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  1. Question B350M Audio port

    Hi guys, Just wanna ask I currently have a BM 800 Condense microphone, Hyperx cloud II headphone, and an external speaker? How can I use them all at once on Windows 10 without any problems? Where should I plug each one of them on the Audio ports?
  2. Question B350M Mortar AUDIO PORTS

    Hi Guys, Just wanna ask a question about my motherboards AUDIO ports I'm having problems dealing with the components of mine. I currently have HYPER X Cloud II with mic attached using the 7.1 Surround USB on the USB port of the motherboard. And Logitech Z121 External Speaker attached on the...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Windows 8.1 sound problem

    Hi everyone. Btw this already happened to me once and know whats the problem but it was long time ago so i dont know the solution now. So 2 days ago i installed win 8, clean install. I tried my headset and sound was super bad, youtube music souded like i was in the open if you know what i mean...
  4. K

    Question Buzz/hum after 10s of NOT playing audio, stops when I open sound configuration

    I recently (last week) bought a new laptop (Asus UXFN533). When it's plugged in to my speakers, it makes a humming/buzz sound when there's no audio output for <10 seconds. The buzz/humming STOPS when I go to sound configuration. It only does this with one of my speaker-sets so my guess is that...
  5. R

    Question Faulty speaker?

    Ok so i bought my speakers ( Genius gx gaming sw-g2.1 3000 ) a few months back, and since then i had no issues. But recently the left speaker started acting strange. Its buzzing when any high or deep sounds are played, such as rumbling. It sounds very similar to a geiger counter but in the...
  6. W

    Question Looking for wireless bluetooth speakers/fm radio combo for doctors waiting room

    I am the office manager for a medical office and we are setting up a new waiting room. What I want to do is take two speakers that can connect wirelessly (probably through bluetooth) and then run fm radio to them from a central device inside of the office. These speakers are going to be on...
  7. Question Is this a blown capacitor?

    So my speakers started sounding really bad the other day and after closer inspection I found this: I tried Googling a blown capacitor but didn't find anything like this, so is that cap broken or is that brown goo something else. I also found out in some video that blown caps only affect the...
  8. K

    Question Audio Creates a Cutting Noise Randomly, and Audio and Visuals become Out of Sync

    This started happening pretty recently, maybe about a month ago. I started to notice that whenever I am playing a video, the audio makes a cutting or crackling noise and then the audio and visuals become out of sync, when I go to pause the video and replay it, the audio and visuals are back to...
  9. R

    Question Microphone picking up speaker sound

    I have a Blue Snowball mic and I just got 2 Bose Companion 2 speakers. The problem I am having is that the microphone is picking up the speakers audio output. I was looking for a way to make it to where my friends on discord don't hear my screens audio. Any help and if need be is there software...
  10. jackcraft666

    Question Travel bag for Logitech G560

    Hi, so I'm thinking on getting computer speakers for my setup, I'm either going for razer Nommo or Logitech g560. https://www.logitechg.com/en-au/products/gaming-audio/g560-rgb-gaming-speakers.html So I live in two houses and was wondering if there was a travel bag or something that will help...
  11. J

    Question Need help! How could i hook up my 5.1 surround a amazon fire stick 4k?

    So i have a Jamo 5.1 surround system hooked up to my sony sdr de515 amp. Its quite old so no HDMI or anything like that only RCA out. At the moment i just have a rca left and right to aux into my laptop and stream 4k stuff through there on my...
  12. D

    Question Monitor speakers vs real speakers

    Currently I am using my monitor speakers for sound and the sound isn't really good, so I was thinking of buying speakers for better sound quality, something like logitech z200 and I would like to know if real speakers are better than monitor speakers? (I would use them for playing games)