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  1. TerraCorbix12345

    Question PC makes noise that sounds like someone is shoveling snow. What is this a sign of?

    Recently got my HP 750-287C's PSU knocked out by a power surge but had it replaced. Now, when I use my PC, there's a sound coming from it that sounds like someone is shoveling snow outside or the printer starting to print something. What is this a sign of? Is it a sign of a component failing...
  2. C

    Question Question about speakers 2.1 Systems sounding weird

    So i am pretty sure there is no faulty hardware here, but i hope some one can point out what is the difference in speakers (i will explain below) so i know what to buy. The story is, i need to change my speakers after like 8 years because the cable is a bit faulty and looses contact. This set of...
  3. Saydyrya90

    Question Endless black screen on gaming laptop, sound on and no cursor when playing some specific games and running VLC ?

    Hello, i really need help with this problem. I have a laptop with an i7 CPU, a Geforce RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU and a 144Hz monitor. It came without an operating system so i had to install Windows 10 from scratch. I've been encountering the following problem when playing specific games like...
  4. S

    Question HTPC - No Sound after Standby/Sleep ?

    Hi I have a Windows 10 HTPC connected via HDMI to an Anthem MRX-720 A/V receiver. It been working fine until recently.. The issue occurs any time the HTPC goes to standby or is idle.. so what I have to do is go Control Panel >> Sound and as soon the sound panel appears the sound returns...
  5. E

    Question Computer resets when headphones pulled from front headphone jack

    OK, weird sound and system reset problem! My system: Windows 11, MSI Meg Z490 Ace motherboard, Obsidian 750D case, motherboard Realtek sound components/drivers Observations and Problem: Sound works fine. I have a cable going from MB jack on back of system to an AC power speaker system. I...
  6. [SOLVED] USB plug In and plug out sound repeating

    Hello there, I have started getting some USB disconnect and reconnect sounds out of nowhere and I don't seem to be able to find the source. I have downloaded USBLogView and it shows me well this The amount of times this is happening to me seems random and it tends to happen more often whenever...
  7. cobaltSniper

    Question Front headphone/line jacks suddenly not working ?

    I recently sent my computer in for diagnostics over a power supply issue. That's been solved, but when I got the desktop back, Realtek Audio Console was installed where it hadn't been before. Now, while the back speaker jack of my tower still works, the front headphone and line in jacks don't...
  8. V

    Question Help me with my computers mic please

    My Laptop(Dell Inspiron 15 3000) does not detect my headset's mic, it detects the headphones but not the mic, it uses the laptop's built-in mic. It worked before I upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10 but I realized it too late and I can't convert back to Windows 10 anymore. I have deleted the...
  9. UchihaMadara

    Question Sound problem with Rainbow Six Seige ?

    I got epos gsx300 and the gsp 601 to get into the amp + headphone. ive got everything installed and everything is working. the problem is when i open up rainbow six siege, it sees my headphones as 7.1 and outputs at very low volume. in windows i dont get the option to change it to stereo to get...
  10. F

    Question Audio volume automatically gets set to 100% when PC is started or restarted ?

    I installed a new Soundblaster AE-5 Plus sound-card, now my audio volume automatically gets set to 100% after I start or restart my PC ?
  11. Cardinal RPH

    [SOLVED] Laptop no sound after lightning strikes electricity

    My laptop made no sound after lightning struck my house and electricity. I've tried changing the driver or troubleshooting the driver but no sound comes out of my laptop. not only from my laptop speakers, the 3.5 jack on my laptop has no sound even though I've changed headphones to new ones...
  12. pixelss

    Question mic not working in apps

    after i updated my windows 10 my mic dosent work in any app but i can hear my self by Sound>recording>my mic> listen to this device and its really work fine but in apps it cant detect any sound and i tried everything in settings privacy and my realtake sound is the latest update any help?
  13. H

    Question Hissing/Static noise at higher volumes with USB headset

    Hello, I have static/hissing or white noise on my PC (Windows 10) using USB headphones. If i use any jack headphone, this noise doesn't happen, only with USB headphones (tried different ones, Trust and HyperX, both the same) It isn't caused by electromagnetic interference Also i tried all the...
  14. G

