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  1. B

    Question Logitech z333 speakers

    Hello, i bought logitech z333 speakers few weeks ago, and i have 1 problem and i dont know how to fix it. If the speakers keep running for some time they just stop working after some time(pc still detecting them, and light from speakers is on but no sound), and i have to plug in and out or...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] During Windows 10 Session Microphone and Internal Speakers Stopped Working

    Hello everyone, I encountered this issue this past week and am at my whits end trying to solve it. I was in the middle of working on my MSI GS63 Stealth using Windows 10 (version 1903 - KB4537572). I decided to take a quick break and check out a video I'd marked on YouTube a few days earlier...
  3. AXHAF

    [SOLVED] Laptop's internal speakers dont work but headphones do.

    I've been having this issue for quite a time now. I've tried almost every solution from wiggling toothpick in headphones jack to reinstalling drivers but problem remains unsolved. PLEASE HELP! Thanks Regards, Axhaf
  4. H

    [SOLVED] how to fix no audio on aun dlp mini projector x3?

    built in speakers and external speakers dont work on aun dlp mini projector x3
  5. B

    Question USB speakers stop working

    Hi everyone, I've been having a bit of trouble with USB speakers lately and was hoping maybe someone here could help out. Bit of a long story, sorry. So my USB speakers made one popping sound and then just stopped working completely, checked everything and the computer was saying that the...
  6. E

    Question No Bass on multiple Speakers Windows 10

    Hi there, now what I have is a really weird problem with the bass on my PC speakers that doesn't make any sense to me but bear with me please. After my last budget speakers, which worked just fine, died after falling from the table I had to buy new ones. First, I bought a pair of Logitech...