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    Question How do i get network to connect straight to game server ?

    As a South African, my options in online gaming are limited thus causing me to play with an average 160+ ping on EUR servers and 130+ ping on Middle East (Bahrain). One of the games i play is Valorant and FOR NO REASON! >:-(( this happens, View: My network...
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    [SOLVED] How to get low latency?

    Now im from Mozambique and in games servers i play in the middle east, getting an average 160ms ping, but this guy claims he is from south africa, and gets 60ms ping View: now i tried asking him how he gets low latency but he is to cool to...
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    Systems for gaming/suggestions *UPDATED LINK* ^ spreadsheet of base systems I made I have a case, fans, and psu, and a GTX 1050ti SC Any CHEAP systems that will be able to play Elite Dangerous, World of tanks, and Rocket...
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    GPU running in PCI-e 2.0 not 3.0

    My GPU (Winforce 970) seems to be always running in pcie 2.0 mode. When I go to my mobo settings there are only options for pcie 1.0 and 2.0. From the specs of the motherboard I gather it supports pcie 3.0. Any idea on how to fix this? PC: Asus z97m-plus Gibabyte Gtx 970 Windforce Core i3 4160