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  1. Question no sound on pc

    hi guys, I have long time no sound on my pc, I've tried to fix it but barely sth changed. So I just decided to buy a sound card, what was a temporary solution but now I pull myself together in order to repair it. However, whatever I do, nothing works. I tried to change settings in BIOS, install...
  2. Dr.aeb92

    Question Most weird sound problem ive ever faced can any one help.

    Hey there A few days ago ive bought a new gaming pc just to play warzone i had many issues at first but i solved them but the only problem i had is with my headphones i have steelseries arctis 3 headphone when i connect it throught headphone jack the sound plays well but the problem is with my...
  3. M

    Question Temporarily disabling microphone whilst sound is playing

    Hi everyone, There is someone ( a client from work) who asked me if it is possible to mute the microphone automatically when soundcard is playing an output and then to unmute when output stops. This sounds like something that needs to be done via task scheduler or some sort of powershell...
  4. OrdJk

    Question Can the UMC22 power the DT 770 pro 80 ohm edition ?

    Since I already own the UMC22 I would like to save a bit of money by knowing if the DT 770 pro headphones can run off that AMP as well ? If anyone knows or has some kind of experience in this field please do reply to this thread , it would be much appreciated. I will try to reply to as many...
  5. TheBlazingAio

    Question AIO buzzing

    I installed a new aio to my pc and when I turned it on, it keeps on making a buzzing sound, it’s not the fans as the fans aren’t making the noise but like the cpu block or the pump, how do I fix it??
  6. amco_krkic

    Question My friends can hear my PC's audio output ?

    So i bought this headset (PowerA Fusion Headphones) which work with PC but before i used beats headsets but they didnt really work great as a gaming headset because of how small the ear cups were so i got these new ones and it has a detachchable microphone and is plugged in to a splitter cable...
  7. J

    Question HDD making strange beeping noise

    I recently installed a new SSD, I removed my existing HDD and did a fresh install of windows 10 onto the SSD and then connected my HDD, formatted it and now it has 0 data as i just wanted it as spare storage. For some reason, my HDD makes this strange noise every few minutes and i have no idea...
  8. L

    Question Screen recording issue

    Hi all. When I screen record videos on my laptop(I have Windows 10), my laptop is not recording the sound of the video, it's recording all the outside noises ie me moving around, me clicking the mouse etc, in other words, all I can hear on the playback is what has been picked up the laptop's...
  9. S

    Question Delayed sound

    Hey guys, I have a bit of a strange one, that I can't seem to figure out. I also can't seem to find anybody having the same issue as me. I built my PC myself, a few years ago. System specs as follows: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87-HD3 (LGA 1150) CPU: Core i5-4460 (Haswell) RAM: 16GB Hyper-X...
  10. E

    Question Bend a Capacitor

    Hi, I was trying to add a GPU into my PC but I bend one capacitor from where the sound processing happens in. Now I don't have sound in my pc. Can I fix it?
  11. A

    Question New earphones buzz and have very staticy noise ?

    For gaming and watching movies I always used Huawei AM115 earphones, I know it's for phones but it always worked excellently with the speakers of my pc too. I always plugged it into the speakers, not directly into the pc. the right side died, so I purchased two new pairs of the same brand and...
  12. 20GK

    Question PC freezes from heavy network load

    Hello everyone. This is such an unpleasant problem. When a large amount of data is loaded on the network, the system begins to freeze, wheeze and crackle sound. At that time, the processor, RAM, GPU are idle at a minimum except for the network. What could it be? On one forum I saw how a guy...
  13. L

    Question Microphone clarity upgrade

    My usb blue yeti (not pro) sounds great, but I was wondering if there was a dac or something I could use to clear up the mud from the audio (it picks up a fan from out the hallway at a low enough gain to hear me as clear as possible. It's just a small amount above the lovest setting.) and clear...
  14. Arisius

    Question Micro-stuttering audio on Win10x64 Pro ?

    Hello! I would like to reach out to your community I have a problem After installing Windows 10 on Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 250Gb. I experience micro stutters on rare occasions. This mostly happens in the chrome browser (youtube). Spotify and games. On very rare occasions. Occasionally...
  15. artavasdes

    Question Soundblaster Ae7 or Ae9 (or any other sound card/dac)?

    I currently have a soundblaster g6 with dt990 pros but the g6 has been causing some issues lately. The audio cuts out sometimes when I tab out or into a game, I have a seperate thread on this: I am looking...
  16. A

    Question I constantly hear an annoying sound and I dont know what it is

    Link I was wondering if anyone knew where this sound is coming from because I hear every so often while on my pc and it's very annoying. I looked through the sounds and didn't find a match there, I downloaded USBDeview to see if any usb devices were disconnecting and reconnecting and found nothing.
  17. TheKerangMan

    [SOLVED] PC Sparked (seeking for advice..)

    This morning when i turn ON my pc there's a 'sparked' sound and entire house went blackout! Since i have an opened air case.i had a glimpse that it came from the hard disk area.. Turn ON the house power main board and we have our lighting back. I plugged out and in back my pc power socket at the...
  18. System32_76

    Question Line-In & Line-Out not shown under "Sound Settings" in Linux ?

    Whoever has experience with the JACK sound server can probably help me out with this tech problem that I'm facing. So if I boot up my PC, open up QJackCtl (a GUI for managing the JACK sound server) and quit the app, my line-in and line-out are immediately shown under the PulseAudio Volume...
  19. LeonekzWan

    Question Front panel audio giving problems

    Hello guys, i recently bought an XPG invader chase and everything works fine, except for a huge and annoying problem that its the audio fading/cutting out, i thought it was maybe a connection problem in my headsets since they are wireless i thought there were some interference withing the...
  20. L

    Question Best audio settings

    Hello, So I built my new PC and have learned a lot about components. This is a PC I mostly use for gaming. I am having a hard time understanding all the different aspects of the audio options on the PC. In my device manager I have audio Inputs and Outputs. I plugged in my headset in MOBO and...