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  1. B

    Question Home stereo problem

    Hello, So i have a problem with my stereo at home, which i am not able to figure out. So the problem is, my right speaker doesnt work, so what i than do is put the volume up pretty high, then it kicks in and works. then i put the volume down to a normal volume, and the problem is gone and the...
  2. _Binz

    Question Right-hand speaker not working on MacBook Air 2015 ?

    At first I thought my Macbook's right-hand speaker might be broken or something, so I bought the replacement for it which is already tested working. and I did the replacement my self since it's pretty easy to do. I boot the machine, did the test and found out that it's still not making any sound...
  3. PetarV

    Question No audio from hdmi to monitor speakers

    I just built a pc. Its all fine except there's no audio from the monitor speakers. I've previously used the same gpu and monitor in a different sytem and they worked fine. I've tried reinstalling both the gpu and monitor drivers but that accomplishes nothing. One thing to note is that I get...
  4. N

    Question Soundbar to pc

    Afternoon, I recently bought a soundbar which only has a optical cable input & bluetooth. Just wondering if something like this would work or would i need to buy a soundcard...
  5. barracuda22

    Question HyperX Cloud Alpha S muffled sound

    So I recently got this headset and I've noticed that the sound quality sounds quite muffled, or like washed out almost; not clear and crisp (hard to explain). I have already changed to the correct playback and recording defaults, I have also already reinstalled realtek from the site of my...
  6. And7rey

    Question Sound from audio jack randomly getting louder/quieter

    Hi guys, I have a new issue with my headphones I never encountered before. While playing music on spotify I noticed that the sound was constantly dropping, getting louder and returning to normal again. My headphones are connected to the front panel, while I have speakers connected directly to...
  7. busets

    Question Soundbar for monitor

    Hey Does anyone know if there is a sound-bar that can be attached to the VESA mount of a 21" monitor ? I have tried to look online but could not find anything of relevance Thanks
  8. R

    Question Why do my speakers cut out at a certain volume but my subs still play?

    Hey All, So I have had my system in my Toyota Tacoma for a couple years now, and this isn’t the first time this has happened. Last time somehow it fixed itself but I’m getting annoyed with it and just want to fix the problem for good lol. The issue I’m having is whenever I turn my speakers up...
  9. R

    Question "Setting up" and using Speakers as Audio Monitors with Audio Interface

    I have an audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen), and on the back are 2 Line Outputs (Left and Right). Then on my speakers (Logitech Z506), it has 2 RCA Inputs (Stereo, Left and Right). I was wondering if I could use my speakers as Stereo Audio Monitors by using cables like this one...
  10. V

    Question Where do I plug in the Speakers?

    Is it possible to connect two outdoor Bose speakers directly to an Gigabyte Aorus Elite x570 board ? These speakers are simple porch speakers and do not draw heavy duty Wattage as with most Bose's speakers. In the Manual I see a Line out (3.5 MM) nd an S/PDIF output on back of the system...
  11. M

    Question Annoying chirping sound from PC case & speakers ?

    I give up , i dont know what to do anymore . For a very long time I have been hearing an annoying chirping sound from the back of my pc case where the motherboard connections are . i even hear it from the speakers , however that is more strange - If I move the manual "wheel " on the right...
  12. N

    Question Humming noise from speaker

    Recently, my PSU shorted out, and i bought a new one. My old one was a Corsair CX750M, and the new one is a Cooler Master Gold 750. After i swapped in the new PSU and booted my PC, a humming noise started coming from the speaker. I tried connecting the aux cable to the monitor, but still the hum...
  13. S

    Question Using the logitech z906 without the console

    Hello, so i just found a deal on the logitech z906 and i was wondering if its worth buying just the sub on its own without the speakers and the center control console? I cant seem to find an answer if i will be able to hook up the sub to my pc without the console. Thanks :D
  14. H

    [SOLVED] Which Audio Jack Should I Be Using For Combined Subwoofer/Peripheral Speakers?

    I have the Logitech z313 (https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/speaker-system-z313), which has a single 3.5mm jack for both the subwoofer and 2 peripheral speakers. The sound card in my desktop seems to be dying (~50/50 it loses the driver on reboot), so I'm getting another sound card to...
  15. foreignsanxd

    It is a bad idea If I force my latop to only use one speaker because the other has a problem?

    My left speaker has sound issues so I dissabled and now only use the rigth one. This new sound set up can decrease the life of my soundspeaker?
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Motherboard-audio problem

    Hi, I am new into pc building and i just build my first desktop(upgrated my old rig, changed motherboard, cpu and ram). Everything is fine my set up posts and it gets me to windows but my speakers don't work properly. The left speaker works fine but the subwoofer and the right speaker don't. I...
  17. F

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to use a speaker as a subwoofer

    Hello, I was wondering if i could use my soundbar as a subwoofer. I am using a headset on the moment, so i have no use for it on the moment. I really like the bass of it. I would like to know if it's possible to turn the soundbar into a subwoofer with software. So i can game with my headset on...
  18. blazsi

    Question I can't hear the central channel in headphones in 5.1 audio

    One day I noticed that I can't hear the dialogs in Rainbow Six: Siege. So, I googled it, and eventually found out that I need to have the central channel if I'm using 5.1. I didn't know that I was using 5.1, but it turned out that I did, as when I switched to stereo, the game sounded differently...
  19. K

    [SOLVED] A laptop speaker buzzes and then crackles loudly after using the laptop for some time, even when the speakers aren't used.

    Hello everyone! I have an Acer Aspire 792g. For some time now, the bottom left speaker (the one underneath the laptop) starts making a quiet buzzing noise after I've been using the laptop for some time, even when the speakers aren't used, as in when the sound is muted, or I'm using the...
  20. areeb4g

    [SOLVED] Connect 2 speaker systems to 1 computer.

    In my current setup, I have a speaker system connected to my monitor via 3.5 mm cable and my computer connects to my monitor through HDMI. I send the sound to my monitor which sends it to my speakers so that I have less wires connected to my pc. I recently got a second set of speakers (also...