    Question PC does not recognize sound card after installing new CPU cooler

    I had to install a new CPU cooler and i when i took the pump off, the CPU came off with it. I accidently dropped the CPU and there might be thermal paste on a pin (not sure). Miraculously the CPU still works, however there is now no sign of audio output. The microphone still works but neither...
  15. W

    Question Audio issue - no sound from computer

    I have a desktop Windows PC and have issue with the sound - for some reason it stopped outputting sound. The case has two analog 3.5 jack audio outputs, one in the front, the other in the back. In the past I could hear sound from both, but now there isn't sound coming from any of them. I try...
  16. W

    Question GO XLR with DAC AMP

    Hi all, I recently got a GO XLR, I plugged my Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro's into the GO XLR and wasn't satisfied with the audio quality at all so decided to plug my cheap FX-Audio dac amp back in (which seems to power the headphones better) I did some research online on how I could make them both...
  17. L

    Question Audio one one side of headset becomes static sometimes ?

    I got an xbox controller recently and opted to use my xbox's input for my headset since the cable that goes directly in my pc has worn out over time. it works perfectly fine while doing mostly anything but when I play games one of the two sides (its random which one) of my headset audio just...
  18. P

    Question 2013 sony KDL support usb bluetooth?

    Hello: we have a 2013 sony KDL40ex640 hd digital tv. I want to plug headphones to listen that way, and have the builtin speakers silent. 1) the tv has an open usb2 port. can I buy a usb-bluetooth tx dongle and headphones, and that will do the job? or 2) I have an old wireless sennheiser...
  19. K

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte Aorus B450 elite motherboard no sound

    I have a regular B450 Aorus elite, and just this morning ran into the same exact problem after about 6 months of the audio working just fine. I have tried messing with as many troubleshooting options as I could find, including exploring all of the possibilities outlined in Microsofts guide to...
  20. djgioxofficial

    Question My PC is emitting static noise through my KRK ROKIT 8 speakers

    Hello everyone, I have recently put together a PC, everything works perfectly fine. When I plug in my KRK Rokit 8 speakers I can hear a static noise coming out of them and it seems to be dependent on my CPU load which makes me think that it's causing this but i am not sure... I have my work...
  21. M

    Question Laptop making high pitched sound when turned off.

    Hi, I recently got a year old HP Elitebook 840 G7. It works perfectly fine, but I've noticed that after I turn the laptop off, it produces a very faint high-pitched sound followed by constant periodic high-pitched clicks. I can only hear the sound when i put my ear in the back of the laptops...
  22. L

    [SOLVED] headset has just stopped working

    Today I switched from my Speakers to my headset as I wanted to play a game and they just aren't working. If I adjust the volume wheel in line I get quite a loud static noise, but I can't figure out why no sound is coming out of them. I haven't touched anything since yesterday and they were...
  23. L

    Question I want to switch my audio to my case instead of my monitor jack.

    I want to change my default output device to my case jacks so that I can use both headphones and a mic. but when I go to the "playback" tab under "sound" it says that all digital outputs are "not plugged in" even when I have the jack plugged into the case jacks and not the monitor jack, and...
  24. G

    Question Front and back audio ports not working and making noise

    I have a problem and I think it is related to the motherboard. After finding out one of my ram sticks is broken and fixing the problem by removing it I booted the system. Everything works great as usual apart from audio outputs. When i plug my headset (microphone and sound) it is recognized but...
  25. B

    Question How to change voice entering call in Windows 10

    Hi guys, I had a heard time trying to change the audio input of my computer. Let me explain. I want to change the voice of someone calling me without him/her needing to install any software and in real time. Something like Clownfish Voice Changer BUT for audio input. Thanks very much!
  26. M

    Question MSI GTX1050TI Strange HD Audio Problem

    Hi chaps, Running Windows 10 64-bit here on a Dell Optiplex 790 PC. I have just installed a second-hand MSI GTX 1050TI. I use an old TV connected to the graphics card via the Display Port connector. When I am using a media player, MAME or a web site such as YouTube there is no sound coming...
  27. [SOLVED] My Audio Is Not Working, Help

