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  1. Mathias Cuschieri

    Question All Aux ports are not working (static sound)

    Hi, after an upgrade to my PC, I am experiencing a strange issue regarding my audio devices. My speaker was normally working, connected from the back audio port. Now no sound is outputting from my speakers. I tried connecting it to the other ports (front and back), they still aren't working...
  2. Immense13

    Question Recently Updated [upgraded] my GPU

    Hey guys, looking for any help with this issue I'm having. So I just upgraded to a 2070S from my RX580, however, after, I noticed that my sound would stop. It would work for everything else on my system without any issue whatsoever, however, if I played audio through my monitor (since my actual...
  3. slgamer

    [SOLVED] Active subwoofer not playing Sounds

    Hey ya I have this subwoofer that i bought of my friend he did warn me that it was broken a long time ago but i decided to take it , it worked fine for the first day sound coming our real bassy too but when i tried to move it to another room it didnt want to work anymore , i figured it just died...
  4. F

    Question Sound problem on Windows 10

    Hello community, Recently I built new PC, installed win10, everything was okay but the sound is kinda quieter than before( i was on win 7). I didn't remove the old pc, got in and test over there the sound and its more louder than this current one. Checked the settings, nothing special(had...
  5. Question Dead laptop power inductors buzz when plugged in

    I have a Dell 7537 p36f I did a little maintenance (cleaning fan, fix screen hinge, repaste) and it DID work at first (after plugging the display ribbon right heh) but after repeatedly powering it on and off it stopped powering on. I thought the battery was low so I plugged the adapter in and...
  6. G

    A new headset that's better than G633

    Hi all, So my G633 mic broke and i have to either fix it myself or buy a new headset. I thought I would buy a new one because while G633 is great in sound quality the build felt very cheap and was very uncomfortable, too tough and keeps making a squeaky sound. I found great deals below £100 but...
  7. G

    Question Sound randomly disappeared

    I was watching a video yesterday and I went away for a few minutes only to come back to my sound completely not working. Neither headphones nor the integrated speakers work (I have a laptop GP65 Leopard 9SE) and at the same time when I go to sound settings, it shows that sound is playing. I...
  8. F

    Question Examples for a chip which controls AV Receiver volume by looking if door is open/closed

    So could anyone who has a little time think about a solution for that? Main thing is: My door keeps most of the music in my flat so the others dont get annoyed. I thought about a senser at the door which knows if the door is opened or closed. For example if it opens the Music should turn down. I...
  9. E

    Question Headphone audio sounds dampened/underwater.

    Hi, all. I'll just get straight to the point. My headphones (Steel series Arctis 3 Console edition) started to sound dampened, almost as if i had a sheet of cardboard in between the headset and my ears. This has never happened to me before and is most apparent in games that i play. Anyway, after...
  10. S

    Question No mic input through 3.5mm

    Windows detects the headset and output is fine. Mic doesnt work but it is listed in the "input device" list. The headset works on my phone just fine, and I can also use USB headsets on the computer. So far I have : Checked that microphone access is on Updated the Realtek drivers Ran the sfc...
  11. Question audio latency/popping/glitching

    Since yesterday my audio has drastically become awful. A lot of clicking/popping/latency/glitchy sound, I used latency Mon to analyse and it showed this Not entirely sure why its all of a sudden started running badly. But it happens on all outputs such as my monitor speakers and my...
  12. Lawgik

    Question What did I do wrong?

    Hey everyone I dont claim to be a pro but I like building pc's for my friends and Fam. Well I built one for my wife and everything seemed to work fine until we got her going on some more intense games like gta5 and mhw. What seems to be happening is the sound stutters for about a second or two...
  13. L

    Question Creative Sound Blaster G3 vs. Creative Sound BlasterX G1

    Hi all, I do not know much about audio, do these sound cards both have DACs and AMPs that perform similarly aside from the features? Are there any better, or similar performing external sound cards for a lower price? (USD)
  14. B

    Question In game Voice chat keeps cutting off after being in game for a little

    Hey everyone I dont know what starting causing this problem and I am baffled. I use the in game voice chat for Valorant and Project Winter and at the start of the matches the in game voice works fine and i can talk and hear other players, but after 3-4 minutes in, the in game voice chat stops...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] No sound after windows 10 format

    Hello. My friend had Windows 10 installed for at least 2 years and everything was fine until he decided to do a format. After format he had no sound so after he did all the updates we thought windows updates will download the audio drivers too but we were wrong so he downloaded the audio...
  16. M

    Question Best speaker for Zoom seminar?

    As an academic, I doing most of seminars via Zoom. But my portable speaker has too much machine noise. Sometimes it's hard to understand the other person. What will be the best speaker for Zoom seminar? It's critical to understand the other person clearly.
  17. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Would this xlr interface be enough to support this microphone ?

    Alto Professional ZMX52 Can power this PODMIC (rode) ????
  18. Xorhail

    Question Popping/Crackling/Static sound coming from speakers plugged into motherboard audio jack

    Hey, I've recently bought a new motherboard and I'm getting a weird popping sound coming through on my speakers when I play audio. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does happen its very frustrating to listen to music or game. Spec: MB: MSI Z390-A PRO CPU: i9-9900K (Overclocked to...
  19. L

    [SOLVED] How do I enable speakers as an output audio device?

    I've mistakenly deleted the audio drivers for my Toshiba Satellite L50 laptop, I've since reinstalled realtek audio drivers but i've not been able to get sound. The icon in the right corner indicates that "no audio device is installed". Also the Sound window under the Playback tab shows no audio...
  20. S

    Question why does my pc sound like a lawn mower?

    My pc is so loud its hard to sleep with at night, any ideas on what I can do to make it quieter? Sound it makes: View: Spec: Cpu: i5 8400 GPU: GTX 1050 stock cooling, stock case fans MB: Asus prime z390-a Memory: 16gb 1 TB HDD, and 120gb SSD