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  1. R

    Upgrading my old PC to give my brother

    My friend built me this PC in 2012 and I have recently upgraded to a new PC. My brother has always been interested in getting into PC gaming but he has never been able to afford a gaming rig. I want to give him this one but I need to make sure it at least outperforms his PS4. This is the current...
  2. D

    Low fps with gtx1070 i7 7700K

    I have a msi raider with a gtx1070 i7 7700K after a month of getting normal fps on games one day i started to get 30 fps on most games and i noticed with msi afterburner my cpu was on full load while my gpu sits at 30%. I know it cant be bottlenecking because my cpu is good.. Please someone help!
  3. N

    Madcatz TE PS3 Fight stick usb problem on pc?

    Hello. I know there is an issue with this fight stick on 90% of motherboards, mine included. I bought a USB hub with a VIA chip so it would work on my pc. It DID work on my pc, but only the first time I plugged it in. If anyone is curious, the stick uses a UHCI USB type, so most motherboards...
  4. C

    New build starts but then nothing

    I'm new to building a PC. I've got it to turn on, the CPU fan starts spinning, motherboard lights come on and the GPU fan is on... but then nothing else happens. The case fans aren't spinning, nothing comes up on the display and there aren't any beeps or anything. What should I do first? Could...
  5. I

    is FSP Aurum 92+ Series Platinium PT-550W a good psu?

    Hi, i am looking a PSU for my pc, my spec: intel i3 7100 3.9 ghz nVidia 1060 6gb Corsair Vengeance 1x8 gb WD Blue 1 TB MSI B250 Bazooka I found this psu for a really cheap price, around 92.4 dollars, i once had a doubt since it's a platinum psu but why it's so cheap, so i did my research and...
  6. S

    good advice for monitor

    first off. this is my setup : AMD Ryzen 7 1700X @ Stock be quiet! Pure Rock D416GB 2666-16 Vengeance LPX GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3, socket AM4 GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1070 WINDFORCE OC 8G rev. 2.0 Samsung 960 EVO, 250 GB SSD Samsung 850 EVOm 250 GB SSD Seagate FireCuda, 2 TB Hybride...
  7. L

    Laptop for gaming programming

    My son, who has ASD is first year computer game design and development degree. I’d like to buy him a laptop with decent core i7 RAM: at least 16Gb HDD or SSD - GPU - Nvidia 5xxM recommended CPU: minimum core i7 Virtualization support required - I think he will be running a virtual machine at...
  8. acorn_

    Connect Molex cable to SATA connector.

    So, i want to connect a Molex cable from Cablemod to the SATA port on a EVGA T2 1600W, as i dont have enough Perif-labeled ports. Will that be fine? Are the power specs of SATA and Molex identical (enough) to be interchangable?
  9. G

    Pc crashing when gaming

    When i am playing games my PC crashes about an 30 mins to 1 hour during the game. the screen just freezes and its just a still image of the game, all the audio turns off and i have to hard reset the pc. My specs are: Intel i5-6600 Geforce gtx 980 Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (DDR4) Gigabyte...
  10. L

    Year old PC build just stopped over night

    So i built a PC July last year, its worked completely fine right up until yesterday where the machine wouldn't turn on and the red light flashes for the cpu on my motherboard (MSI 7978 015R Gaming M3 Motherboard Intel H170 S1151). The CPU fan is working, the other 2 fans stop and start as if the...
  11. M

    Which PSU should I choose?

    So, I've got a specific budget of sub-60 euros. The place I'm planning to buy the psu has 4 offers in this price range, the Thermaltake Hamburg 530w, the Be Quiet System Power 8 500w, the Cooler Master Master Watt Lite 500w and the Evga 500w. Which one would be the best option to go for?
  12. B

    HD7850 v 6970

    I just bought an HD6970 for a good price to replace my old dead card (HD7850). In the meantime I've been using my very old 9800 GTX+. Aside from the obvious problems of legacy architecture, no DX12 supports and less overclocking potential, how do the two actually compare in real life? Can I...
  13. Y

    144hz for gtx 1060?

    hello! i am buying a new gaming pc, my specs are intel core i5 7600 3.5ghz Asus dual gtx 1060 oc 6gb gigabte aorus z270x gaming 5 crucial ddr4 16gb 2400mhz ram 128gb ssd 1tb hdd should i get a 144hz monitor or a 60hz monitor for my pc?will i get enough fps for a 144hz...i will be doing games...
  14. R

    can someone help

    i connect my laptop to my sony tv via an HDMI cable but no picture no sound. can someone help me
  15. T

    Unable to delete TH forum account (site error message).

    I've gone to Account Settings and checked the necessary box under Unsubscribe, but when I attempt to actually click the "Unsubscribe" button, I get this error message: This page isn’t working www.tomshardware.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 I'm using Chrome...
  16. A

    Are these graphic cards compatible?

    Right now I have a 1080 Seahawk X. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01H263V0U/ref=psdcmw_284822_t2_B01LHYIFE0 I’m wanting to grab this possibly if they work together. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01LHYIFE0/ref=psdcmw_284822_t1_B01H263V0U?th=1&psc=1 I seen earlier it said that the EVGA...
  17. S

    H110i v2 not working

    Hello! . I'm in a huge mess! Need big help please! . my setup: Mobo: Asus M5A97 R2.0 Evo CPU: AMD FX 8350 Graphics Card: GTX 760 Ti TwinFrozr Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 PSU: Cooler Master G750M Chassis: NZXT Phantom 410 . Now, I was trying to upgrade my stock CPU cooler to a Liquid Cooling...
  18. A

    new MSI laptops with GTX 1050ti 2GB GDDR5!

    recently a new series of msi laptops appeared in the Russian market "MSI GP62 7RE" and it has a GTX 1050ti with only 2GB of memory, not 4!!! and the price of these laptops in a bit more than gtx 1050 laptops, does anyone knows how a gtx 1050ti perform with on;ly 2gb of gddr5? is it worth it or...
  19. I

    Ryzen 5 1500x board.

    Hey everyone last week i ordered my PC parts to build my first PC. CPU:Ryzen 5 1500x GPU: Gicabyte GTX 1050 Ti OC 4 GB Ram: 2x4 GB DDR4 3000mhz PS:600W Motherboard:MSI B350 Tomahawk My issue is:So i put everything together I've watched a video wich was verry accurate i turn on the PC first time...
  20. E

    How to create a .ISO file

    HDD crashed, fresh WIN10 installation. The user is my dad, an old guy. It was pretty hard, also heartbreaking, to see him struggle to get his laptop in the way it was before. Anyway I can create an .ISO, or something else, for him when things go bad again? Thanks in advance.