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    [SOLVED] Can i use my external soundcard for mic and onboard sound card for headphone at the same time???

    Hello guys I have a creative sound blaster x-fi go pro usb soundcard and i wanna use it only for my microphone as a recording device and i wanna put my headphone on my motherboard onboard soundcard as a playback device and use them at the same time just want to know does it works? And between...
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    [SOLVED] Better Audio on board or from old Soundcard?

    I recently bought the and, although it has onboard sound, I continue to use my SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme card. I have never had "surround sound" (I use a Logitech z553 3-speaker...
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    CPUID HWMonitor - Explanation of specific sections

    Hello! I am wondering what do specific sections mean in the titled program. Thank you for the answer :) P.S: I am using an ASUS G750JZ laptop.