM in a computer (please help! Thanks!)

    CPU Z says that my memory is using dual channel, and one slot of RAM is using 8GB dual - ranked RAM from Samsung (1.35v , PC3 12800, DDR3, 800 MHz max bandwidth), and the other slot of RAM is using 4GB single ranked RAM from Crucial ( 1.35V, DDR3, PC3 12800, max bandwidth 800MHz). I was just...
  16. Y

    Windows stuck after installing

    Installed windows on the new PC I built, it asked to restart, then spent ages on "getting devices ready" and "getting ready" then went back to boot screen then it went through some kind of boot process again and has been stuck on a black screen for a few hours... note all this booting stuff...
  17. A

    RTX 2070 Compatibility

    Just wondering if my setup would be okay to use an RTX 2070. Current only have a GTX 960 so I've wanted to upgrade and it seems waiting has paid off with the RTX line coming out. CPU: Intel i7-7700k CPU @4.2GHz RAM: 16GB Motherboard: Gigabyte Z270P-D3-CF PSU: I think its 750W, I'd have to take...
  18. D

    New ssd for old pc compatible?

    Hello and thanks for the help. I am looking at getting the 860 evo ssd 500g for my old pc with the ga-p55-usb3 motherboard and i5 760 I have a system with a msi h81m-e33 with a i5 4570 that a friend gave me ive just been lazy on...
  19. K

    Locked on lower resolution with RTX 2080 Ti, BenQ monitor

    Hi, I wish I had a second rig to test this but unfortunately, I don't so I am posting the question here. I have an old PC, ASUS B85M-G Mobo with i7-4770 with monitor BenQ XL2720T (120Hz). Recently I bought Asus Rog Strix advance RTX2080 Ti and Corsair HX850i PSU. Connected to monitor through...
  20. T

    Old system upgrade or buy new?

    My system: MSI Z87-G45 Gaming LGA 1150 Intel Z87 Intel Core i5-4570 Haswell Quad-Core 3.2 GHz LGA 1150 G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 GeForce GTX 760 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 Thermaltake Black Widow W0319RU 850W ATX 12V v2.3 Hey Guys, I know, pretty old system I built in 2014 and...
  21. Math Geek

    [SOLVED] looking for case ideas

    finally working on the parts for building a mini itx build and wondering if there's been any awesome tiny cases that have come out in the last year or so. i still like the cooler master elite 130 but wonder if there has been anything new that competes with size and usability of this case? i...
  22. O

    DX58OG cpu compatibility

    Hello guys , i have got a working mobo DX58OG intel , socket 1366 , and i wanted to buy a cpu , but i'm not sure if its going to work . The cpu i want is an xeon x5650
  23. G

    CPU Install in relation to triangle

    I Everyone, Im hoping this should be a simple answer for some questions. When installing a CPU onto a Mobo, you are supposed to match the triangle corner of the CPU to the triangle on the Mobo. Hypothetically, if i was to put the CPU into the Mobo with the triangles not matching up, what would...
  24. P

    4K monitor problems

    When using my 4k monitor on my desktop computer i experience random moments of flashing colors on the left side of the screen in a 1 inch bar that is vertical to the edge of the display image. the signal is HDMI and i do not run my display image in actual 4k. I only experience this in game...
  25. pheonixrider501

    HIGH CPU USAGE while gaming. Bottleneck?

    Hey guys, My setup is: CPU: i5-7600k @4.2 GHz (Boost) GPU: GTX 1070 (Base clock) CPU cooler: Cooler Master ML240L 240mm. RAM: 2x 8GB 3200 MHz G skill trident z PSU: Antec HCG 750W 80+ Gold. So I just started playing AC Origins at ultra settings (Shadows HIGH, AA HIGH), I started noticing that...
  26. W

    Getting many BSODs. Please look at my minidump

    I don't know how to read it but I have quite a few. Here is my most recent one. I believe it is a bad driver but I don't know what and have tried using windows updater. http:// This is driving me insane, please help I am at my wits end. Any help is much appreciated, have a good day. Also...
  27. vule.pcgeek

