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  1. Lzcas

    Question Sub output really quiet randomly

    don't know if channel is blown shouldn't be, but I was using rxa cables into my sub output with 1800w twin Edge sub into it and it's so quiet when I put tjem on a or b or anything their really loud, idk why the sub one doesn't do anything now don't know if I've done something in tje amp sbwr is...
  2. rc001

    [SOLVED] 5.1 vs 2.1 computer speakers.

    Hey all. I was wondering if there are any big differences or pros to a 5.1 sound set up on PC these days? I know that the speakers behind me are a huge pain in the a$$ because of the wires. I also know not all games support 5.1. Can anyone tell me if its actually worth buying a 5.1 system? Thanks.

    [SOLVED] Realtek doesn't recognize all of my jack inputs

    Hi everyone. I'll try to keep this post short but if more informations are needed I can provide you with everything. I have a B450 pro TUF gaming as a MoBo, and I bought a 5.1 speakers set (Trust). The thing isn't working so well and I ask for help about this. My MoBo have onlt 3 jack inputs...
  4. Rajivrocks

    [SOLVED] How to connect the logitech z506 to the Asus ROG Strix x570-e gaming

    So I read a post from a while ago about a guy with the same 5.1 setup wanting to connect his speakers to an asus motherboard. After building my new PC i have the same issue. I don't know how to connect this speaker set to the motherboards audio. I got a "rear", "C/Sub". "Line-in", "Line-out"...