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Forum discussion tagged with SPDIF.
  1. Y

    Question Parallel audio playback from different applications causes fade

    So basically, when i'm simultaneously playing music and running a game that has lots going on in terms of sound (e.g. a sudden fight, intensive shooting and so on), music audio "fades"noticeably (even though volume levels in Windows Mixer don't change), as if the game sound stream gets some kind...
  2. cliffflip

    Question Can't Get 5.1 Audio over S/PDIF and HDMI

    Hi, I've spent hours configuring S/PDIF and HDMI outputs on my PC so I can get 5.1 audio in games, but no luck so far. As for SPDIF, I use my old Creative SB X-Fi 5.1 external soundcard (my mainboard doesn't have the port) and connect it to Samsung J5100K home theater system. I can get 5.1...
  3. O

    Question Need help installing an internal S/PDIF cable on an Asus GTX 280.

    I want to install an internal S/PDIF cable on an Asus GTX 280 and an Asus TUF B350m Motherboard. S/PDIF cable There's no writing on the black headers. S/PDIF motherboard socket info Can anybody help me to put the black headers on to the correct pins using the information from the above...
  4. V

    Question Hardwiring

    I'm trying to hardwire a spdif jsr1264 to the aux on a2. 1 amp board that already has an aux port. Can I wire a 3 wire spdif with the converter board to a three wire aux input? I have images of what I'm trying to do but I don't know how to post them here
  5. W

    Help: new install = slow computer (memory)

    Hi, I've recently installed windows 7 again (yesterday), but something seems off. When no programs are running it still uses 20+% of memory (8GB) and no matter what I do, the fans keep spinning like I tried to run twenty programs at once (right now, doing nothing but writing this post, it's up...
  6. V

    Good Future Proof PC?

    I plan to play csgo, r6siege, and overwatch and 60-144 fps (if I can) at 1080p at the highest setting possible where I can achieve a stable framerate (144 or 60hz). I also plan to upgrade In the future. Is this a good pc for those games and future proof? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2bqzXH...
  7. T

    Fixing/saving a decently working hdd (help!)

    1.The incident 2. Home fixing attempt 3. friend place and using the secondary hdd 4. the issue that persist. 1. Ok, so I had a sad incident... Tower fell on the side and had 2 hdd in it... Next thing I know.. The OS doesn't boot and I have very limited options in how I could try to fix it...
  8. J

    Mouse pad issue

    So I recently got a new mouse pad (qck+) and I get a small delay from putting my mouse down after I lift it up. My mouse is a asus strix claw gaming mouse. I never got this issue before with my previous mouse pad. I don't know if its the material of the mouse pad or the lift-off distance of the...
  9. N

    Different CPU temps reading

    Since i got my new cooler on i saw difference in the temps and fan rpm in speed fan and CAM...The Cpu temps in speed fan are always 10 ish degrees higher and the actual fan rpm in speed fan is working properly but in cam it aways say its 1100 when the fan is on 100% and its on 2200rpm or either...
  10. T

    Upgrading my computer, want to know your opinion

    -http://www.amazon.com/MSI-Motherboards-Z97-PC-MATE/dp/B00K23BW70/ref=sr_1_12?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1442303362&sr=1-12&keywords=motherboard -http://www.amazon.com/Kingston-HyperX-FURY-2x4GB-1600MHz/dp/B00J8E8ZLK/ref=sr_1_7?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1442302779&sr=1-7&keywords=gtx+960...
  11. sbuster0922

    reinstalling windows 8

    If I reinstall windows 8 with a flash drive will it automatically use my product key that's stored in the BIOS or will it wipe it out and make me buy another product key?
  12. K

    CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 EVO fan position

    I currently have my TX3 EVO fan facing down (ie. facing towards the PCI slots etc.) Is this a correct way of mounting it, bearing in mind I have an AMD system. At the moment, it seems to be working fine considering idle temps are around 30c, and when gaming its around 50c, but I wanted to know...
  13. E

    HDD laptop to desktop Help

    So what I am trying to do is move my laptops hard drive to an older desktop I have to use it instead of my laptop. Laptop is Windows 8.1 and desktop was purchased in 2010 with Windows 7 on it. I did a test swap just hooking up the hard drive with no luck. Started to boot up but didn't go very...
  14. B

    Having a bit of trouble telling EXACTLY what kind of memory I have

    Ok. I have screenshots so this should be EASY for you pros. This is what I know... I have Kingston HyperX ram. The case says BLU on it so I assume it's HyperX Blu HOWEVER my computer is showing that I indeed have 8gigs(2x4gig) of memory and when I try to build my rig on PCPartPicker it doesn't...
  15. X

    Gaming Channel or Banner?

    Alright guys now going to do some editing type stuff ok I'm completely out of knowledge when it comes to rendering, editing, animation etc. I had captured many gameplays with the help of Fraps software now I want to put all the videos on Youtube, before starting it wanna add a beautiful...
  16. P

    2500k w/780 or 4690k w/770

    I'm bout to build a new system especially for gaming and FL Studio 11. I got 2 options, build one myself for around $1000 or buy my friend's PC, he's selling It, also $1000. When I'll build It mysel, these are the components I'll be using. MSI Z97 GAMING 3 Intel Core i5 4690k Cooler Master...
  17. F

    PC shutting down while in game mode

    Please help. I've upgraded my PC from 2x2gb ddr 2 ram to 2x4gb ddr3 and my CPU from a dual core to a Am3+ quad core processor. Soon as I start up a game the PC shuts down completely where as before it played games ok. I upgraded as wanted to play the high spec games. Please can you help. The PC...
  18. M

    games that are playable on this computer

    Hello guys I want to know that my PC will support which of the GPU Ecs g31t - m5 Core 2 duo e7500 4gb ram Gpu (plz suggest any) Games I want to play are-: Cod ghosts ,bf4,NFS rivals, watch dogs And my pcie is 1.0 I want to play smoothly not any type of screen resolution is recommended And my...
  19. A

    monitor too dark???

    hy i have lg l192ws monitor and in the games and where is the dark,i cant see nothing,i tested it on my opther pc same game and i see. how to fix it
  20. H

    Gaming PC off Craigslist, too good to be true?

    I was looking to buy a gaming pc off craigslist, and I came upon a guy willing to sell me his pc for $900. Here's the parts: Corsair 600t White Mid Tower Case 2x 660TI SLI NZXT 750 Watt Modular Corsair 240GB SSD 1 TB Western Digital Black 16 GB DDR3 Asus p8z77-le plus motherboard Intel i7 3770k...