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  1. [SOLVED] What is the maximum amount of RAM my laptop can take ?

    Hello, I am using a Lenovo Model 80T3 (80T300TETX) laptop and I have 8GB of DDR4 RAM available. I want to upgrade to 32 RAM as the RAM Amount is not enough anymore but I have a question about the maximum RAM capacity of my computer. With CMD, the maximum amount of RAM is specified as 32 GB...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] LONG and complicated RAM Dilemma

    Hi everyone ! I know that questions like '' What's faster: xxx Mhz or yyy Mhz ? or '' CL xx vs CL yy'' are very common here. But my dilemma is a bit more complicated: I will build a new Pc in summer (exactly when , depends on Big Navi and rtx 3000 and Intel 10 gen ). Now the coronavirus...
  3. N

    Question G.Skill Trident Z RGB Dead LED or SPD corruption?

    So I have just upgraded my motherboard, CPU and RAM. But my g.skill trident z RGB doesn't seem fully right. One of the sticks doesn't seem to have a green LED at the bottom of it. First I thought this was an SPD corruption because I hadn't noticed first only after I installed the g.skill...
  4. Question can i use rams with different SPD?

    Hi can I use two same rams of the same brand, capacity, speed, and CL , but different SPD in my laptop? as you can see in the photo, for the upper one SPD is 12 and for the other one it's 13. Thanks
  5. S

    Question Games are stuttering, SPD max bandwidth seems to be lower than my ram speeds. Is this normal?

    An image on what i am seeing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16p_-fuiaiHa7GGB5KHo57DPOrUBMEOe9/view I dont think this is normal, so im asking the forums for help on this. The issue: both CPU-Z and my motherboards bios show the max bandwidth as lower than my xmp ram speed is running at. Task...
  6. omightykami

    Question MIXING G.SKILL RED & BLUE KITS - RipjawsX upgrading old build from 2014

    Hey guys, So I was thinking of upgrading my system for professional reasons , I do a lot of After effects and design heavy work , and intense gaming with my ancient MSI GTX 970 4G The current ram in my build are 2 sticks of RipjawsX F3-12800CL9D-4GBXL @DDR3-1600MHz . So thats 4x2 = 8gbs. I...
  7. thenishant96

    Question What does it mean "Memory Speed DDR4-2400 (1200 MHz)" is my ram 2400MHz or 1200MHz ?

    So i want to add another Ram stick in my laptop but, m just confused about this what does that 1200 MHz in Bracket Means is it 2400 or 1200 ? Here is a Link of snap of Specs View: https://imgur.com/l7UWWgE