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  1. NeKoconut

    Question Xonar AE Soundcard drivers gone wrong

    This has been a 6 month saga of fighting my soundcard to get it back to its original glory. If you have even a slight idea of what is going on, I am desperate for help. My soundcard is not showing up in Windows. It used to work totally fine, until about 6 months ago where upon rebooting my...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] How to install sound card into supermicro mbd x10drli

    Hi, I am using supermicro MBD X10DRLI but there is not a sound card in can I install that in the motherboard..I saw online there are some usb soundcards..Is that really works?Can I go for that?
  3. R

    Question What Bass/Treble controls are missing in SBX AE5?

    Why Windows Bass/Treble controls are missing with SoundblasterX AE-5 while same was available with my old X-Fi Extreme Music ? What is missing in XAE-5 that 13 years old X-Fi, and 20 years old Live Value cards has ? I don't know I feel X-Fi is still better with External speakers and XAE-5 is...