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    Question My sound drivers don't work - - - RTKVHD64.sys BSOD ?

    Hey, I have windows 7 and I have realtek sound drivers, but my sound is not working. These followings things are ocurring: 1.When I hover over sound icon, it says "No output device installed". 2.When I try to install drivers, it gives me RTKVHD64.sys BSOD. 3.In Device Manager, the realtek sound...
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    Question Why is my audio loud and distorted after a routine driver update.

    I recently ran a routine driver update from a 3rd party program from my computer called Driver Booster. I have had problems with audio drivers using this program on other computers but never my own PC. The only audio driver that was Affected was "AMD High Definition Audio Device" Which from my...
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    [SOLVED] Help me get my XP sound restarted, please?

    Dear Anyone. I've got Windows XP SP3. I use it because I've got music writing disability software that would cost a fortune to rebuy/upgrade if I switched to 10 (about £600 all in all!) And I'm happy with XP for music writing - but the sound's stopped working (helps if you can hear your...
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    [SOLVED] 3.5 mm Microphone Buzz

    Hi, What reason can it be if my drivers are up to date and headset is working fine the audio too but the microphone buzz doesn't go away. Win 10 (64bit), Msi G41m- P25 (7592) using rear panel audio jack I asked the hardware guy and he says drivers issue. headset - Keenion KDM 758
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    Question Buzz/hum after 10s of NOT playing audio, stops when I open sound configuration

    I recently (last week) bought a new laptop (Asus UXFN533). When it's plugged in to my speakers, it makes a humming/buzz sound when there's no audio output for <10 seconds. The buzz/humming STOPS when I go to sound configuration. It only does this with one of my speaker-sets so my guess is that...
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    Core i3 7100 or wait for Ryzen 3?

    Hello, I am building my own PC and I have never built one before. I will be using it for some gaming, some light photo and video editing, and some day-to-day tasks(I usually have around 20 chrome tabs open). I was originally going to use an Intel Core i3 7100 with an MSI B250M Pro-VDH mATX...
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    Being throttled or am I stupid?

    I honestly didn't know what to put in the title that would fit the circumstances of what I'm going to explain but I hope it captivated enough of you to take a look. Recently I ran a speed test at my house and my friend's house just to overlook our overall connection speeds. My internet speed is...