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  1. J

    Is hyperduo function similar to cache on a standard hard drive or a sshd like a firecuda. i.e. bits or whole files?

    Want ram to preload bits not hold full files... Thinking of streaming application of large files.
  2. intzor

    receiving caution message on hd diagnostic

    I have a 3TB WD "My Passport" external HD, which is now one year old. Running Crystal Disk Info I received a caution message, with a yellow highlight on "current pending sector count." The values are 200 for current and 200 for worst. After this I ran the WD Lifeguard diagnostic, which is...
  3. snowiblind

    Is Provantage Safe/Good?

    I was thinking about buying a keyboard/mouse combo from because it was pretty cheap compared to other retailers like Newegg. I was wondering if anyone has bought from this website before and whether it has good service/is safe
  4. W

    Gigabyte z270x Ultra Gaming and SATA Express

    This motherboard only has 2 standard SATA ports but I was hoping to have 3 drives and an optical drive, but that isn't critical. I have a Samsung 850 Evo as a primary, and an 850 Pro and WD Black hdd from an older system (that's why the Pro isn't the primary). Can I actually run all 3 of those...
  5. S

    Need help in upgrading old pc

    Images of mobo Manufacturer- Hewlett Packard HP -110–150IL Current mobo- IPM61-TB Cpu-i3 3240t Ram-6gb Ddr3 Integrated hd 2500 I want to upgrade my CPU (only motherboard and gpu) ,my Mobo doesn't have any pcie slot for dedicated gpu, and it is micro ATX according...
  6. B

    pentium dual core e5300, 2.60ghz - any decent upgrades?

    I've a Dell Inspirion 545S (slimline) - circa 2009 - which I assume is an LGA 775 socket - but I don't know which is the motherboard part. I've 6mb ram and am running windows 10 'reasonably' for general MS Office and plenty of Firefox - no gaming, no graphics intense work. Is it worth my while...
  7. S

    Best graphic card for core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz.

    Hello people, I have an 7 year old intel core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz on intel dg31pr motherboard and 2 gb ddr2 ram. What do you think which would be the best graphic card for this pc. I want to Use it for moderate games and other stuff. Because it dont have any graphic card right now so it isn't...
  8. B

    Renaming PCIe m.2 drives in Windows 10

    How do I rename PCIe m.2 drives? I recently built a new PC using the ASUS X99-DELUXE II motherboard which has an on-board PCIe m.2 slot and support bracket, and includes a PCIe card adapter for a second PCIe m.2 card. I installed two MyDigitalSSD 240 GB PCIe SSD drives with no problem and I...
  9. A

    Does input amperage matter for laptop chargers?

    As title says as my previous charger died and has 2.0A max and the one im looking at has 1A
  10. David_166

    How would I choose a default drive to save from?

    I've got an ssd and installed my windows on it so my computer and applications run faster but I'm wanting all my programs and games saved on the hard drive instead of my SSD how would I choose a default drive? Thanks In advanced!
  11. M

    PSU wattage ???

    Is the Corsair CX550M plus bronze ( gray one not green) enough for my gtx 1070 and ryzen5 1600, im planning to to overclock CPU to 3.9-4.0 and GTX1070 too , i check my wattage in coolermaster website and they said 494W reccomended, according to what they said on Corsair website the CX550M can...
  12. R

    My keyboard works fine on my desktop, but does not respond in any of my games whatsoever.

    Good morning. Alright, so I've been searching the web for the last 24 hours to no avail about this issue. I have a Logitech G910 Orion Spark Keyboard. When I boot into Windows, I can login just fine and my keyboard works without a hitch. Once I boot a game, I get nothing. The lights and...
  13. I

    need help on what i can upgrade.

    hi first time posting anything. i am wanting to upgrade my p.c but don't know what would give me the best improvement for gaming. my p.c is not very good to begin with but here are my current specs gpu: amd radeon HD 6670 processor: AMD FX 6100 six core as you can probably tell, i don't know...
  14. Mike3k24

    Power supply cable extension help

    Can someone recommend me some PSU cable extensions that are either all white or white and black. I'd like for it to include all the cables I need to power my system.
  15. T

    Do I need a smaller laptop for highschool

    I currently am in 8th grade and already have a laptop. The thing is my laptop is HUGE it has a 17 in screen. I am womdering if i need a smaller laptop that is more portable. so i can get from class to class
  16. M

    Video Editing Laptop - Which One?

    Hi All I am looking for a laptop for video editing. Only 1080p at the moment, but hopefully 4k in a few months time so want it to be future proof. (Adobe Premiere) Around £1300 budget, which seems I can get:- i7-7700HQ 16-32 GB Ram 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD GTX 1050Ti I know there might be a...
  17. C

    Shall I buy the Ryzen 1600x or 1600?

    Hey guys! I am building myself a new pc and i can't decide between the Ryzen 1600x and the 1600. I will use it mostly for gaming and some university-stuff. As GPU I have an Asus Strix GTX 1060 and I will most likely play at 1080p for the next few years. Basically my main question is, if the...
  18. J

    Computer games capped at 60 fps

    Ever since two days ago, all the games on my laptop have been capped at 60 fps. This includes League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and even Super Hexagon. All of these games previously ran at at least over 100 fps on this laptop. Note that, yes vsync is turned off in both game...
  19. S

    CPU cooler help

    My h100i just went out after two years and i'm wondering what some of the newer and better options are? As well i was wondering if anyone had experience with alphacool, i have been looking at the eisbaer 280 aio.
  20. I

    Noob in need of some advice on power supply issues

    So, I've built my first PC. Everything went super smoothly and I've really enjoyed learning all that I have. I have recently made it to my PSU stage. I've got a Corsair CX 500 (non-modular) and I'm pretty sure I've got all my cables in the right place; but when I plug it in and power it up, no...