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Forum discussion tagged with Soundbar.
  1. A

    Question looking for a pc sound bar

    Hi all, I don't know where to start with this as I have never bought or even looked for one, am looking for a pc soundbar, I normally wear a headset, but as I have moved now I can get a soundbar, I cant use like a 2.1 system speakers cos I don't have the room but I can fit a soundbar, the max I...
  2. L

    Question Soundbar/Monitor Conflict

    Hi all, So I have a gaming PC and my audio/video setup for about the past year has been thus: -Display port gpu>144hz 1440p monitor for video -HDMI from gpu>soundbar for audio Like I said this has been working for more than a year. I was able to get 1440p @ 144hz and the audio came...
  3. N

    Question Samsung QE55Q70R+Sony HT XF9000 soundbar not connecting HDMI/BT

    Hello. I bought a Samsung QE55Q70RA TV and a Sony HT XF9000 soundbar the other day. I set it up yesterday and got the system to work. They connected through both Bluetooth and HDMI ARC. This morning it worked fine, but when I turned the TV on later in the evening today the TV couldn't find the...
  4. slawter

    Question Wich turntable I need?

    Hi, I have a Yamaha 2700 soundbar and I need a turntable that match with my soundbar. My budget is around 100-120 EUR right now. Thank you for your help!
  5. slawter

    Question Yamaha YSP-2700 subwoofer "disable"

    Hey guys, I have a Yamaha YSP-2700 and everything was OK in the last 1 year but when I turned on the system today, the subwoofer had no sound. It is connected to the center (wireless) but when I try to change the level of the subwoofer it says "disable". I red the manual and I checked out on...
  6. Rostropovich

    Question Connecting my older LG TV to a Sony Soundbar

    Hi, everyone! So, I've been trying to find a way to connect my older LG TV to my soundbar but am at a loss frankly. The TV has only two HDMI ports which are used all the time, no optical audio port and an RCA port. On the other hand, the soundbar is a Sony CT290 and has no RCA port. Currently...
  7. G

    Question Living without the headphone jack in Smart TV

    So, I've bought a Samsung Smart TV. Had I known that the 3.5 headphone port is more, maybe I would've decide differently. Now I'm stuck with a Smart TV and a ton of wired headphones, including Sennheiser RS 175, purchased with the TV in mind. However, I also own a Samsung N400 soundbar. My...
  8. S

    Question best soundbars

    Hi! I wanted to get a good sound bar for my tv. I don't want to spend 500$ tho lol I was wondering if anyone could help me pick between these or suggest something better. My dad is a sound engineer but hes been retired for over a decade so I didnt bother asking him since I dont think hes up to...
  9. A

    Question How to preven HTPC Audio device from powering down

    Hey All, Is it possible to trick a PC audio device to remain powered ON and paired/connected at all times? (note: audio device has a non-configurable ECO setting that powers down after inactivity) ISSUE: I have a PC with a VIZIO soundbar that powers off after inactivity while the PC is awake...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth connection problem

    I'm trying to connect my Logik L32SBIN16 soundbar to my PC via Bluetooth, but it won't even show up when searching for it in the Windows Bluetooth menu. I've tried troubleshooting to no avail. Any ideas?
  11. AdonosFlew

    Question GTX 980 Ti - Displayport for monitor, HDMI for audio output at the same time. Is it possible?

    I'm looking forward to buy a soundbar for my PC which uses HDMI for audio input. I use a Gsync monitor connected with displayport to my pc. Because my motherboard doesn't have any proper audio output to 7.1 sound system can I use an unused HDMI port on my GTX 980 Ti to use as an audio output to...
  12. I

    Question 3.1 Soundbar vs. 2.1 Soundbar

    So I recently got a great deal on a few soundbars and wanted to get your opinions. I purchased two soundbars: LG 2.1 (360W) SKM6Y ($58) - https://www.lg.com/us/home-audio/lg-SKM6Y-sound-bar Samsung 3.1 (340W) HW-MM55/ZA ($85) -...
  13. Bogdan Lazar

    Question Soundbar high pitched(whine) noise. Opinion needed.

    Hello guys, hopefully someone can help me out with this one, otherwise this soundbar is going back tomorrow. Soundbar name: OK. Soundbar OCS 120BT-B I got the soundbar yesterday and everything was fine, but today I have noticed a high pitched sound starts after a couple seconds of playback...
  14. S

    is cooling with ac fans a bad idea?

    i have a 2 ac fans 120mm and 117 cfm... quality dayton ones... i want to cool my pc with them replace the top 120mm and put one in the side, the main reason i want to switch is the high cfm i haven't found with dc fans. has anyone tryed this and does it work good? id still have the cpu fan and...
  15. D

    Why is my airport extreme WiFi so slow?

    Hello, i have an apple airport extreme. When I looked online, people were getting max 500 mbps and minimum 100 mbps. I am getting 40 mbps, RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROUTER. Wtf is wrong with my wifi? I was given something by time Warner, it's an ubee thing. I'm pretty sure it's cable. Idk. Please help...
  16. J

    Case fans turns on for half a second.

    Hello, So i recently just bought a new case and i took everything out of my old computer and inserted it to the new case. My first problem is, my motherboard was so old that i had to take out my front panel power switch from old case and use it to power my computer in the new case as i my new...
  17. A

    Mobo Supporting Gpu/M2/PCIe Wifi under $130?

    Greets, Currently upgrading from my failed attempt to future proof 4 years ago by going with 1155 Ivy bridge. Looking for a mobo that will support a 1060, and m2 pcie ssd and a pcie wifi card (I have no ability to hard wire :() for a relatively cheap price. I currently have no SSD so...
  18. C

    Best Route for my New Build?

    I am doing a new build for my server. The machine will always be on running Plex Media Server for my clients on my network. However at the same time I am going to use this machine for my basic everyday use and transferring data from customer's hard drives and such as I do also do computer repair...
  19. G

    Computer wont boot right

    I start my computer and it shows the logo but its flashing and it asks me if I want to boot in safe mode but I can barely read it. What do I do? The computer is a Compaq Presario with a amd semperon 3100+ and some kind of asus motherboard.
  20. J

    possible computer monitoring software

    I am starting to think there is "monitoring software" on my computer. We have an ADS network and I usually stay logged in, just lock my screen when I leave. I have dual monitors, and on occasion I will come back to my computer, I have been "logged off" where it asks me for username AND password...