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  1. C

    Question weird and daunting - buzzing sound from speaker when playing audio - youtube stutters

    Hi I've recently bought a new CPU and faced a weirdly similar issue with my old CPU. This happens once in a while and goes away after a restart. intel i7-9700k Galax Gtx 2080 Corsair Vengeance Pro 2333mhz 2x8Gb Asus Prime Z390A adata 500gb SSD m.2 CM 750w PSU NEW CPU issues: -buzzing and...
  2. U

    Question New PC speakers detected but no sound

    I recently bought new PC speakers Logitech Z537. When I connect them with PC using included 3.5mm cable then Iget a notification "Your rear line out impedance is equal to or higher than 110 ohms. Enhancement level is set to Extreme ". Speakers are recognized but there is no sound. Sometimes...
  3. jackcraft666

    Question Travel bag for Logitech G560

    Hi, so I'm thinking on getting computer speakers for my setup, I'm either going for razer Nommo or Logitech g560. https://www.logitechg.com/en-au/products/gaming-audio/g560-rgb-gaming-speakers.html So I live in two houses and was wondering if there was a travel bag or something that will help...
  4. d1versify

    Question Which one of these 5? (speakers)

    KRK ROKIT 6 G3 M-AUDIO BX5 D3 YAMAHA HS5 IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor ADAM T5V I now have the Edifier Luna Eclipse paired with a Creative Sound Blaster Z
  5. L

    Ideal cpu temperature

    Hello guys. Temp for my rig is range from 37c to 39c when idle. Is that an ideal temp for my rig? My specs are: i5 6600k Corsair h115i Msi z170a gaming m7 Msi gaming x 1070 16gb ram vengeance led 3200 Wd blue 2tb Rm850x psu Corsair grphite 780t