    SSD in 12 year old laptop

    Hi, My father's Acer Aspire 5610z (the legendary laptop with some sentimental value for me for some reason) has it's old 80GB WD Black hard drive (stronger than anything) which is slow and very old. So I thought putting SSD into it to give it new life. Is it possible? I planned to use Kingston...
  28. G

    KFA2 GTX 1070 bad heatsink connection

    About 18 months ago I took the stock cooler from my KFA2 GTX 1070 and attached a Kraken G10/X31. I didn't need to remove the backplate or use a shim for this. All was well. I've picked up a GTX 1080 and am trying to get my 1070 back to it's original config. Thing is, despite having all of the...
  29. D

    GTX 1060 on a 300w powersupply without 6pin connector

    Hello, Today I bought myself a fairly decent computer with an i5 6600 and 8gb of DDR4 ram (single stick). It came bundled with a Quadro K420 gpu. I'd like to switch the card for a gtx 1060 3gb version, However, I'm not to sure if the 300W PSU could power the card. I can't go and get myself a...
  30. A

    Fried CPU or motherboard?

    I recently tried to fix my brother in laws operating system with my computer by hot plugging his hdd drive into my computer. When I did this, it didn't read it, but sparked really bad when I plugged it in. I restart the system and the hdd started sparking like crazy. I unplugged it immediately...
  31. K

    I have a Blu Ray wifi disc player, connected to my older model Sony flat screen, but not getting any sound..hellllppp

    Welp we bought the connectors to attach the HDMI cord to our TV becasue this modle tv is old got all that done and now no sound
  32. D

    uTorrent slows the whole network down

    So a certain computer in my house slows down the network everytime it opens uTorrent, making the ping spike from 60-50 ms to 200 ms, and I would like to know if there is any type of fix that doesn't include unninstalling the program (note that uTorrent is making my ping spike without making any...
  33. siaan312

    taskbar in different colors on different monitors

    recently got wallpaper engine (by that I mean, I downloaded it off the internet... rip) and I wanted to make my screens match my setup (blue and red) so I set the taskbar to be red and on my main monitor I have a red themed picture, and once I find a good one ill put a blue themed picture on my...
  34. Echoceres

    Need help for CPU upgrade.

    I have G4560 now w/ h110n board. I wanted to upgrade to i7 but the highest I can get is 7700 for around 300$ brand new(On my country which is Philippines). Iam not a fan of buying second hand parts because of trust issues and due to high scam rate here. So my options is buy i7 7700 for 300$...
  35. M

    Mousepad is froze

    I’ve tried the Fn+F9 and that doesn’t work neither holding down the Windows button or even rebooting the laptop!
  36. J

    Which Gigabyte drivers for my SSD?

    Hello all, Sorry but I'm quite new to this. I have bought a new PC with a Neo Forza 256GB SATA 600 SSD and Windows 10 Pro x64. Scanning through the Gigabyte storage drivers webpage for my motherboard, I found the following drivers: - Intel Optane Memory - Intel Rapid Storage - Intel SATA...
  37. Y

    How would i install my graphics card?

    my desktop has an apu (hd 6550d) and i want to be able to play fortnite on medium settings, with an average of at least 60 fps, because right now i only get about 30 fps on low settings and i was thinking about getting a gt 1030, it doesn't break the bank and i'm a casual gamer so it can run...
  38. X

    RAM speed Question

    I have just bought a Gigabyte GA-A320M-HD2 Socket AM4 Motherboard that support DDR4 up to 2666mhz. , and I hava bought a G.SKILL Agies 8gb 3000mhz. Ram and i want to know if I am able to use this ram on this motherboard Please answer me
  39. I

    Diagnosing a formerly working computer.

    I am unsure if this is the proper location for this thread, but here it is anyway. I have a desktop computer that I built 4 years ago. It has been moved frequently, as I go back and forth to college ~2 times a year. It was a budget computer that I upgraded slowly. When I graduated and moved out...
  40. ToxicMoofin

    NFS Payback abandond cars to slow

    So i get that the cars are abandoned, and they are basicly stock, but the fact that i cant over 80mph and the police are so much faster (120 sounds right but we dont know) it makes it close to impossible to get away... Especialy if they have me go into the dirt. Then they throw the car killers...