    If I plug my earphone on the front panel, only one out of two earphone plugs gives me sound output. And the audio jack at the back panel doesn't give any sound at all (I also tried the other holes). Is there anything wrong? Pics attached below, will give any settings screenshot if needed.
  28. F

    Question Audio completely messed up (big time)

    Yesterday I was playing the new Forza, until it crashed, and a few second later my laptop (HP Omen 15) froze. Restarted it and there were no audio devices. I restarted windows and reinstalled my audio drivers (realtek) yet it still doesn't work. Now it recognizes my speakers/headphones and my...
  29. S

    [SOLVED] GPU clicking starting to concern me

    I’ve had this custom built computer for the last maybe year or 2, yesterday I noticed this clicking noise and soon after the computer completely shut down, at the time I wasn’t using the computer, it was just on. I hadn’t opened it or moved any parts or anything recently. Considering it was...
  30. ziad ahmed

    [SOLVED] Is the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi sb0880 still a good sound card ?

    Iam asking if the (Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi sb0880 ) is at least a better sound card than the built-in dac in the Mobos i have a MSI board which is the B460m mortar and i don't use the built-in sound DAC on it and got a better sound experience with my XPG EMIX H30 headphones with it's DAC...
  31. whiteboimaxx

    Question All computer sounds are off-pitch

    Hi, I've been having this problem recently where I've noticed that all sounds (both windows sounds and sounds from applications, browsers, and so on) are slightly off-pitch. We're not talking big amounts here, I'm guessing around 20 cents too high or low and it's infuriating. What is the cause...
  32. legendarysnake

    [SOLVED] Sound icon disappeared - I've tried youtube tutorials and none worked

    Heres the icon missing. View: I tried to restart explorer, my pc... heres the volume enabled on settings View: I dont get if its a key that i pressed that caused this or something else. Can someone help me? My headset is working...
  33. BotUgaBuga

    Question Can't install Realtek Drivers on windows 10.

    I have had this problem for a while now. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers but I check device manager and the driver isnt there. I cant even find it when searching for hidden. I get my driver from the ASUS website because my motherboard is the b360-f. When using the asus setup, I...
  34. A

    Question Weird sound from chipset-fan at startup ?

    When I power up my computer, I get this weird sound that you can hear at the end of the clip I have linked to. The sound only comes when I turn the power on and then goes away until I power up again, and it was there before and after I recently replaced all my case fans and CPU-cooler. My only...
  35. D

    [SOLVED] Weird speaker issues? Sometimes one drops out, sometimes white noise?

    I have a weird variety of issues: 1. I get what sounds like electrical noise that come from the HS5's when I move the mouse, highlight text, something is downloading from the internet (file from a website) or when videos play on youtube. Pretty much anything besides the computer doing nothing...
  36. I

    Question Why is my audio loud and distorted after a routine driver update.

    I recently ran a routine driver update from a 3rd party program from my computer called Driver Booster. I have had problems with audio drivers using this program on other computers but never my own PC. The only audio driver that was Affected was "AMD High Definition Audio Device" Which from my...
  37. X

    [SOLVED] Scraping sound from PC only when encoding video

    Hi All, Ive got a weird scraping sound when im encoding video using a upscaling video program called "Topaz enchanced video AI" I've tried a separate GPU and CPU stress test with no results. Topaz only use about 50% GPU and CPU so i doubt it could be that. im encoding on a SSD so I wouldnt...
  38. Bxzza

    [SOLVED] sound dies while using a vpn

    (apologies if this is in the wrong thread category) iso i have a razer kraken running through the razer 7.1 surround sound software, and i have for a long time with no problems, i recently was using a vpn and for some reason while vpn’s my sound completely cut out from just that one input, i...
  39. J

    [SOLVED] Tv screen goes black for a second + lost audio

    Hello everyone , around 3 years ago i bought my gaming pc. I decided to use my Samsung tv as a monitor and i noticed that sometimes the screen would go black and would lose audio also for a second. Lately i noticed that the screen is tearing when i play games or watch videos and once i saw...
  40. O

    [SOLVED] Sound: how to record, NOT stream, sound true to how it's heard

    Have had a sound issue for a long time which is things I record sound far more quiet than they actually are as heard through my headphones and other software. An example would be me recording a small bit of an online stream or a small section of game play on any game, using something like OBS...