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  1. I

    Noob in need of some advice on power supply issues

    So, I've built my first PC. Everything went super smoothly and I've really enjoyed learning all that I have. I have recently made it to my PSU stage. I've got a Corsair CX 500 (non-modular) and I'm pretty sure I've got all my cables in the right place; but when I plug it in and power it up, no...
  2. S

    Updating BIOS without CPU ( Using Flashback+ )

    With the coming of the new Intel 7th Gen processors, i wanted to put one in my new computer that i was in the middle of building. But i've read that to do so, you need to update your bios so your motherboard is able to support it. Because of certain circumstances, I do not want to get a new...
  3. M

    Plugged my headphones into my new pc and there was a visible shock?

    Jus like I said in the title...I plugged my headphones into the headphone jack on my new desktop and there was a visible static charge...will this damage my pc? I've ran several diagnostics tests and everything appears fine..should I be worried?
  4. B

    Sandy Bridge OF with B75

    Hi, I have a B75 motherboard with an i5-2500k. My CPU cooler is a hyper 212x and I have a gtx 970 superclocked. I have a cooler master GX 750W power supply. Would I be able to achieve 4.5GHz on this motherboard? If not, how much would I be able to acheive? I don't care what I have to do to...
  5. prac daske

    Are these temperatures normal?

    Just like the title says.. I can barely touch the heatsink above the chokes on the motherboard, it just feels too hot: Its on idle right now.
  6. K

    fans for case

    what led red fans can i have for my build?
  7. R

    Is my motherboard compatible with GTX 1050 Ti

    Hello everyone, I want to change my Gpu but im not sure is 1050 Ti compatible with my motherboard. This is my computer Here, my motherboard,CPU and GPU
  8. Q

    PC restarts and gives black screen when playing most games.

    My PC restarts and gives me a black screen whenever I play games. Whats weird is I've been able to play LoL for weeks and it hasnt restarted. I've had it taken to a repair place twice without them being able to fix it. They believe it's a motherboard issue. Any help is appreciated. PC Specs...
  9. A

    Is it ok to use dual molex to 8 pin adapter on GTX 1070?

    I just build my first PC for gaming yesterday and I decided to take gtx 1070 with 550w psu. The thing is my psu doesn't have 8 pin connector, So I decided to put dual molex to 8 pin adapter since it comes with my gpu. Is it safe to do that? My Specs: processor: Intel i5 7500 mobo: Biostar...
  10. Harsh_11

    I7 7700k stock temperature

    I recently assembled new PC and bought the new i7 7700k with cooler master hyper 212 led CPU air cooler. My idle temperature is 30-33C. I was installing drivers when I could see the temperature spiking around 55C but back to 30-33C in seconds. I don't think it is due to thermal paste as my idle...
  11. H

    New Gaming laptop getting slower

    Hi everyone I have had a Dell Insipron 15 7000 for a month now and most games were runiing great (Witcher 3, Skyrim SE, Fallout 4) until yesterday. Yesterday I installed the trial version for ME Andromeda from origin and got super long loading time including some that ended with a crash of my...
  12. D

    What is happening to my graphics?

    Hello everyone! Does anyone know what is happening to my graphics and how I can solve this? it only happens to certain applications. Explorer.exe most of the time but I have no problems playing CSGO.. It also does not happen all the time, just sometimes but some days it happens really often...
  13. V

    Computer Freezes and Crashes when Gaming goes to 100% disk usage

    Been trying to play Path of Exile and Dota 2 and both just are impossible to play atm, crashing and freezing every 5 minutes, the times this happens and I can alt ctrl del I can see that the disk usage is at 99~100% and memory too sometimes. It doesn't happen in CS:GO but I feel like i am...
  14. MaxTehLegend

    should i upgrade my i5 4690K?

    so i play alot of games. and alot of them are demanding. but i dont see the point in upgrading since im not getting any bottlenecks with my current PC. ive been able to max out any game that i play and never have i hit below 60 fps. so i was thinking that if i were to get a new GPU would i then...
  15. S

    Motherboard upgrade suggestion

    Hi I have a Gigabyte GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 Motherboard which serves my purposes with a 1151 and all. But i dislike the form factor. Whilst it has 3 pci slots my graphics card covers 2 and needs to be in the middle one making installation of another card down the line tricky. Im in my return...
  16. P

    Ccleaner how not remove games data or any information.

    One time I accidently removed game data off my pc with Ccleaner. How do I increase my system's performance with Ccleaner and not removing valuable files? I'm pretty sure if you delete temporary files category it will corrupt your game date files.
  17. E

    How do I update the BIOS using only a USB drive on a Asus z97-ar?

    I'm trying to figure out how to update my BIOS using a flash drive (formatted to FAT32, loaded with latest BIOS) and the motherboard. However, whenever I plug in the USB drive to either a 2.0 or 3.0 port on the motherboard, it lights the LED in the USB drive for a second, then turns off. Is...
  18. P

    What would happen if you put a 7th gen intel CPU into a h110 motherboard?

    What would happen if you put a 7th gen intel CPU ex(g4560) and put it into an msi h110 motherboard WITHOUT the current bios version that supports 7th gen cpus. If you turned on the computer what would the monitor show? Note: the computer is fully built with motherboard, ram, storage, etc. Thank you
  19. A

    Limiting Usage / Torrenting

    My question is simple, how do I make it so that every user in my household has a cap or a limited usage of the internet. So they can't destroy the network when they choose to torrent. Rules and conversation isn't an option. I assume it's possible it doesn't sound too difficult... apparently...
  20. A

    external hdd showing more used space than actual?

    My pc runs on win 10 32 bit. I have a 1TB external hdd of toshiba. it has some videos whose size is around 90gb. but in properties menu it is showing a total of 240gb is used. i checked that if there is any hidden files, but no, there is no hidden files. i also scanned the hdd with antivirus...